KeraHealth Hair Supplements for Luscious Locks!


Every woman wants strong, healthy, full luscious locks but unfortunately, not all of us are that lucky. Sun, chemicals dyes, heat styling and even stress can leave us with damaged hair. A few weeks ago I told you how I get beachy waves and mentioned that by wearing my hair like that  I don’t have to use my heat tools anymore. My other secret weapon is KeraHealth Hair is a nutraceutical hair care supplement highly effective in reducing hair loss, increasing growth, strength, and shine.

Since the texture of my hair is so fine, I need to hold on to every strand! Unfortunately, it tangles very easily and I find more of my hair in my brush than I would like. So when KeraHealth contacted me I jumped at the chance to try their supplements. This product is scientifically engineered to decrease the shedding of hair and improve the volume and re-growth. Just what my hair needs!

The clinically proven breakthrough formula of KeraHealth uses all-natural, drug-free, clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients. But, unlike any other hair supplements on the market, KeraHealth uses a patented technology ingredient, KerCysteine, which is a super absorbable form of Keratin. Keratin is the key component of hair and nails that depletes over time. The formula also contains botanical & nutraceutical ingredients active in reducing hair loss, improving growth, hair strength and shine.

These ingredients are drug-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, trans-fat-free, lactose-free, and the capsules are vegan. KeraHeath ingredients are from France and manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA certified facility.

These clinically tested ingredients promote glowing skin, hair growth to existing hair follicles, significantly reduce hair loss, promote nail growth, and hair luminosity/brightness. Plus, the powerful antioxidants contained in the formula also have a positive effect on stress, cell aging and inflammation.

In the month that I have been taking KeraHealth Supplements, I’ve seen some hair growth–I can see tiny baby hairs along my hairline! My brush has significantly less hair in it too! This might sound weird, but my hair seems to have more bounce to it and definitely more shine.

I curled my hair for this pic so you could see how much more there is!

I’ve also noticed a strengthening of my nails. Though I do wear gel nails, my real nails underneath would often split which was painful and took a long time to heal. It didn’t really occur to me until I started writing this post that that hadn’t happened!

As far as my skin, I haven’t seen less wrinkles or the appearance of shrinking pores, but I haven’t been for a facial in over a month and my skin is not looking like I need to! It looks bright and clear and I haven’t had any clogged pores.

KeraHealth Hair Supplements are super easy to add into your routine, you just take 2 a day. I take both in the morning with a healthy breakfast.

I’ve had great results with KeraHealth and would recommend it for anyone who wants stronger, healthier hair! There is even a 30-day money back guarantee!

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