Lucid Liquid Candles Brighten Up Any Decor!

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Candles are the quickest and easiest way to add ambiance and a warm glow to a room. And let’s face it, ladies, don’t we all look better by candlelight? Have you ever had a candle so beautiful that you don’t want to actually light it so you can have it for as long as possible? I have two I have never lit for this very reason–I’m hoarding them. Or you have the opposite problem, they melt down all too quickly and leave a mess. With Lucid Liquid Candles, you don’t have to worry, you will never have to repurchase or replace them! What makes Lucid different is that unlike a traditional wax candle, Lucid liquid candles feature a refillable vessel that is decorative and they never melt down! The candle body holds liquid paraffin that burns with a fiberglass wick allowing for clean, natural candlelight.

Unlike popular “real flame effect” candles that are designed to approximate the appearance of a candle, Lucid liquid candles are REAL candles. They burn with the warm glow and unmistakable flicker of a real flame, just like traditional wax candles. They come in 4 sizes and 13 colors, as well as patterns and stylish designs that can work with any décor, inside or out, and are perfect for mixing and matching. My favorites are the feminine lace design–perfect for a bedroom and the Indigo collection with it’s Boho inspired patterns. There is even a Holiday collection!

And for the nature lover, the Birds of a Feather Collection.

Don’t forget dinner candles!!

To Use:

1. Remove the lid

2. Pour in the Lucid Liquid paraffin and replace the lid

3. Light the candle

4. Enjoy!

I was sent 3 candles from the R & R Collection: an 8″ ($65) pillar in natural, 6″ pillar ($60) in gray and 4″ pillar ($55) in khaki. This combination will suit any decor and they look lovely together. Right now I am using them as a holiday decoration and after the holidays I will rearrange them for my everyday decor. They may seem pricey but when you consider never having to buy candles again, they are a bargain. Plus, one bottle of liquid paraffin burns over 200 hours and is only $13.50.

I can think of so many ways to use these! Just think of the convenience of having candles that don’t smoke or melt down at your dinner party and always keep their shape. I love burning candles in the bedroom but don’t like the wax on my nightstand. They are great outside on a deck too!

Lucid Liquid Candles are beautiful, totally safe and economical.  I highly recommend browsing their website–there are lots of designs to suit any mood or style. These candles make excellent gifts, especially at holiday time! Now you can have candlelight every night of the week!

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  1. Krystal Butherus says

    I love this! No more trimming wicks! No need in worrying “Did I put out the candle before I left?”

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I have never tried liquid candles, and I had no idea that they make liquid tapers! Eye opening!

  3. Laura @ MommyDearest says

    These are stunning and a great idea. I admit I have 2 candles I have never burned myself because they are too pretty. I’ll be putting these on my wish list

  4. These are simply beautiful. I love the concept behind them..No wax, and they will keep practically forever!

  5. I love love the lace black candles so pretty and totally my style! I have never heard of a liquid candle, what a fascinating idea.

  6. Wow, this is so genius and they are beautiful. I love the blue one!

  7. Another plus is that wax candles can get dusty which always made me toss them before they were short. My house always seemed to be a dust magnet so I had to stop using them for decoration. With these I could wipe down the outer covering.

  8. That’s pretty awesome! I love having candles at home especially during this season. It’s so nice and convenient that these candles don’t melt at all!

  9. Lola Seicento says

    These are such pretty candles! What an ingenious idea!

  10. Brianne Manz says

    I’ve never seen such beautiful candles before. I am so putting these on my Christmas list!

  11. These candles are beautiful! I love candles too and they make such great gifts!

  12. Lisa Marie Heath says

    I’ve never had a liquid candle, but I’m loving the look of these!

  13. They are indeed beautiful candles

  14. These look so pretty! I never had any liquid candles, but now I think I need to get some. I love candles and think these would make a great gift too

  15. I would certainly try a liquid candle! Why not?? It’s all about the light and the scent!

  16. Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls) says

    i love candles especially this time of year! you have featured some amazing designs.

  17. I’ve never heard of this type of faux candle. Very interesting and makes total sense. I love that they have attractive designs too to go with different decor.

  18. Phyrra Nyx says

    I love faux candles that you can turn on and off with a switch or remote.

  19. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    these candles are crazy gorgeous. I had no idea about this brand. they make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. thanks

  20. Kaity Johnson says

    These are beautiful! I’ve never tired liquid candles before, but these are making me want to give them a shot this season.

  21. These are really neat! I have never seen these before. They look like they would be great as a gift as well.

  22. I love scented candles and agree with you that they add something special to any home where they are displayed. I will have to look into these.