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When it comes to skincare, I’m not afraid to try most anything to rid myself of the road map of wrinkles on my face.  Let’s see, there was the MicroDerm Roller (reviewed here), the at-home Microdermabrasion tool that didn’t even make it to the blog because it kept sucking up my skin and the PaloVia Laser (reviewed here). But is there such a thing as an anti-aging pillow? JuveRest Sleep Pillow ($180)  answers the question. Once we hit a certain age, (ahem, that would be the big Four-O), sleeping with our faces smashed into our pillows is going to leave   wrinkles on our faces. I have one on the left side of my face (side sleeper here) that runs from the top of my cheek to my eye socket and it can be traced to EXACTLY to how I sleep.


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Thankfully, Dr. Anson has spent more than five years engineering JuveRest, which is an architecturally designed pillow that literally suspends your face in the side sleeping positions and encourages back sleep. Formed when your face is compressed/distorted against your pillow, sleep wrinkles are distinctly different from expression wrinkles (like crow’s feet and smile lines) and cannot be treated with Botox.

Juverest Pillow

The JuveRest pillow is engineered to protect your delicate facial skin and is designed for back and side sleepers (60% of people are side sleepers). The contoured design lends support and helps minimize wrinkles that appear after compressing your face onto your pillow night after night. The pillow is made from 100% polyurethane foam with a soft, comfortable velour cover that can be removed and machine washed. The pillow measures 25″ x 12″ x 6″.


I was fairly skeptical of a magic pillow but I can say now after sleeping on it for the last two weeks, I love it! This pillow is so comfortable and it really does what it says! Your head and neck are fully supported when sleeping on your back. My only problem is that I snore on my back! I mostly sleep on my side so I prefer that anyway. For side sleeping, the way the pillow works is that your face is suspended but the top of your head and your chin are supported. In the picture above, your face would be in the U-shape at each end of the pillow. The shoulder cutout is pure genius! Snuggling your shoulder into the cutout on the bottom of the pillow allows you “push” against the pillow so your face is supported but the top and bottom of the side cutouts. Your face doesn’t touch anything but your head is fully supported. Get it?

JuveRest PillowAside from preventing future wrinkles, a big bonus of the pillow for me is the neck and spinal support I get. Not only a side sleeper, I also sleep in the fetal position. When sleeping on a regular pillow and in the fetal position, I tend to tuck my head to my chin and wake up with a sore neck. The JuveRest pillow keeps my neck and spine in a natural alignment. In addition I have terrible allergies and wake up every morning with a stuffy nose. Sleeping on my side without my face being smushed in a pillow allows me my sinuses to breath a bit more. The only problem I do ave is that I toss and turn a LOT, so sometimes it’s hard to find that shoulder cup and get in the just the right place, however that is no way the fault of the pillow. I’m just a wild woman in bed–too bad I’m the only one in my bed 🙂

Photos, video and info here http://www.multivu.com/mnr/62283-juveRest-the-sleep-wrinkle-pillow

Available at JuveRest.com and QVC.com

Bottom Line:  I wish I had known about the JuveRest Sleep Pillow 10 or 20 years ago! After trying the JuveRest pillow for two weeks straight, I switched back to my regular pillow just for one night, to see if there was a major difference. I woke up with a sore neck and a stuffy nose. If there is a way to prevent wrinkles without invasive procedures, why not?  There is no way I’ll go back to a regular pillow–it’s JuveRest all the way baby!!

What do you think about sleep wrinkles? Fact or fiction? Would you try the anti-aging JuveRest pillow?



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  1. Really cool idea!

  2. What a great complex pillow!!! I used to have a line down the side of my face that was getting pretty deep when I was about 35. I quit laying on that side and started with retinols. Since I fell on the ice two years ago until about two weeks ago, I had to lay flat on my back. It was amazing what it did for my face! Now I’m finding myself all cockoo twisted like a pretzel because I’m not in the neck brace. I’ve been worried those creases will come back. This looks very well thought out.