Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist – The Safe Way to Tan!

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Ireland brought us beer, whiskey and Bono–not bad. Now, we can add self-tanners to the list.  Karora Cosmetics hails from the Emerald Isle of Ireland and has arrived on the beauty scene to woo you with their skin-perfecting, glow-getting, multi-award winning skinwear collection. Ulta, the beauty store that steals my paychecks, now carries the full line of Karora tanning products!

Their mission:

“We promise to bring you fresh and flirtatious products always infused with the unexpected using super natural skincaring botanicals and formulas free from nasties. Whether a seasonal tan chaser or full time fake tanner, you will be bronzed and beautiful, streak free from head to toe, and naturally glowing with beautiful skin.”

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Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist

Karora has several bronzers and self tanners available but my favorite is the Radiant Goddess Tinted Self Tan Mist ($30).  I tried the light/medium shade (also available in dark) which is just perfect for my fair skin tone. This comes in a spray bottle and I was skeptical at first, I had visions of a fine bronze mist covering everything in my bathroom. Actually, it turned out quite the opposite–the mist made it super easy to apply to the exact areas with no drips and no rubbing in for hours. Karora Tinted Self-Tan Mist has a color guide allowing even a klutz like me to get a lovely natural result. The first time I applied one light coat and went to bed a few hours later. The next morning I decided I wanted more color and I applied more. Maybe the best thing about this self-tanner is that it dries in just minutes–it gives you enough time to get it rubbed in (I used rubber gloves) but allows you to put on loose fitting clothes within just a few minutes. The color continues to darken over the next few hours to a lovely natural golden shade. My arms and chest look like I’ve been out gardening (if I knew how to grow anything). My legs are not quite as natural looking, but that’s because I have a lot of scars due to pre-cancerous basal cell carcinomas from too many past sunburns and tanning beds! This is the quickest and easiest self tanner I’ve come across in a long, long time.

Another reason I like Karora Radiant Goddess Tinted Self Tan Mist is that it does not dry out skin; it’s s formulated with a botanical cocktail of aloe, acai berry, argan and coconut oil to keep skin soft and hydrated. No horrible self tanner smell either, there is a slight citrus scent that though light, does not let the tanner smell through.

My tan lasted about 5 days and faded very evenly and naturally. Karora says the color can last up to seven days. Neither of these products streaked on me so I am thrilled and believe me, though not a self-tanner newbie, I am not as well practiced as I should be!

Karora Instant Tan

glow-glamsterIf instant gratification is your thing, try Karora Glow Glamster Instant Tan Water Resistant/Wash Off ($25). This is the Glamster that’s not yet for commitment. Perfect if you need to get glowing in an instant, ya know for a red carpet or that guy you thought would never call. My legs are always the very last thing to tan naturally so this is a great option for me. I can wear a summer skirt and not be afraid small children will run in terror from Casper the ghost.

I find a tanning mitt renders the best results. This formula too is packed with natural botanicals: grape seed oil, horse chestnut extract, sweet almond and macadamia oil to keep skin nourished, protected and smooth.

Karora products can be found at Ulta Beauty, Henri Bendel and C.O. Bigelow. See Karora’s tips and trends for their entire product line here.

Bottom Line: easy peasy streak-free tanning without the neon orange look or the smell! These two products have worked so well for me, I would love to try the face tanners too! Now if they could make me look like the girl in the picture!!!!!


Do you use self-tanners? Got any tips and tricks to share?



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  1. It sounds great for someone who wants a stress-free, sunless tan

  2. I don’t self tan or tan, it is very seldom that I might indulge in a spray tan. This product looks like a good safe alternative 🙂

  3. I don’t use self tanners but if I ever do decide to, I will check this brand out. I like the no streaking thing. I hate streaks!

  4. I can’t wait to try this!

  5. Very nice review! I’m not a tanner (self or sun), but this looks like a great product. 🙂

  6. I DESPERATELY need this. I look like a loaf of Wonder bread. Utterly unappealing.

  7. Jess Scull says

    This sounds great!

  8. I love self-tanners and totally want to try this out!

  9. It’s great that they work for you 🙂

  10. Oooh I might have to try the Spray On Self Tanner. It sounds fab and they sell it at Ulta!

  11. I may just start self tanning this summer! Soo much safer

  12. Great review! I’m always looking for new self tanners.

  13. Aewsome review. I just used this and I really like it 😉

  14. I use self-tanners! This brand sounds promising, I def want to try it

  15. I have never self tanned! I’m so chicken!

  16. Oh wow. This stuff sounds fantastic!

  17. Thanks for the reminder that I got a sample of their CC cream I have to review! They sent me a darker shade than I would normally wear so I am waiting to test it until I get more of a tan going.

  18. A 5 day tan sounds great!

  19. How ironic that this comes from a land known for it’s pasty-white peoples… Tan in a can is perfect for us melanin-challenged folk!

  20. I’m terrible at fake tanning. I rarely use ones i do myself, i rather go to a professional and get sprayed.

  21. Awesome! I generally like to get sprayed professionally and the only one I’ve tried so far that I like is Beautisol and then drugstore wise Jergens has a very light one.

  22. Sounds like a great sunless tanner!

  23. Looks like a great product to get that sun-kissed glow without harming the skin!

  24. I definitely want to try both products. I have the same problem with pasty white legs in the summer. I hate wearing skirts or dresses. I’ve just tried Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs in Light (I’m very fair) and I was pleasantly surprised that a leg makeup you get in the drugstore wasn’t neon orange and almost looked natural, but I’m up for trying something that looks more natural, moisturizes and doesn’t have that horrendous self-tanner stench. Thanks for the review, it was perfectly timed for me.