Join Jouer and Me for Sunday Brunch!

One of my greatest pleasures is going to Sunday brunch. Growing up in southern California, my family would often go to Sunday brunch after church. The restaurant was right across the street from Disneyland so it was a real treat—not that I had any E tickets left– mostly A’s & B’s. Anyway, the restaurant (or was it a hotel?) was fancy for the times, they served champagne to the adults and I got to have a Shirley Temple with extra cherries.  

Then,  in my early twenties, I moved to the sprawling metropolis of Portland, OR. My first Sunday in Portland, my roommates took me to the historic Benson Hotel for brunch—oh, how the mimosas flowed! It’s a gorgeous hotel built in 1913 and very old-world elegant and refined.  I long for the days of the charming and graceful Sunday brunch where there were no jeans, flip-flops or sneeze guards. When there was a dedicated server whose sole duty was to keep your champagne glass filled. There were no plastic booths; you sat at well-designed tables in velvet chairs. I remember a time when there was a definite distinction between a breakfast buffet and a tasteful brunch.

Please join Jouer Cosmetics and me in our traditional Sunday Brunch ($68). The menu presented is a stylish and practical palette that is as pleasing to the eye as it is convenient. Each piece snaps together so you have all the “ingredients” for a sophisticated and chic look at your well manicured fingertips.

For the first course we’ll start with Bloom Blush, a soft but pigmented apricot shade. For my pale complexion, I use a duo fibre brush but when I get a little more color this summer, I’ll switch to a big fluffy brush to pick up more color. The texture is very fine, so don’t drag your brush across it, rather dab or stipple with your brush. I adore this blush! It’s not matte, not sparkly but a lovely satin finish. It brightens my face and leaves a healthy flush.

Jouer Bloom Blush

The second course is Caramel, a soft shimmery gold eye shadow with peach undertones.  Again, the texture is soft and smooth. This really illuminates the eye area and brings a subtle warmth to the eyes. I applied it from the lash line up into the crease then layered the copper shade from Sue Devitt’s Serengeti palette to further define the crease. I also used the beige shade from the Serengeti palette to highlight the brow bone. A dark brown eyeliner, some mascara and you have a soft polished, pretty everyday wearable eye look.

Jouer Caramel Eye Shadow

Sue Devitt Serengeti

Tiare, the pale gold cream highlighter mirrors the delicate color of the bottomless glass of champagne at our brunch. Dab your finger in the pan to warm up the cream and pat on the upper cheek bones or blend a bit on shoulders and décolleté for a candlelight glow.

Savor a scrumptious dessert and when you’ve had your sugar fix, reach for Sunset, a shimmering pink gold lip gloss. This past fall I had the opportunity to try Jouer glosses and they rate among the best for moisturizing. These glosses are loaded with vitamins A, C & E, shea butter, jojoba oil and pomegranate seed oil and  they are not sticky. I can’t abide a goopy sticky gloss! What I do appreciate though is the beautiful shimmery finish with no gritty feel. Jouer even has a handy dandy tool to let you “try on” the different shades of gloss on your skin tone. It’s pretty cool!

My Sunday Brunch look:

Overall Jouer and I had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday brunch and I will be taking her with me next time I indulge in this pleasurable  tradition. In fact, I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time together.  Sunday Brunch at a classy restaurant can be expensive– $68 to be exact but I’m willing to splurge very once in awhile. Sunday Brunch is part of Jouer’s Signature Collections which also include Everyday Must Have, Instant Chic, and Little Black Dress–all on my wish list.

Jouer is available at Bendel’s in New York, online at and ! Will you be joining us at our next brunch?

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  1. Those are so pretty!!! And so perfect for you.

  2. Those colors are perfect for you.

  3. You look amazing in that picture! Not sure if it the Jouer or something else you’re doing but keep it up girl!

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Pretty Cindy! You look so fresh!!

  5. Very clever writing little sis, yes i remember those early champagne brunches, we thought we were so chic.

  6. You look absolutely stunning. We are glowing!

  7. Thanks, I will be trying out these to go with my new hairstyle. I hope I get good results.


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  2. […] Beauty – invites you to Sunday Brunch with Jouer. Relax, enjoy some champagne, good food and of course, […]

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