MAC 30 Pan Eye Shadow Palette Giveaway!

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Ever wonder what happens when 30 beauty & fashion bloggers and vloggers get together? They host an EPIC giveaway! We are teaming up to bring you an amazing 30-pan MAC Eye Shadow Palette filled with our favourite shades!! What could be better than 30 MAC eye shadows hand-picked by the best bloggers on the web? NOTHING! Enter today via the Rafflecopter form below!


Shades up grabs!  Sketch, Vibrant Grape, Fig 1, Club, Shroom, Orb, Omega, Aquadisiac, Copperplate, Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Cranberry, Steamy, Naked Lunch

Blanc Type, Nylon, Cobalt, Brule, Haux, Carbon, Phloof, Retrospeck, Stars & Rockets, Expensive Pink, Brun, Electra, Satin Taupe, Honeylust & Brown Script.


Brought to  you by these fab bloggers, give them a click!

Angie (Vanity Rouge)

Noelle (XO Noelle)

Dee (Liner Glitter Gloss)

Sandra (Moms Makeup Stash)

Jenelle (Nelle Creations)

Deanne (My Fash Avenue)

Michelle (A Lovely Allure)

Marcia (Beauty Info Zone)

Iva (Falling in Style)

Niki (Hello Miss Niki)

Rica (The Office Chic)

Bree (Urban Umbrella)

Amber (Canadian Fashionista)

Krystal (Beauty by Krystal)

Lauren (The Fashionista’s Diary)

Justina (Justina’s Gems)

Stacey (Stacey Brennan YT)

Elaine (Toronto Beauty Reviews)

Maria (A Mother World)

Marissa (Chic Darling)

Kelly (Glitter Diaries)

Cheryl (Beauty by Cheryl H)

Chelsea (Olive & Ivy)

Chrissy (Some Velvet Morning)

Shayna (A Pop of Colour)

Cecilia (Dearest Lou)

Janna (Gloss & Glitz)

Mina (Mina Slater)

Cindy (Prime Beauty)

Katelyn (The Skinny Blonde)

Open in the USA and Canada.

Ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: this giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents ages over the age of 18 and ends at 11:59pm EST on August 6th, 2014. The number of entries received determines the odds of winning. Only one winner will be selected. This giveaway is a group buy, which means the bloggers/vloggers pooled their money together to purchase this product for you. Winner will be chosen at random from all verified entries, contacted by email provided, and announced on this page at the end of the contest. Winner has 48 hours to respond or prize will be redrawn. No prize substitutions allowed. Bloggers in this group giveaway and their immediate family members in their household cannot enter or win the giveaway. No purchase necessary.
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  1. Erika C. says

    My favorite MAC Eyeshadow , mmm it is a tie between Rice Paper and Saddle.

  2. annalisa says

    Favorite Mac shadow is Satin Taupe! Excited that’s it’s included in the giveaway bc I hit
    pan on mine a long time ago!!! =)

  3. Patina is a fave MAC shadow shade of mine.

  4. Satin Taupe is my all time favourite mac eyeshadow & the only one I have ever hit pan on!

  5. BarbItalia says

    My favorite MAC eyeshadow is a very popular one: SATIN TAUPE!

  6. I love Rice Paper and Smut

  7. What a fabulous giveaway! Who wouldn’t want them all?!

  8. this is amazing!
    I love Mac’s Patina eyeshadow

  9. My all time favorite is the long discontinued Flirty Number! They also make one of my favorite greens, Humid.

  10. Vibrant Grape! (:

  11. I wish I could enter 🙁

  12. Oh these shades are great!!

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Is it awful to admit that I don’t own any MAC shadows? All these neutrals look fabulous, but I’m drawn to that last shadow in the last row of the bottom – the purple-blue!

  14. What a great giveaway!

  15. Epic and awesome giveaway!

  16. My all time favorite is Club. Such a versatile color. Great giveWay!!!

  17. Phloof is my favorite.

  18. Awesome giveaway! I love Satin Taupe.

  19. What an amazing giveaway! I think my favorite MAC shadow is called Trax.

  20. Awesome giveaway…all of the MAC colors are amazing!

  21. Satin taupe is my fave, and this is an epic/amazing giveaway!!

  22. Any earth brown tone(:

  23. I love MAC eye shadows!!!

  24. SOOO FUNNN!!

  25. Betzy Carmona says

    This is such an amazing giveaway

  26. Such an awesome giveaway!!

  27. Stefanie Gladden says

    I love woodwinked!

  28. I’ve never used MAC but I like Aquadesiac. That is such a pretty color.

  29. Endless Love from the Diana Ross quad

  30. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite MAC shadow for sure but if I were to buy one tomorrow I think it would have to be Shroom.

  31. fantastic bunch of shades

  32. I love this giveaway! Feeling sad that I can’t enter myself!

  33. What a great giveaway!

  34. Hmmm I think my favorite is Poison Pen!

  35. Wow, great giveaway!!! Hope I win 🙂

  36. My favorite is Amber Lights!

  37. I think my favorites are Amber Lights and Sketch.

  38. such an awesome giveaway 😉 My fav is satin taupe and amber lights… and all of them. lol

  39. My favorite is Satin Taupe though I do like them all!

  40. So many pretty colours! That’s an awesome prize.

  41. Love that these are all so lovely and from great beauty bloggers

  42. This is a fab giveaway!

  43. My favorite MAC shadow is Smut! Great giveaway!

  44. RICHARD HICKS says

    Omega is a nice color.

  45. Awesome giveaway.

  46. They’re all my faves! But Satin Taupe def holds the biggest place in my heart.

  47. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

  48. Club will always be my favorite. It’s such an eye-catching shade!

  49. I have actually never owned a MAC eyeshadow (sad I know)

  50. Expensive Pink or Soft Brown are my favs!

  51. In my limited experience Ace is my favorite so far. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  52. It’s got to be Woodwinked.

  53. This is such an amazing giveaway! And great color choices!

  54. i don’t know that i have a favorite…. i’ve never tried MAC shadows before!

  55. Sarah Jestings says


  56. My favorite MAC shadow is sable….such a pretty shimmery brown for an everyday eye!!

  57. Megan Havers says

    My favourite Mac eyeshadow is Beautiful Iris! Most underrated shadow in the world!

  58. i like satin taupe too

  59. Tara Woods says

    My favorite MAC eye shadow is Goldmine.

  60. Kelly H. says

    I like Electra.

  61. What an awesome giveaway!

  62. C R Williams says

    I def used MAC before so I don’t have a fave

  63. BuggyNess says

    Club is my fav.

  64. Cindy, thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  65. Barbara B says

    My favorite MAC shadow is Smoke & Diamonds.

  66. Michelle says

    I actually have two faves: club and satin taupe and I am out of Satin taupe…..:( basically all the shadows in the palette I LOVE!!!

  67. Barbara Leonard says

    What a great prize!! Thanks for the opportunity to win,

  68. MAC has really great colors, Something for everyone.

  69. Believe it or not I have never owned a Mac shadow, I would love to try them!

  70. Fav MAC eyeshadow… Naked Lunch 🙂

  71. It’s a paint pot, not a shadow, but Rebuenesque is my absolute go to for day and night time looks!

  72. M=Mac is marvelous
    A=Awesome Giveaway
    C=Cindy is my name too!
    I love alllll Mac eyeshadows

  73. Great colors, thank you for the giveaway.

  74. Wow!! I actually only have one MAC eyeshadow (tweet me), so it would be amazing to try out all of these shades!

  75. Rachel R. says

    I haven’t used MAC very much. I love their purples.

  76. Hi, my favorite MAC shadow is Satin Taupe

  77. Brun~!

  78. Brun is a great eyebrow color!

  79. what a great giveaway!

  80. love MAC!

  81. Amazing colors

  82. I will say that that I am a MAC virgin….but would love to try it!

  83. So excited about this giveaway!!

  84. So many to choose – lately been using Smut alot

  85. My favorite eyeshadow from MAC is Brun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. A favorite MAC eyeshadow?? Oof. Maybe Omega, because it’s so versatile?

  87. I love mac honeylust! it is versatile and can be used in different ways depending on your skin tone 🙂

  88. I’ve actually never tried MAC shadows before so I don’t have a favorite but if I won this, it would be a great way to try out their shadows!

  89. I’ve never tried any MAC eyeshadows yet! I’d love to win this and finally try them. I’ve heard great things!

  90. My only MAC shadow is Espresso, but there are so many more that I want.

  91. My favorite MAC eyeshodow is taupe I love it!!!

  92. Club is a must have!

  93. My favourite MAC shadow is actually a cream – Stormy Pink Paint Pot!

  94. I love Shroom, complete fav.

  95. I actually don’t know what my fave MAC shadow is I’ve never owned one so this giveaway sounds amazing to me! 🙂

  96. Expensive Pink!

  97. Amarillo Rose says

    So excited for this!

  98. Kathy Lang says

    Mac Naked Lunch is gorgeous–love it!

  99. Vellum!

  100. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Natalie R says

    All That Glitters is my favoriate!

  102. My favorite is my beloved Moth Brown!

  103. Lorrin M says

    My favorite MAC eyeshadow would have to be their Mineralized baked shadows. I love the swirl of colors and how you can use them wet or dry!

  104. I actually don’t have any actual eyeshadows from mac, but I do have a pigment in blue brown and it’s one of my FAVORITES.

  105. My favorite is Shroom-perfect neutral!

  106. Ooh Orb looks really interesting

  107. Jennifer Platt says

    This would be amazing to win!!! Thanks for the chance! My favorite eyeshadow by Mac is Cranberry.

  108. sable!

  109. Woodwinked and parrot, can’t choose!

  110. Anne Ry Jensen says

    I’ve actually never had my own MAC eyeshadow, but I have tried satin taupe and I loved it! 🙂

  111. The Vibrant Grape is really rich looking. I also like all that glitters

  112. BooBooNinja says

    I don’t have a favourite MAC eyeshadow (yet).
    Oh wait! It’s MAC Lorelei! How could I have forgotten?

  113. Love the shades, especially the purples.

  114. Josie Ramos says

    I’d love to try any of these colors. Thanks so much!

  115. Josie Ramos says

    All that Glitters is beautiful…

  116. Kristin K says

    I love coppers, this is an amazing color set. Thank you for hosting!

  117. The entry is not loading? I’ve been trying to enter for a few days now

  118. My fave eyeshadow is Shroom. You can use it everyday!

  119. Ingrid Jackson says

    Shades of blue and greys.

  120. Wow, what a lot of pretty colors.

  121. Sandra A says

    Love Mac period but favorite shadows would probably be Woodwinked and Swiss Chocolate!

  122. susan schneider says

    Shroom without a doubt!

  123. Culinaria says

    The only MAC shadows I own are Brule and Vapour. This is a mind-blowing giveaway!

  124. I don’t own any MAC eye shadows (yet). But I do really want to try them out! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  125. I like the Amber Lights color

  126. I like the Mac Vanilla shadow,

  127. danielle Marie says

    i am a huge fan of lucky green. they took it away and brought it back. i stocked up!

  128. Rhonda M. says

    I only have two but I do love Woodwinked. I need to try some more though.

  129. I don’t have a favorite yet.

  130. I like the Omega shadow.

  131. Shroom:)

  132. kristy thiel says

    I like Vapour the best. Thanks for hosting!

  133. Karen Drake says

    I like the cranberry color shadow, they are all pretty shades, thanks for the giveaway.

  134. I’m almost ashamed to admit this (especially since I’m a huge beauty product addict), but I’ve never owned a MAC product in my life. I only have a few highend products to go along with my drugstore finds.

  135. Diane Baum says

    I love satin taupe

  136. I actually don’t own any Mac eye shadow. I tend to gravitate towards Urban Decay whenever I’m shopping for make up. I’ve been thinking about trying new ones, though, and Mac is probably my next buy.

  137. I like the satin taupe.


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