MAC Ellie Goulding Collection on Sale!


I know what you’re thinking so before you get all Judy McJudgster on me, let me just say that yes, it’s true this collection came out last December. But let’s be real: the Ellie Goulding collection is waaaay more summer bronze goddess than festive holiday, m’kay? The original collection included 14 color products, two sets of faux lashes in both individual and half-strip options, and three brushes, all priced between $17 and $44. Guess what? It’s on SALE for 30% off on and there are still lots of pieces to be had! Good things come to those who wait beauties.

Let’s talk a little about Ellie herself. I love adore this picture of her. She looks like a powerful, yet approachable woman. Her look is fresh and natural with a bit of sass, like she doesn’t need all the hype, she’s just naturally bad ass.

Ellie Goulding


Packaging is shiny black with the Ellie Goulding logo in rose gold. Attention was paid to this packaging–it’s elegant and classy. The Halycon Days Face Kit opens with the 4 cream colour Bases on top, you slide the palette to reveal the blot powder. I really like this design; it prevent the powder from mixing with the cream products.

This collection is made for neutral lovers like me. It’s warm and wearable with a beachy, glowy vibe–so NOT holiday, but perfect for the summer no-makeup look. It’s on sale now at so I picked up Halycon Days Face Kit and Only You Creamsheen Lipstick. I think I only spent around $42 for these two pieces which is less than the original price of the palette alone!

With Flash

Halycon Days Without  Flash

With Flash

Halcyon Days With Flash

Halycon Days Face Palette consists of four Cream Colour Bases and one Medium Dark Blot Pressed Powder.

  • Wished I Stayed Cream Colour Base (light cream pearl)
  • Tint Cream Colour Base (soft peachy brown w/shimmer)
  • Every Time You Go Cream Colour Base (creamy peachy pink)
  • Root Cream Colour Base (taupey brown w/shimmer)
  • Medium Dark Blot Pressed Powder (medium dark)

For us over 40 women, cream products are the way to go. They infuse a youthful glow and never look thick or cakey. MAC Cream Colour Bases can be used on eyes or cheeks and work great as an eye shadow base, highlighter or blush. They can be layered over foundation, moisturizer and powder. If you’re already a fan, you’ll go bananas for this palette. Blot powder is also a MAC hero product for those with oily skin. I used to use it everyday when I was younger now I just use it on my T-zone in the hot, humid summer months.

L to R:

L to R: Wish I’d Stayed, Tint, Every Time You Go, Root

Wished I Stayed is fabulous as a highlighter on cheeks, brow bone, cupid’s bow, etc. or as an eye shadow to make eyes glow. I use Tint as an eye shadow along with Every Time You Go as a blush for a fresh, youthful and effortless look. Root I think is aptly named as it reminds me of that summertime treat–a root beer float.

There are two creamsheen lipsticks in the collection, Without Your Love, a seashell pink and Only You, a mid-tone coral. Without Your Love is very pale and I was afraid it would wash me out so I chose Only You.  I don’t know that I would call it coral, to me it’s a warm rosy medium pink with a very fine pearl shimmer. I haven’t been this smitten with a lipstick color since the discontinued Chanel Rouge Allure in Rose Blossom. I want to wear it Every. Damn. Day.


Ellie Goulding Only You

For this look I’m wearing the fabulous IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+ in Medium, (reviewed here), Every Time You Go Cream Colour Base as blush, Wished I Stayed Cream Colour Base on my brow bone, inner corners of eyes and on top of my cheekbones, Tint Cream Colour Base on lids, Root Cream Colour Base to line lower lash line and in the eye crease, PÜR Cosmetics Big Lash mascara and Only You lipstick.

Ellie Eyes

Ellie G 3

Ellie Face

Bottom Line: if you are looking for a fresh, youthful, effortless look for summer, get over to NOW! I may go back and get the Ellie Goulding Hold Your Breath bronzer/blush duo and the Halycon Nights palette. Don’t judge, it’s on sale!


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  1. Jeanette says

    There is a lot of colors to choose from here! All of these colors looks beautiful! I need to find out what colors work the best for me and try them!

  2. Beautiful colour palette and it looks like its also great for my skin type. I have seen some of these products in stores. You rocked it gal. Thanks for sharing! I have

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I have no idea who Ellie Goulding is and I was prepared not to be interested, but you got me with “cream” and your beautiful swatches. I wish it weren’t on sale because I’m sooooo tempted by the face palette and the gorgeous lippie! They look great on you!!!

  4. You look wonderful in these colors. I’m amazed that MAC has these on sale, that’s a departure. They weren’t even available on PRO discount when they first came out. The lipstick is exactly what I picture you wearing.

  5. adriana nudo says

    What an amazing collab line! I love her whole line – need to get some of these gorgeous products! Perfect for summer too!

  6. Her collection is more on the lighter shades not like Lady Gaga and the rest, which is a nice change. It’s perfect for the summer and it looks really good on you.

  7. Ellie is awesome! I have to look into this collection. Those colour bases look great on you.

  8. Travel Blogger says

    I love the neutral color pallets. What a gorgeous set.

  9. This palette is so pretty on you! I am craving those lipsticks. I may have to pop over and pick up a little something. 😀

  10. Nicole Etolen says

    Oh, you look fabulous! The colors are suitable for your skin. I like how you look.

  11. I love the packaging, and the lipstick is just perfection! Your FOTD is beautiful!

  12. I thought the same as you – this collection seems more suited to summer. And now it’s on sale! I had my eye on the palette, and you may have sold me on it.

  13. Aziel Morte says

    What a great collection, I love those palletes, Love the colors

  14. Nicole Escat says

    I love this makeup pallet, the colors are so wonderful. I want to try this. You look so gorgeous wearing them.

  15. I have the jumbo lip pencil from this collection and I loooooove it.

  16. That’s a nice collection of makeup. I didn’t know there was an Ellie Goulding collection. I really love the colors of the pallet too. Very pretty.

  17. Karla Ramos says

    It does look very enticing for a fresh and effortless look! As great as those colors and shades are, I agree with the packaging as well, looks very nice and $42 sounds like a good deal.

  18. I’m dying, I LOVE this collection!

  19. That was such a pretty collection 🙂

  20. Akhil Sharma says

    My sister told me one day that Mac products are costlier than many other cosmetics, but their quality is the best; however, now I am seeing affordable products as well. Sharing this post with her.

  21. Becca Wilson says

    I love this set! I really need to go to my local store and check it out for myself.

  22. polarbelle says

    Very pretty look, Cindy. Am I the only one who doesn’t know who this woman is? *i’m old*

  23. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I had no idea that MAC has created a line for her. I love her music and this makeup looks great!

  24. Oooh, I love the colors!! Yeah, and I agree that it’s perfect for Summer.

  25. Such beautiful colours, loving the lipstick more as I never go without one on.