Lancome AUDACITY in LONDON Eyeshadow Palette!

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I admit I am quite the Anglophile (a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain). My first husband was British and in the 9 years we were married I learned a lot about the Brits, the UK and the Queen. I’ve been to London three times and never tire of going back. Oh and by the way, if you’re with a Brit, NEVER make fun of the Queen!

When I saw that Lancôme came out with the AUDACITY in LONDON eye shadow palette ($69) I had to have it. But, I hesitated. I have the AUDACITY in Paris eye shadow palette and don’t reach it for often. Since it’s usually raining in London, I expected the palette to be filled with nothing but black and gray and that didn’t sound appealing to me. Actually, the AUDACITY in London palette is filled with soft, pretty pastel-ish shades. Surprise! Couple that with the amazing review from Cosmetopia Digest and I was sold! Getting 20% off didn’t hurt either.

Like the AUDACITY in Paris palette, the AUDACITY in London palette is housed in a sleek black casing with  silhouettes of the London skyline:  The London Eye, Tower of London, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge are highlighted on the outside and again on the inside mirror (removable sticker). The palette holds 16 eye shadows: 12 shadow and 4 glitter toppers, arranged in four coordinating quads. Also included is a double ended brush with one end for shading and one end for blending.

All the shadows have a creamy texture and nice pigmentation with the exception of the glitter metallics (the four shades on the bottom), they are very firm and a bit dry. Lancôme suggests using them as a top coat, which is what I intend to do though Midnight Haze and Garden Rose are very pretty on their own.

The shades are:

  • Queens Lace (matte cream)
  • Trench Coat (matte fawn brown)
  • Woody Bar (matte amber)
  • Rich History (matte lilac)
  • London is Callin’ (matte mauve)
  • Purple Queen (shimmer violet)
  • Fresh Garden (shimmer fern green)
  • Misty Morning (sheen army green)
  • Steel (steel shimmer)
  • Rainy Afternoon (metallic pale gray)
  • Purple Pageantry (matte graphite)
  • Midnight Purple (matte charcoal)

Bottom Row:

  • Midnight Haze (metallic copper)
  • Garden Rose (Metallic Purple)
  • Soho Lights (Metallic green)
  • Tower Bridget (metallic silver)

I find the mix of colors more diverse than the Paris palette and the ratio of matte to shimmer is spot on. I think my favorites from the London palette are the purples and greens.

Quad #1 The Neutrals. These shades are not unique but they have a soft, buttery texture I love. Queens Lace is a matte cream, Trench Coat is a very pretty fawn brown, Woody Bar is a warm soft matte amber and Midnight Haze is a shimmery copper. Weird name for a copper color, in my opinion.

Quad #2 The Purples-these are some of the best shades in the palette. Rich History is a satin lilac, London is Callin’ is a satin dusty mauve, Purple Queen is a shimmery violet and Garden Rose is a stunning mauvey taupe.

Quad #3 The Greens. All these are so soft and pretty. Fresh Garden is a soft shimmer seafoam, Misty Morning is a matte army green, Steel is a gray-green sage shimmer and Soho Lights is a shimmery silvery mint green.

Quad #4 The Silvers – I like this set of silvers because they don’t have any blue tones to them which can be hard to find. Rainy Afternoon is a shimmery icy gray, Purple Pageantry is misnamed–it is a matte charcoal graphite,  Midnight Purple, also misnamed is a matte charcoal and Tower Bridget, a shimmery silver–this one has fallout.

Overall the Lancôme AUDACITY in London eye shadow palette is like a walk though Hyde Park in the spring. It’s perfect for soft romantic looks. This palette is mostly cool toned as opposed to the warmer Paris. I appreciate the well thought-out coordination of the “quads” which Paris didn’t have. For me the standouts are the purple and green shades, though I do like the silvers also.

There are a few misses in the palette: Midnight Purple is a bit dry and patchy and Tower Bridget is quite glittery with fallout. All in all that’s not bad for 16 shadows. I love these satiny, feminine shades. I find I look better with lighter eye shadow shades and the AUDACITY in London Eye Shadow Palette gives me a wealth of choices!

If you love Lancôme’s AUDACITY in London Eye Shadow Palette as much as I do, I would stalk the Lancôme website because it (as well as the Paris palette) was on sale over the holidays for as low as $39 which is a real steal! I think it will be on sale again.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Beautiful! I saw this palette on Renu’s blog a few weeks ago vs. the Paris palette. But looking at it this way – as a series of quads – made it every more appealing. I love that it has greens and that the grey shades don’t lean blue as you pointed out. I know I’d enjoy this palette.

  2. WhispersInspire says

    Wow, I love the palettes and brushes. Nice pigment and sparkle.

  3. Julie Porter says

    This palette is so beautiful, I love that it features so many London landmarks on the case and the the shades have gorgeous pigment.

  4. Totally loving all of these colors! The brush looks really fantastic as well and has a really great angle for application.

  5. Oh I like these shades! I’d totally use them! I tend to do green since I have green eyes, but I often stick to brown, however I just kind of want to experiment more and see what colors make my eyes pop more.

  6. This sounds like an amazing palette to be able to work with. The cooler colors might be perfect for the winter.

  7. Gorgeous hues in this selection by Lancome. I think the Paris is bit more neutral than the London. Are the shimmers glittery?

  8. Becca Wilson says

    This palette is absolutely beautiful in every way. I love all of the different colors and that there is some sparkle to them.

  9. I love the lilacs and greys.

  10. I barely use my Paris palette which is why I didn’t look at this one but your pictures and swatches make it much more appealing.

  11. This is gorgeous and so practical! I love the eye look you did, too.

  12. Kelly Reci says

    I am not an eyeshadow fan but I do bought some palette. my bff is an expert in eye shadows and Im sure she will love this! i love the rainy afternoon shade!

  13. Clearly, it’s a beautiful palette. Much like Urban Decay’s Naked palette, this is perfect for day to night looks! I love the shades!

  14. Wow, I really like this palette. There appear to be mostly wearable shades here. I was looking at Paris but now I’m definitely sold on London, besides like you I’m a staunch Anglophile!

  15. Forgot to mention what a great job you did showcasing this palette, thanks very much!

  16. Shelley Polarbelle says

    Oh my gosh, this is incredible!! You’ve totally sold me and now I’m absolutely dying for this. It’s such a beautiful palette!

  17. Our Family World says

    What a gorgeous eye shadow palette! I really wanted to try it.

  18. Victoria Heckstall says

    Those swatches are stunning and looks perfect! I’m really glad to know these brand.

  19. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I wasn’t sure I would love this palette either, but I do – more than Paris, in fact. The quads are coordinated so much better. I bet they do Auda[City] in New York, Rome, or Tokyo next year – can’t wait!

  20. TheNewClassy says

    I bet my daughter would love this. I am not sure that she has any of it either. It is definitely her color.

  21. The shades are pretty! I bet a matte version would be so cool

  22. I love my Paris palette, now I need London. I mean, it would be wrong to not get it. Right?

  23. This is such a beautiful palette. I love Lancome and this is definitely in my bucket list. You scored a great steal, my friend.

  24. I love each and every one of the shades. They are so pretty and my colors. I’d love to visit England sometime.

  25. There are some really nice colors in this palette!

  26. My goodness, such a beautiful palette & I am in love with almost every shade that looks amazing. The Midnight Purple, Garden Rose & everything related to purple are my favorites here!

  27. Lovely Palette and I ma sure it looks good on you too. Gosh you must have a ton of makeup. I barely wear any 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  28. What a prretty eyeshadow pallette!! I love all the colors of the eyeshadow too!


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