Jouer Cosmetics SPF 15 Lip Sheers: Reviews, Pictures, Swatches

Jouer Cosmetics stole my heart with the Sunday Brunch Palette and I was equally impressed with their Mad About Fall collection. The new shades of SPF 15 Lip Sheers don’t disappoint Formally a die-hard lipstick girl, I’m coming around to sheerer lipsticks. One reason is that in the past few years, there are so many great sheer “hybrid” formulas–Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, a new Dior Addict, Laura Mercier Gel Lipsticks–you get the idea. Add Jouer SPF 15 Lip Sheers to that list.  Sheer but pigmented and moisturizing, Jouer SPF 15 Lip Sheers are loaded with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to lock in moisture and keep lips smooth, nourished and protected. Another reason is that hybrid/sheer lipsticks are more forgiving on over 40 lips. If you have some dryness or lines, it won’t show with this shiny hydrating formula.

Available in four lovely shades, they all add the just the right amount of color and shine. I love the way they feel on my lips although I do wish they lasted longer. That said, I’ll trade wear for moisture anyday–I can’t stand my lips feeling dry. An added bonus is the SPF 15.

St. Tropez is a neutral bronzed peach with gold shimmer–gorgeous! Positano is a sheer berry wine, Capri is a sheer baby pink and St. Barths is a sheer coral red–the next one I want to try. I’m sure Jouer will add colors as the line expands.

The packaging on these is both elegant and practical and the price($22) is significantly less than so-called high end brands. I think you’ll be pleased with Jouer SPF 15 Lip Sheers.

Prime Beauty Grade: B+

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  1. If you sign up for Joeur’s emails they send out weekly specials which are great. They always have some kind of freebie or BOGO.

  2. mamavalveeta03 says

    How did I miss this one? I have St. Barth’s and I love it. It’s very bright, but sheer. Kind of perfect for summer, actually. I lived in it with just my waterproof mascara and tinted moisturizer last summer. (SO ahead of the brights trend….what can I say? lol…)