Lips are back in fashion – try some from Sorme’

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Sorme’ lip assortment

Late August and early September have always meant “back to school” for me. After being a student for 17 years and a teacher for 30 that means 47 Septembers of my life have been Back to School. Of course it also means that it will always be an occasion that I can’t ignore. A new school wardrobe includes shoes, clothes and cosmetics! I love it all. I’m especially excited about a new to me brand SORME’. They gifted me with an amazing assortment of products that are making me (almost) want to go to school and surely make me want to wear them.

Sorme Lip Thick, Velvet Stick, Lip Rescue, Smearproof Lipliner

As a teacher I tried not to play favorites and luckily with this assortment I don’t have to. Well maybe just a little. I can’t help but be in love with LIP THICK, a plumping lip gloss. It is thicker than most lip glosses as the name implies, therefore lasting longer. It feels so great on my lips that applying it is a pleasure. I have DOLL 92 ($12), one of 12 beautiful shades. Doll 92 is a cool pink, similar to the shade on the package.

Sorme Lip Thick in Doll
Sorme Lip Thick in Doll
Sorme Lip Thick in Doll

LipThick gloss’s revolutionary Maxi-Lip peptides stimulate collagen production for naturally fuller lips in 30 days!Fruit acids, Aloe Vera, and antioxidant Vitamins A and E treat lip lines while hydrating skin to keep lips soft and smooth. Shimmery shades can be used over any lip product for a glossy, high shine finish.

I apply this when I remove my mask since it will stick somewhat even though it’s not a particularly sticky gloss. There’s some stickiness but in general it’s just very comfortable. I feel a tiny bit of tingling but nothing that I’d notice if I wasn’t reviewing.

Next I have to rave about LIP RESCUE, Tinted Lip Balm ($14). This is available in 3 natural looking shades. I have Juicy and it certainly is! This feels so hydrating. My photo shows it darker than it appears on my lips, to me Juicy is a great My Lips but Better shade.

Sorme Lip Rescue tinted lip balm
Sorme Lip Rescue tinted lip balm
Sorme Lip Rescue tinted lip balm

With the choice of three natural toned shades, NEW Lip Rescue Tinted Lip Balms soften and soothe dry lips with our exclusive treatment formula. Fortified with Shea Butter complex and infused with Vitamins A, E and F, Lip Rescue Tinted Lip Balms condition and protect lips while offering a hint of sheer tint.

  • Nourishes with exclusive Shea Butter Complex
  • Antioxidant vitamins protect and soothe
  • Three beautiful shades offer sheer, natural looking color
  • Mechanical twist up pencil never needs sharpening
  • Cruelty free

This is so easy to wear. I can wear it alone (which is what I do) or I can wear it over a lip color. But my favorite is to use their SMEARPROOF LIPLINER with it to define and give my lips more color.

Sorme Lip Rescue tinted lip balm with Sorme Baby Doll Smearproof Lipliner

SORME’ W/P SMEARPROOF LIPLINERS ($9.50) are available in 13 shades. These are terrific liners since they glide on and last! The square shape makes them fun (use a regular sharpener) and the colors match so many lip products you own. They contain Vitamin E and C to help prevent lip lines.

Sorme Smearproof Lipliners
Sorme Baby Doll Smearless Lipliner

Last but far from least is their LIP & CHEEK VELVET STICKS ($15) which are a treat for me especially. I love cheek sticks and this one isn’t the least bit sticky. It’s super easy to blend and lasts well even in this heat. I rarely like the same product on my lips and cheeks but this is an exception to the rule. My Velvet Stick in Naughty is great for both. It feels conditioning on my lips and looks natural on my cheeks.

Sorme Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks in Shy and Naughty

I will happily buy Shy as soon as I can get to a CVS that carries Sorme. These are the perfect makeup bag accompaniment for me since I like an easy look.

Sorma Naughty Velvet Stick

I have to tell you that SORME’ has impressed me considerably. These may only sell online ( and in some CVS stores but they are as nice as products that are triple or more the price. These are a great buy for Back to School and Fall, products you don’t want to miss out on. After all this kind of shopping isn’t just for kids!