KenzoKi Belle de Jour Serum de Lotus Blanc

It’s hard to beat KenzoKi’s Belle de Jour Skincare line–the elegant packaging, the scent, the luxurious texture of the products all trick me into believing I’m at a well-appointed spa somewhere grand. The newest addition to the line, Kenzo Belle de Jour White Lotus Serum joins it’s companion, Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask. They both use the same the key ingredient White Lotus.  Long regarded as a sacred flower throughout Asia, white lotus has many soothing and anti-free radical properties. It is cultivated especially for Kenzo in East Asia, an ideal location for this plant to flourish.

The serum is housed in a beautifully designed pump bottle with the signature White Lotus logo–even the enclosed booklet is well designed and impressive. Everything about the Belle de Jour White Lotus line says extravagance; including the price. 

The serum has a very soft and silky feel on the skin (similiar to a silcone primer), absorbs extrmemely quickly and smells utterly divine. I love adore the scent! This is what takes me away to a better place. And for a retail price of $150, maybe it should include a one-way ticket somewhere!

Belle de Jour White Lotus Serum has an updated alchemy, particularly concentrated and enriched with White Lotus. It is purported to protect from free radicals, firm, revitalize and regenerate the skin. Free radicals are especially known to damage skin by weakening it– effective protection against free radicals promises healthly looking skin. White Lotus serum builds a protective barrier around the skin and helps it reinforce its natural resilience.

I’ve been using it for about two weeks now. Of all the skincare I test, serums are the hardest to evaluate. They take the most time to see results and are meant to be used on a very long term basis–sometimes as much as 12 weeks. While I can’t yet see any substanical  changes in my skin, I have noticed a softer feel to my skin and some brightening which I was in desperate need of after our long moisture-sucking winter. KenzoKi says Belle de Jour White Lotus Serum puts the skin in a “protective bubble, in a state of overall relaxation.” I don’t know about all that, but I sure feel relaxed!  I will keep you updated as I continue to use this pampering serum!

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