MAC Blogger’s Obesssion

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Nine lucky bloggers were chosen to design a product for MAC–hellooooo a beauty bloggers dream! They traveled to headquarters in Toronto and mixed, whipped, blended, and poured to come up with an original. Although I’m not a big MAC fan, I think it’s really wonderful that they support bloggers. Here is the result of the 9 bloggers hard work!

MAC eye shadow $17.50

Hocus Pocus – dark sooty grey with silver pearl by Lianne from The Makeup Girl
Jealousy Wakes – seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl by Christine from Temptalia
Parisian Skies – muted grey-blue by Ellen from Lipstick Powder N Paint
Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! – deep rusty brown with champagne coloured sparkle by Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie

MAC Lipglass – $17.50

All Of My Purple Life – deep purple/grape with subtle sparkle by Patrice from Afrobella
Caqui – persimmon orange by Lily from Beauty Maverick
Evolution Revolution – warm peachy pink with subtle purple, green and blue micro glitter by Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog
Nitro:licious 2046 – intense shiny red by Wendy from Nitrolicious
Sonoran Rain – deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl by Aileen from The Shades of U

I have my eye on Parisian Skies eye shadow and Caqui lipglass. Available June 21st – August 2nd online only at

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  1. Lol, I can’t imagine you having your eye on a coral lip gloss, Cindy! No way!

    Seriously, as those “could have seen that coming” preferences go, I’m lusting after the Nitro:licious 2046. Looks lovely and hot for summer! And believe it or not, I’ve never tried the MAC Lipglass. The SA’s at my MAC counter are so snooty I get irritated before I get a chance to purchase from them. However, I’m going to a mall across town soon with my BFF and I might have to pick one up then.

    Thanks for letting us know about this one!!!


  2. This is going to be AWESOME!!!

  3. I’m a bit surprised. If this is the best that top beauty bloggers can do, then, well, let’s just say I’m not impressed. It’s all just more of the same. Where is the imagination and originality. I’m shocked and disappointed. Just more of the same.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com