LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot Holiday 2013 Collection Plus a Giveaway!


Gift some Rockin’ Red Hot Holiday with LORAC’s gorgeous value collections for Holiday 2013. From beautiful lip gloss collections to the perfect lash duo, you’ll find what you need to create those ‘oohh’s and aahh’s.’

Rockin’ Red Hot Pro Set ($39) – For those of you that have heard fabulous things about the LORAC Pro Palette but missed purchasing it, this Holiday set is a good value with some extra goodies like Lorac Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner and the Lorac Scenes Eye Primer included. For many of us who already have the Pro palette, re-promoting it for the Holiday season is disappointing. I was hoping for something original and special like last years Sweet Temptations Set. Read my review of the LORAC Pro here.

Available at Ulta and ulta.com


The Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Lashes Set ($23) is a dynamic duo set featuring a studded red eye lash curler and a Lorac Pro Mascara that curls, thickens, and lengthens lashes. For just $23, this make a fab stocking stuffer!

Available at Ulta and ulta.com


Rockin’ Red Hot 3D Liquid Lustre Set ($28) – Featuring LORAC’s original, best-selling Diamond shade (white gold) plus 3 limited edition shades in Platinum (silver), Amethyst (taupe), and Topaz (warm bronze). This paraben-free, long-lasting, shimmering top coat can be applied over eye shadow or worn alone on eyes and cheeks for luminous, prismatic, 3-Dimensional sparkle and shine.

Available at loraccosmetics.com

Lorac-Rockin-Red-Hot-Lip-Gloss-Collection (480x480)

Rockin’ Red Hot Lipgloss Collection ($27) – The Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Lip Gloss Collection is a six piece gloss collection that features sparkle, shine, and sweet cotton candy scented and flavored glosses in the following shades:

  • Rock n’ Roll (pink nude)
  • You Rock (plum)
  • Rock On (rose)
  • Rock Star (exclusive violet shade)
  • Easy Rock (fuchsia)
  • Rock It (coral)

Available at Sephora and Sephora.com



Rockin’ Red  Mini Lip Gloss Collection ($24) – Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Mini Lip Gloss Collection is a selection of eight mini glosses packed with a formula rich with antioxidants from Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed plus Vitamins A, C & E. This set is especially cute and you get eight shades instead of the typical five or six.

I think the LORAC Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Gloss Collection is so pretty I’m going to give one away to one lucky Prime Beauty reader. To enter tell me if your purchase your holiday gifts early or if you’re a last minute gal? To gain additional entries, complete the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget!


Purchased by me


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  1. Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola) says

    I’m a bit of both. I always “think” I’m done ….. but I’m not lol.

  2. anissa (an) gooch says

    Yes, I am an early shopper. Shop all year on the sales 🙂

  3. I am a last minute shopper… just like my father.

  4. Colleen Boudreau says

    Early shopper.

  5. Last miniute

  6. I’m a last minute holiday shopper.

  7. I TRY to be an early bird shopper…..but I do end up having a few last min purchases every year! This year I’ve been buying online a lot just to avoid the massive crowds though!

  8. Debbie Jensen says

    Very last minute, i haven’t even started yet..

  9. Always try for early…. But always end up last minute!

  10. Last minute shopper.

  11. Early. I am already done!

  12. onegreatsmile says

    When I have a job and income, I do a mixture of both: If I see something perfect for someone, I pick it up regardless of the time of year. But sometimes, the right gift eludes me and I have to scramble. Right now, I have been doing pretty much ZERO shopping. Hard to justify when you’re barely getting by. My friends are very understanding. This would make a nice gift for the BFF I can’t afford right now 🙂

  13. I am a last minute kind of shopper, but always know what to gift me friends & family with.

  14. Rania Davidson says

    I’m a last minute shopper and I hate that!

  15. I’m a last minute shopper–unless I see something that is absolutely perfect for someone!

  16. I am an early shopper I believe in getting great deals before the holidays season kicks in.

  17. I’m usually a last minute shopper, but I only have one more gift to buy this year!

  18. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Are you kidding me? I shop ALL YEAR long for Christmas! If I find something that I think one of my daughters would like, I get it. Better yet if it’s on sale. I might have a shopping problem….

  19. Alida Giordano says

    I’m definitely an early shopper!

  20. Cheryl Lanner says

    Sorry to say it but I am always a last minute shopper and I hate it, yet I keep doing it, year after year after year…… :~(

  21. I’m a last minute shopper too I’m afraid! My nieces and nephews take so long to decide what they want!

  22. amy pugmire says

    I am a last minute shopper. 🙂

  23. usually last minute

  24. adrienne kiefer says

    I am definitely a last minute shopper

  25. I shop all the time! So I’m a mixture of both!

  26. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. I don’t do it till the pressures on.

  27. I do not wait until the last minute. Who needs the pressure?

  28. Last minute!

  29. I’m a procrastinator by nature so it’s always last minute shopping for me ~ Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. little of both. but mostly last minute

  31. Shelby Oxner says

    I’m definitely a last minute shopper. I never know what to buy until the day before.

  32. Tatyana Johnson says

    I get to the deals early, can’t miss black friday shopping!

  33. For some reason, like most things in my life, I work better under pressure, so I tend to procrastinate !

  34. EARLY!! Like starting before Halloween early! I hate it when the malls get so crowded and parking gets ridiculous.

  35. annamaria Kyriazis says

    I like shopping when the sales are great so its not early or late, its when the deals are great for shopping online i go for!! Xmas gifting is for me everyday until xmas ends 🙂

  36. Before I had kids I was always WAY early…. now I’m pretty last minute and it always gives me anxiety. I actually have them done already for this year, but no one else has been started =\

  37. diane redcay says

    Im a last minute shopper now that my kids are older

  38. I’m early for most people, if I have to ship to them, but last minute for my husband!

  39. It all depends on if I have made plans for December, if I’m going to parties, hosting one, going out of town. Like this year, I shopped early because I’ve made plans. Now last year I didn’t at all, so everything was last minute.

  40. I am an early shopper! I love buying for other people.

  41. Pretty much early bird, which works against me, as I shop all the way up to the 24th, spending even MORE money! 😀

  42. I’m a last minute shopper!

  43. I’m a last minute shopper, every time 😛

  44. I can’t afford to buy gifts, but I always spot thing and think of things my hubby would love pretty early on in October…so if I could it’d probably be early.

  45. totally last minute

  46. i shop early

  47. Last minute!

  48. im a last minute shopper!!

  49. Early shopper!

  50. Oh i love to shop all year round so i always have my gifts way in advance!

  51. amybelle2001 says

    I’m early holiday shopper.

  52. I shop all throughout the last quarter of the year, keeping an eye out for bargains and sales. I have waited until the last minute and I’ve shopped ahead – so some of both.

  53. early


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