Lancome Hypnotic Eyes Collection Featuring French Nude Eye Shadow Palette: Review, Pics, Swatches!


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Just last month, Lancôme launched another spring collection called Hypnotic Eyes. This collection is all about eyes with neutral tones of gold, peach, nude and brown. It may sound boring to some but it really is quite beautiful, understated and classic. If you looking to draw attention to your eyes that makes you look like a natural beauty, you’ve found the palettes to do just that!

Inspired by the natural charm of French women, Lancôme unveiled their best-kept secret. This certain “je ne sais quoi,” a trait timelessly admired all over the world, is actually hidden in their eyes. For the past 10 years, Hypnôse mascaras have lifted, volumized and extended millions of lashes all over the world. Lancôme now adds to this perfect hypnotic look, three matte palettes and five singles that are ideally suited for all skin tones. Luscious lashes are beautifully enhanced by naturally smoky eyes and effortlessly groomed eye brows.

The Color Design Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow and Liner Palettes ($50) are:

Lancome French Nude Eyeshadow palette

Nude, natural shades are going to be on trend this spring and summer. Lancôme National Makeup Artist, Darais knows how to create this look. “Women are always in search for more matte and neutral eye shadow shades as they’re known to hide the wrinkles and lines around the eyes,” he says. Darais notes “Cohesive looks are more natural. When using more than one color together make sure the transition has been blended together. Hide wrinkles? I’m in!!

Lancome French Nude Swatches

All three of these eye shadow palettes are mostly matte with the exception of one highlighter shade.  If you don’t care for glittery or over shimmery eye shadows, these palettes are perfect for you AND  for those of us with creap-y eyes!  I purchased French Nude as the peach shade and the shimmery ivory shade caught my eye. Each palette has an all over base shade, a lid shade, a crease shade, highlighter and liner shade, with instructions for placement–it’s fool proof and has absolutely everything you need for a complete eye look minus the mascara. Need I remind you Lancôme is THE #1 seller of mascara in the WORLD? I didn’t think so.

2014-04-13 01.16.03 (360x480)

As per usual, the Lancôme quality is present in these palettes: the pigment is good, the texture is buttery smooth (almost like a cream). There is no fallout, I’ve been wearing them for 10 hours with no fallout or fading. I own many Lancôme All-In-One 5 Shadow and Liner Palettes and was a little worried this may be too close to Taupe Craze: actually Beige Brulee is much closer. French Nude is one of those classic, neutral, versatile palettes every woman should have in her makeup drawer!

Lancome French Nude

For this look I used the all over base up to the brow bone, the peach shade on the lid, fawn brown in the crease, ivory on brow bone and inner corners of the eye, and the deep brown as liner on my upper lid. To give the look a different spin, I lined my lower lash line with Chella Eye Pen in Indigo, reviewed here. Since my eyes are neutral, I used the FABULOUS Gloss in Love (adore this formula) in Under The Spotlight, a bright fuchsia with sparkle to brighten up my face for spring! I HATE showing my thin lips with my lip lines, so if I’m posting a pic you KNOW I adore this gloss!

Lancome Under The Spotlight

Lancome French Nude Es


Lancome French Nude


Lancome FOTD

Bottom Line:  the Lancôme Hypnotic Eyes Collection is perfect for us over 40 women who shy away from glitter and shimmer. French Nude is more warm toned, Beige Brulee is cool and I’d say Chocolate Amande is more suitable for a smoky eye. Regardless of which palette you prefer, every woman should have a sophisticated  neutral eye shadow in her makeup wardrobe and these are an excellent choice!

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  1. I know this post is about the eyes, but omg that gloss is EVERYTHING!

  2. The gloss looks phenomenal on you! haha! Like Brooke said – it’s about the eyes, but dang! 🙂

  3. I agree with Brooke, the gloss is beautiful. I’m happy the palette includes more practical finishes perfect for mature women.

  4. I agree with above- that GLOSS IS TO DIE FOR!!!! The shadows look great too, I like the colors as they are super practical for daily wear. And the bronzey-brown brings out you beautiful eye color. Great post!!!

  5. Swoon! That palette is amazing. So gorgeous.

  6. That’s a gorgeous lippy on you!

  7. This would be perfect eyeshadow palette for me, because I LOVE palettes that contains nice neutral shades. Btw loving the look you created! Very pretty!

  8. This palette has all my favorite shades, very nice look!

  9. I WANT that palette! I love the look you made!

  10. Oh my stars, I shouldn’t read your blog. You are the WORST enabler! Now I NEED that palette and that lip gloss. LOL

  11. that gloss is gorgeous on you and I love the palette and the eye look you made. I have always been a fan of Lancome and it’s one of those brands that even after years of not using products from the brand, I know that I can still depend on it.

  12. Ahh you’re killing me 😉 I NEED this immediately!

  13. I freaking love your eyes! So pretty!

  14. I love this look on you. And as one of those “over 40” women, I am going to try it!

  15. Ohh I love those golds. Plus I love that bit of blue on your water line. Go girl!

  16. I love the way that gloss looks on your lips!

  17. It is so so pretty

  18. I’m loving that lip color!

  19. I have a lot of neutral palettes – they call to me! I agree with the other comments – that lippie is gorgeous!

  20. I love this palette for everyday neutral look! And I agree, loving that gloss too!

  21. Very pretty! I love how neutral this is…it would go with so much.

  22. I have never had a bad experience with Lancôme’s Eye Shadow Palettes. I think my one complaint would be at times they do not incorporate matte shades often.

  23. I absolutely love these Lancome 5 color palettes- I have 3 currently & am definitely planning on collecting a few more!

  24. I love this look on you. The Lancome 5-colour palettes are great for all ages but i find them so useful for those who don’t use makeup regularly. It takes the hard work out of coordinating colours.

  25. That’s a beautiful palette and look on you!

  26. Perfect colors for me. I probably have all in one form or another, but very convenient to have them all in one place. Perfect redhead colors. Can you swatch the other colors? I’ve always loved Lancome palettes, but when they changed over to the five color palettes, they all seemed too shimmery. I”m glad they are heading back in the right direction.


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