Lumene Invisible Illumination Collection

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Lumene Invisible Illumination

Now that summer is only a month away, I’m looking for more lightweight, sheer coverage makeup options.  I especially love products that give me a sun-kissed glow, without being too heavy or cakey. I knew I’d found precisely what I was looking for when Lumene sent me some of their Invisible Illumination Collection.

About Indivisible Illumination

Infused with pure arctic spring water and arctic cloudberry seed extract, the products in the collection help to balance, hydrate, brighten and energize the skin. Their weightless formulation also gives my skin a beautiful, luminosity, which I crave. Additionally, the brand claims the Invisible Illumination collection is 100% vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Lumene was kind enough to send me the Instant Glow Beauty Serum, $29.99, Water Color Blush, $24.99, Watercolor Bronzer, $24.99, and Instant Illuminizer, $24.99.

Instant Glow Beauty Serum
Lumene Invisible Illumination Beauty Serum

The Instant Glow Beauty Serum is like wearing skincare with a touch of tint. Available in three shades, Universal Light, Universal Medium, and Universal Dark, the serum gives you a “your skin but better finish”. It is designed to be sheer while enhancing your complexion with radiance.

Invisible Illumination Beauty Serum

While I can’t speak for the medium or dark shades, I do find that the Light works well for my skin tone. I wouldn’t say it’s completely sheer on me, but it does blend into my skin perfectly. I am very pale so even Light shades can be a touch too pigmented or opaque on me. Regardless, I really love how healthy and radiant my skin looks when I wear the serum.

Lumene Invisible Illumination Dropper

I’m also a fan of the dropper design of the Indivisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum bottle. It makes applying the product easy. You can use your fingers, a sponge or even a brush to achieve a flawless finish.

Water Color Blush, Bronzer & Instant Illuminizer
Lumene Watercolor Blush, Bronzer and Illuminizer

The Lumene Indivisible Illumination collection also features two Watercolor Blushes, one Bronzer, and three Instant Illuminizers. Like the serum, all three products also feature a dropper bottle design.

I received the blush in Pink Blossom and the illuminizer in Rosy Dawn. The pinky tones in the Water Color Blush and Illuminizer give my cheeks a nice rosy glow. I really like how well they work together. I also love how the light picks up the pigments in both products, but especially the Illuminizer. It makes me want to try the other Water Color Blush and Illuminizer shades.

Lumene Blush, Bronzer & Illuminizer Swatches

The Bronzer, available in Summer Glow, is the ideal universal shade. Though the formula is highly pigmented, it is also very lightweight. This allows you to sheer it out or build it up for that perfect bronzed glow. I really like how subtle it is on my skin. I look like I just came in from a day in the sun, without the sunburn of course.

Invisible Illumination Look

Overall: I’m really looking forward to wearing the Lumene Invisible Illumination Collection all summer long. They mix well with my skincare and sunscreen and help me achieve my ideal summer glow. If you want to achieve your own sun-kissed look, I highly recommend heading to Target to try out the collection.

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  2. […] Blythe from Prime Beauty is finally able to achieve the sunkissed look she’s dreamed of with the Lumene Invisible Illumination Collection! […]