List of What I’m Loving Right Now!

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This post is based on the “Taking Stock” templates that bloggers like to post! My friend Jen from My Beauty Bunny posted What I’m Loving Right Now yesterday and invited people to play along so here I go!

Cooking: I made Swedish Meatball in the crock pot last night and they were delicious! delicious! 
Drinking :
Zipfizz is a healthy and great tasting energy drink-mix powder that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body’s fuel system. It contains no ephedra or other artificial stimulants. I have one every morning I work at the salon to keep me going. Fav flavors: Pink Lemonade, Blueberry/Rapberry, Peach Mango, Fruit Punch, Blackc Cherry. You can also add a another shot of flavoring to create all sorts of flavors. Like strawberry to pink lemonade, etc. 
Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey. A woman who has a successgyl business sees a mother mistreating her 5 yr old daughter–twice. She follows the little girl and sees the mother scream at the child that she has never loved her and then locks her out of the house. The woman decides to take the little girl even though she is well aware that it is wrong. Th book asks the question: is it wrong to “kidnap” a child if you are going to give her a a better life? Well written and a page turner–will she get away with it or not?

Turtle Cheesecake!
Forward to fall, it’s gorgeous here!
A lot of Pink lately–love her!
What to read next.
We had an IKEA in town.
Watching a 5 mo. old baby! He is such a happy, easy baby and brings me so much joy!
For my daughter to come home for Christmas
The Beauty & the Box Traveler Deluxe—the BEST travel makeup storage ever!

Changing my hair color to a rich chestnut brown for fall  winter. What do you think?
Queen of the South (late I know), Styling LA, The Mindhunter
Needing: A
 new pair of glasses! I need a new prescription and frames badly!
Viktor & Rolf Magic Liquid Diamonds. A scent with 3 of my favorite perfume notes: fresh, floral and musk. Warm and feminine.

Been wearing Tkees flip flops with silver & gold straps all summer!
Samantha Schuerman & Mel Thompson on YouTube
More age spots!
About fires in the fireplace, pumpkin spice, cozy slippers
Tired. I’ve worked so many extra hours this summer!
How my friend traveled standby by herself to Hawaii with a 4 month old!
Through all my household cleaning products and replacing them with non-chemical ones. Love the Mrs. Meyer’s Commpassion Flower scent.

Phony, plastic people
At the Netflix show Working Moms
Pita chips, strawberries, grapes, nuts
For some time off to have a facial and just relax 

What are you loving right now?

Feel free to copy and paste this list or make up your own!

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  2. […] Beauty shares her list of what she’s loving now and it’s going to be on your list for what YOU are loving […]