Joseph Nogucci Bracelets for Mother’s Day + Promo Code!

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Hello beauties! I’ve been dying to tell you about these amazing bracelets by designer Joseph Nogucci from Toronto, Canada!  Jewelry is the perfect way to personalize an outfit and showcase your style. The Joseph Nogucci line has jewelry for all your moods and personalities from rocker chic, to sophisticate, to boho girl to new-age guru and classic beauty. Styles range from beads and charms,  leather wraps, stones, woven links and crystals. You may have seen some of these in magazines like Elle and InStyle or gracing the wrists of celebrities.

The kind people at Joseph Nogucci let me choose a few bracelets to try out. I love the look of stacked bangles so I chose some that would work well together. I really love the sentiment behind these pieces too!

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I choose three bracelets from several different collections; they look so nice stacked together.

The Gold and Silver Aura Collection –  Aura bracelets are crafted from 6mm semi-precious stone beads with five goldtone or silvertone accent beads strung on an elastic cord. The Aura bracelets are available in a variety of 16 different semi-precious stones.

The Aura – an electromagnetic field emitted from all organisms and objects – depicts the emotional, physical and spiritual state of one’s well being and balance throughout a lifetime. Semiprecious stones reflect upon the colors representing an aura, can help renew balance, and emit a soothing and desirable aura one wishes to positively affect their own. Let the aura of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets cleanse your spirit, to find balance and positivity in your life.

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Intuitive Silver Aura Purple Amethyst Bracelet ($30)  – The Intuitive Gold Aura Bracelet is made with Amethyst stone. A purple colored aura is intuitive, visionary, and sensitive,  and is representative of someone who very attuned to themselves and others.

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The Essence Collection – Each Essence bracelet is crafted from 6mm semi-precious stone beads with one gold or silver accent bead strung on an elastic cord. The Essence bracelets are available in a variety of 40 different semi-precious stones.

Balance| Silver Essence Jasper Bracelet ($35) – The Balance Silver Essence Bracelet is crafted from Kambaba Jasper. The Essence of Kambaba Jasper is Balance, Energy and Peace.

The Essence of anything – mankind, nature, a simple stone – are the intrinsic qualities and properties which make every single thing what it is; the base qualities and characteristics, without which nothing could exist. The essence of a semiprecious stone is as pure and lasting as the stone itself. These stones embody desirable and indispensable qualities unto which we hope to see reflected in ourselves. Let the essence of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets into your soul, and relish in that which makes you yourself.

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The Rational Gold Aura Bracelet ($35) is made with Bronzite stone. An earthy colored aura is grounded and rational, and is representative of someone who loves the outdoors. My bracelet is unique–it’s not just bronzite stones but I couldn’t find anything on the Joseph Nogucci site that was exactly like this one, which I love by the way!

If you’r not into semi precious stones, I also have a few Joseph Nogucci bracelets I bought last year that I still wear and love.

The Dark Twilight Kikiballa is made from synthetic black pearls, black Swarovski elements with a gold metal finish on a black cord. I love that these bracelets are adjustable–just adjust the cord to fit! I think the The Dark Twilight Kikiballa is perfect for everyday wear and it also looks great with jeans or with a LBD! It’s a statement piece but very much lends itself to stacking also. It is also available in winter white twilight and grey winter twilight.


The Kikiballa in Rose Gold Black pairs perfectly with the Dark Twlight Kikiballa for stacking! It’s a little dressier because of all the 14K gold finish and all the Swarovski crystals. This beautiful bracelet literally goes with ANYTHING!  It also comes in rose gold/white and moonstone I want a white one next!

All Joseph Nogucci jewelry is beautifully packaged in his signature orange velvet pouch inside a white and orange box. They are currently running a promo for 40% off your order with code GIFT . I don’t how long this will last so hurry and visit

Bottom Line: I honestly want every single piece Joseph Nogucci has to offer! These are high quality yet affordable pieces that whisper quietly or make a statement. Make sure to check out the memory collection if you are need of gift ideas. The selection is endless–there is something for everyone!

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  1. The Kikiballa in Rose Gold Black is stunning

  2. Aleya Bamdad says

    The purple amethyst is very pretty.

  3. So cute! I’ve had to stop wearing dangly things though because my toddler pulls on EVERYTHING!

  4. Wow, these are really nice. I love your selection and I know you’ll get a lot of use from it. I have a bigger wrist so I like that they have some adjustable bracelets.

  5. These are just so pretty. I love the colors of the Rational Gold Aura Bracelet. The amethyst colors are gorgeous too.

  6. These are all very lovely. My mom is very addicted to those bracelets. There’s a chinese version of these and it’s not supposed to be touched by anyone, if it is, the effect wears off. I like the purple one, it’s really nice.

  7. Norah Salazar says

    These are super fabulous!

  8. These are some beautiful bracelets!

  9. Pretty and perfect for Mother’s Day!

  10. I love wearing bracelets, and these are so beautiful. Amethyst is my birthstone, so I was immediately attracted to that one, but the Bronzite is so unique!

  11. Very pretty! I love amethyst. Like Anne of Green Gables, I used to think they were diamonds when I was very young.

  12. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    The bracelet looks simple but cute. I want to have this.

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  15. Shannon Graham says

    What beautiful and unique beads! There is sure to be something to please every mom this Mother’s Day!

  16. mail4rosey says

    Perfect timing with MOther’s Day right around the corner. I know my mom would love one!

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  19. Lori Felix says

    I love this bracelet collection. I can’t pick which one I want first. I’m torn between the Intuitive Silver Aura Purple Amethyst Bracelet and the Dark Twilight Kikiballa one.

  20. Shannon Graham says

    God gives us such beautiful stones and almost everyone has a favorite color. These are gorgeous!

  21. Stephanie Pass says

    Bracelets are definitely my favorite piece of jewelry. These are beautiful!

  22. These are absolutely beautiful!! I’ve always loved beaded or stoned bracelets and these are gorgeous. The perfect way to make a statement and a memory for Mother’s Day.

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    These are do pretty! A perfect Mother’s day gift! a hint hint to the hubs!