Last Minutes Gifts-A Few of My Favorite Things!

For the Artist:

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6-pc. Brush Collection with Travel Case ($39.50)

Makeup artist or not, these brushes are top quality; dense, soft and shaped to perfection. I own several of them and they are hands-down my favorite brushes—love, love love! The handy travel case doubles as a stand for the brushes.  This is such a great kit for both newbies and the more experienced! The collection even comes gift boxed at QVC!

The Collection includes:
• Heavenly Luxe Travel Multi-Powder Brush
• Heavenly Luxe Travel Flat Foundation Brush
• Heavenly Luxe Travel Flat Concealer Brush
• No-Tug Travel Crease Brush
• No-Tug Travel Allover Eye Shadow Brush
• No-Tug Eyeliner and Brow Brush with Spooly
• Travel case

For The Girl That Has Everything:

For the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, Ken Downing and Le Métier de Beauté have just the thing: a custom, limited-edition fragranced couture necklace: “Pampille de Seduction.” Below the shimmer of gold and hand-cut Carnelian stones, this skillfully crafted, statement piece harnesses the incredible power of scent.

Curated by Ken and designed by Le Métier de Beauté, in collaboration with leading jewelry and fragrance experts, ‘Pamdille de Seduction’ is the first- and most-magnificent-of-its-kind. Adorned with a 24-karat gold plated chain and 18 rare, hand-cut carnelian stones, it’s the ultimate gift for the woman who has is it all.

 “Pampille de Seduction” includes three distinct scents, designed for the wearer to alternate as desired. Cutting-edge embedded fragrance technology (“fragrance chambers”) allows the wearer to project power and sensuality through three dynamic scents: Gardénia, Orchidé and Ambre.

  1. Gardénia: Playful and sweet, this classic fragrance projects hints of orange blosson and jasmine.
  2. Orchidé: Spicy seduction, this fresh aroma captures the deepest scent released by the orchid just after sunset.
  3. Ambre: Warm, exotic and sensual. Earthy wood notes mixed with deep, sweet tones give this scent vintage charm.

With only a limited amount available, “Pampille de Seduction” is the quintessential statement piece for the woman with discerning style and a taste for innovation.  

Available December 2012 at select Neiman Marcus stores and $4,500 I’ll take two please 🙂

For the Girl That ‘Nails’ It Every Time!

This OPI Merry & Bright 15-pc set of  mini nail lacquers. Each set of five comes in three individual packages, so you can give all 15 or break them up into three separate gifts!  Trust me, you’ll want to keep them all ($39.96) exclusively at QVC and

  • Includes 15 0.125-fl-oz nail lacquers
  • QVC What I Mean: a mocha beige shade–Exclusive to QVC until 11/6/2013
  • Nonfat Soy Half Caff, a sheer pale cappuccino opaque shade
  • A True Romantic, a sheer cool light pink shade
  • Keep Me On My Mistletoes, an opaque champagne gold shade with fine glitter
  • Under My Trench Coat, an opaque light gray khaki shade with metallic gold
  • Looks Like Rain Dear, a gold and silver micro glitter shade with holographic chunky glitter
  • Sample Sale, a warm candy apple red shade
  • And a Cherry On Top, an opaque, vivid maraschino shade
  • What Aura Gonna Wear?, a hot pink shade
  • Metro Chic, an opaque smoke shade with hint of opaque purple
  • Henna-Thing is Possible, a metallic fuchsia shade
  • Just a Little Dangerous, an opaque metallic amethyst shade
  • It’s Bouquet With Me, a sheer violet shade with opaque silver glitter
  • Break A Leg-Warmer!, a charcoal shade
  • Mermaid to Order, an opaque metallic turquoise green shade

 For the Girl That ‘Sees’ Between The Lines:

ICU Eyewear ($19-50)

Here’s a tip from Kari at Fab Over Forty“When the eyes start to go, which is inevitable, stop squinting and get a pair of fabulous readers! Squinting just causes more wrinkles around the eyes and ages you more. A pair of great reading glasses  can liven up your face as well as prevent lines.”  

I found these fabulous readers from ICU in this chic  paisley print! ICU has tons of designs–their most recent a safari-themed collections that is fierce!  Strengths range  from 1.0-2.75 and there are even bifocals available in some styles!  They come with a soft case in the same great print and retail between $25-50 dollars.

For The Girl With Cold Feet (literally):

UGG Australia Ansley Slipper ($99)

I ALWAYS have cold feet (my ex-husband said my toes were like little ice cubes) so last year I bought myself a pair of UGG Ansley slippers and I swear it was the best purchase I made all year! Made of soft suede, this  moccasin slipper is lined in plush genuine shearling and finished with a molded rubber sole. My feet stay toasty warm and with the rubber sole, I can run out to the mailbox or to the garage with no problem. They are really, really comfortable and I wear them constantly! Mine are a pretty bright pink–‘natch. They might seem a bit pricey for a slipper but I will get at least another year out of them and I wouldn’t trade warm tootsies for anything!!

For The Girl Who’s Known as a ‘Pill”:

The Lilly Brush ($12.95)

Everyone gets annoyed by the little ‘pill’ in the room and when it’s YOUR sweater it’s not only annoying but embarrassing! Save your sweaters and get rid of the pills with the Lilly Brush! The Lilly brush can be used on all natural fibers including cotton, angora, wool, cashmere, hemp and alpaca. I have a few cashmere sweaters and I love the warmth and the softness but can’t stand the pilling under the arms. The soft bristles are specially designed to remove pills, lint and pet hair without damaging delicate fabrics or sweater weaves. The tidy lid closure allows your Lilly brush to be portable. Never throw away or donate your favorite sweaters again!

To use just apply moderate pressure, sweep Lilly Brush across garment in any direction to make short work of pills, pet hair, lint and light soil. I like how lightweight and easy it is to use. For washable fabrics the Lilly Brush can be dampened before use to eliminate static. To clean your Lilly Brush, wash with light soap, rinse, and tap briskly to remove excess water. For just $12.95, every woman in your family needs one!

For the History Buff & Lover of Tradition:

Tatcha Yume Bracelets ($85)

You already know what a fan I am of the TATCHA skincare line and I loved learning about the origins of the company as well as the time honored traditions of the Geisha. Now, entrepreneur and dreamer, Masaki Hirose is offering his one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn modern bracelets made from from the traditional gold brocade pattern kinranin, a Japanese fabric he discovered in the Kyoto street.

Cut from the cloth of Japan’s golden brocade kinran, Hirose-san’s handcrafted bracelets share the stories of generations. The precious fabric accented by gold-threaded patterns, traditionally worn by nobles and brides, is both the inspiration and feature of his exclusive, hand-cut designs available in bold cuff and delicate wrap styles. Made especially for TATCHA and finished with golden clasps, these limited edition bracelets modernize a timeless treasure.

I think these are absolutely beautiful and unique gifts. You can be sure no one else will have put this much thought and care into the final product.

For the Girl That Does Double-Duty (in other words ALL Women)

Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry ($200-$350)

Lisa Hoffman combined her lovely fragrances with beautiful fine pieces of jewelry letting you “wear fragrance your way.” Each piece of jewelry includes a round charm that encases round wooden beads featuring a proprietary delivery system that slowly releases perfume as they are exposed to air. Her newest collaboration is with the famous jewelry designer Tom Binns.  Both Lisa and Tom collaborated on a special collection that marries Lisa’s groundbreaking fine fragrance with designs that reflect Tom’s unwavering devotion to avant-garde aesthetics. A sublime combination of form and function, the collection is destined to become a cult favorite — and a personal obsession.

There are 5 fragrance choices:

  • Japanese Agarwood
  •  Madagascar Orchid
  • Tuscan Fig
  • French Clary Sage
  • Tunisian Neroli
This is such a great way to get a designer piece of jewelry and wear your signature scent at the same time! I have two of the original bracelets and purchased a few earring sets as gifts, so you could definitely say I’m a fan!
What unique gifts have you found this year?
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  1. What a lovely selection of gifts, Cindy. I love the LMdB necklace- though it definitely isn’t in my budget!!

  2. You have darn good taste kiddo. I like the variety in your list pricewise. I’m sure the LMdB will be in your Xmas stocking!

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I have the Ansley slipper, too, in the maroon color and I don’t think I’ve removed them for more than 5 minutes! LOVE.


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