Laura Mercier Holiday Makeup Collection 2013: Review, Pics, Swatches

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The Laura Mercier Holiday Collection for 2013 is one the best ever! This year’s Holiday Colour and Holiday Bath & Body Collections are available in Laura’s signature shades and scents. The beautifully chic packaging ( hello leopard!) make what’s inside even more special AND the perfect gift for your mom, your friend, your sister – or even yourself! I wait every holiday season for the mini lipgloss sets and my beloved petite baked eye shadow palettes. This year does not disappoint–read on!


Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe Dual Decker Colour for Eyes & Cheeks $125 –For me this is the star of the show. Oh Santa are you listening??? Top of my list!!


  • Eye Colours in Morning Dew (Matte), Coffee Ground (Matte), African Violet (Luster), Ballerina Pink (Sateen), Deep Night (Matte), Dusk (Luster), Sable (Sateen), and Crystal Beige (Luster)
  • Face Highlighter in Golden Shimmer
  • Second Skin Cheek Colours in Barely Pink and Heather Pink
  • Tightline Cake Eye Liners in Black Ebony, Ground Espresso, and Bleu Marine
  • Mini Longwear Crème Eye Pencil in Espresso
  • Travel Pony Tail Brush (for eyes)
  • Double-Ended Crease/Smudge Brush (for eyes)
  • Travel Flat Eye Liner Brush
  • Instructional Looks

Laura Mercier Petite Baked Eye Colour Bonbons Palette $25–I love these pint-size eye palettes that pack such holiday sparkle!

Amethyst Trio Includes:

  • Soft Amethyst
  • Lilac
  • Violet Sky

Bronze Trio Includes: (Blushing Noir has a great review of this)

  • Cameo
  • Bronze Opal
  • Sienna

Emerald Trio Includes:

  • Aqua
  • Malachite
  • Emerald




Last year I purchased both the Golden Metallics and Smokey Metallics palettes, read review here. This year, I was lucky enough to be sent the Emerald palette to test and I love adore it! The colors are flattering and very unique. Although there are only three shades, you can create a myriad of looks; from a soft and demure fairy princess to a smoky and sultry rocker chick. The baked texture is harder than a powder shadow and you will get some fallout when applied dry. I much prefer to apply these shadows wet with a flat synthetic brush for richer pigmentation and longer wear.  Similarly, the shadows take on a beautiful lustrous sheen with a fabulous reflective quality when wet. Aqua is aptly named, it is a pale pastel aqua, emerald is a rich, metallic emerald teal. Malachite is something to behold, I have never seen anything like it.

Laura Mercier Holidy 2013

“Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye for materials such as silk,leather, and paper. Although called malachite green, the compound is not related to the mineral malachite — the name just comes from the similarity of color.” Wikipedia.  This malachite is a beautiful and complex shade of green with purple undertones and a golden reflective sheen. I did my best to capture it on camera, but I am not a photographer (in case you haven’t noticed) and probably did not catch the multifaceted dimension of this shade. I actually think you need to see it in person and test it. It. Is. Stunning.

Laura Mercier Emerald applied dry

Laura Mercier Emerald applied dry

Laura Mercier Petite Baked e/s palette in Emerald applied wet

Laura Mercier Petite Baked e/s palette in Emerald applied wet

For this look I applied the lightest shade, aqua to the brow bone, malachite on the lid and emerald in the crease.

2013-11-05 04.55.23 (480x345)

2013-11-05 04.55.50 (480x150)

2013-11-05 04.55.59 (480x163)

Laura Mercier Colour-To-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips $50 (Limited Edition)
Laura_Mercier_holiday_2013_makeup_collection2Smoky Violet:

  • Eye Colours in Plum Smoke (Matte) and Violet Steel (Luster)
  • Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Violet Asphalt
  • Bronzing Pressed Powder in Golden Bronze
  • Second Skin Cheek Colour in Barely Pink
  • Lip Glacé in After Hours

Natural Nudes:

Eye Colours in Buttercream (Matte), Rosewood (Luster), and Cocoa Brown (Sateen)
• Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Chocolate Brown
• Bronzing Pressed Powder in Matte Bronze
• Second Skin Cheek Colour in Sweet Mandarin
• Lip Glacé in Sweetheart


Laura Mercier Luxe Travel Brush Collection $125

  • Full-Size Cheek Colour Brush
  • Secret Camouflage/Camouflage Powder Brush
  • All Over Eye Colour/ Pony Tail Brush
  • Eye Crease/ Smudge Brush
  • Flat Eye Liner/Angled Eye Liner Brush


Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé Collection $48 – I look forward to these every year, last year I picked up the ‘bare’ set and this year I was sent the ‘bold’ set that I really, really love.
Nudes Shades:

  • Pout
  • Bare Peach
  • Bare Blush
  • Bare Baby
  • Gilded Rose


Laura Bold Brights Mini Lip Glacé Collection $48


  • Azalea
  • Camellia
  • Bonbon
  • Grenadine
  • Poppy

Laura Mercier Holiday 2013


Laura Mercier Holiday 2013

Left to right: Poppy, Grenadine, Bonbon, Camellia and Azelea. Add a pop of vibrant color with these smooth, shiny glosses. The feel great, glide on easily and smell of cremé brulee! All the shades are pretty and wearable.


Laura Mercier Line & Define Mini Longwear Crème Eye Pencil Collection $45 – I purchased last years version of this set and have gotten such use out of it, if I didn’t already have all the shades, I would indulge again. I do, however have a few people on my gift list I know would appreciate this set so I will be purchasing again this year!
Includes Mini Eyeliners in:

  • Violet
  • Espresso
  • Noir
  • Sage
  • Cobalt


Laura Mercier Shimmer Effects Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection $40. I am totally head-over-stilettos for these cream stick shadows, they are PERFECT! I currently own Rosegold, Sandglow and Grey Pearl. I want this set so I can add some colors to my collection. I love these so much if I could gift this set to every woman in the U.S. I would! Read my review here.


  • Pink Opal
  • Amethyst
  • Rosegold
  • Sugar Frost

Does the Laura Mercier Holiday collection catch your fancy? Anything going on your wishlist? Do share!


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  1. omg those lip glaces are GORGEOUS! TY for the link! <3 <3

  2. Simply drool-worthy stocking stuffers. *sigh*

  3. I’m loving the portable palette in Natural Nudes. And I didn’t expect so much pigmentation from the glosses! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I will take one of everything please and thanks! The purples, oh my! Laura Mercier really knows how to do purple. <3

  5. Laura Mercier holiday sets are so hard to resist! Last year I got the Glamour Wardrobe and Artist’s Palette and mini kohl eye pencils! Did not regret a single purchase and still use all 3 on the regular. that emerald set is TDF! I am swooning over the duochrome effects!

  6. This collection is so amazing! (: I can’t wait to try it

  7. Stunning collection, they keep getting better.

  8. I loved last year’s Laura Mercier holiday collection (one of my favorite eyeshadows ever was in that collection) and am just as excited about this year’s!


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