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Laqa is a New York-based cosmetic brand that’s about more than just beauty. They offer convenience as the standard and each of their formulas is more than beautiful and luxe, they’re actually nourishing.

Laqa was born from the void a group of go-getting women found with traditional beauty products, always having to choose between good formulas + good looks. But with Laqa we no longer have to settle and can have a little bit of everything we always searched for. And they are just getting started.

“Based in New York City on the Lower East Side, we’re inspired every day by the city that seems to never sleep and the art that makes up the place we live. Each Laqa product is your own piece of art in its own way – with bold colors and patterns, luxe materials, and our show-stopping formulas to keep you fabulous always from the boardroom to the bar.”

Laqa has five different lip products and I am lucky enough to be able to try three:

  • Avo Lip Butter these are avocado oil based lipsticks, so they feel like your favorite hydrating balm but have a beautiful color finish. These have a creamy, whipped formula.
  • Cloud Lips are also packed with avocado oil but have a seriously pigmented finish. The whole formula was made to give you a powerful color payoff, but without the feather & flake risk of other lipsticks. These are matte and full coverage.
  • B’Lighter it’s a Blush….it’s a Highlighter….it’s a B’lighter! Peacher’s Daughter is a creamy balm that reacts to the warmth of skin for a flawless blend. The creamy formula is a best seller that you can use lightly as a highlighter or build up to a blush finish.

I have to talk about the beautiful packaging as I’m a sucker for something in a pretty tube, jar, bullet or box. The Avo Lip Butters ($16) come in a box printed with original artwork and the same artwork is water printed on every barrel. This rare type of artistic transfer ensures that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Carry a unique piece of art with you everywhere you go! They are so beautiful you’ll be proud to take it out of your bag and reapply. Cloud Lips ($17) are housed in a pretty rose gold tube and B’Lighter ($17) comes in a lovely rose gold compact with a prism design. A look at the packaging of these items would suggest they are waaaaaay more expensive than they actually are.  So how do they perform?

My favorite of the lipsticks are the Avo Butters, they are creamy and pigmented with a luxe formula that includes 12% natural avocado oil for moisture that lasts all day. The formula also contains natural peptides to boost collagen production and heal cracked lips. Nova (named after an employee) is the perfect peachy nude for us fair skinned gals and Co-Host is bright neutral pinky red that should work on all skin tones. There are currently 8 shades available.

Cloud Lips are a full coverage matte lipstick that thanks to the avocado oil are not drying. Daydream is a warmer pink with a slight purple tint and Storm is a vampy deep purple for those you can rock a bold lip. Cloud lips seriously pigmented and feel surprisingly soft for a matte. I just don’t prefer matte lipsticks on my lips because I have so many lines. Still, I know I’ll wear Daydream quite frequently.

I was not prepared to like the B’Lighter at all. I envisioned an over-the-top blinding, glittery mess but I was so wrong! Preacher’s Daughter is a creamy balm that melts into and reacts with the skin to create a pretty peachy shade and a bit of highlight. It’s way more subtle than I expected–in a good way! Its smooth application leaves a nice glow and it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin. It isn’t heavily pigmented like the lipsticks so it may not show up on darker skin tones. Currently, Preacher’s Daughter is the only shade but my hope is that they add more shades.

Bottom Line: Laqa has a delightful line of lipsticks and other products that are high quality and low priced in gorgeous packaging. You can’t ask for more, but I’ll be buying more! The brand is definitely worth checking out!

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  1. I think i like the colours and how they feel. Not so bright but calm and will complement most outfits and makeup too on the face. Good oroduct from them here too. The content too sound good.

  2. I think i like the colours and how they feel. Not so bright but calm and will complement most outfits and makeup too on the face. Good oroduct from them here too. The content too sound good.