MAC Prissy Princess Palette!

Purchased by me

Say THAT 3 times! Prissy Princess Palette, Prissy Princess Palette, Prissy Princess Palette–whew! The MAC Girls Collection features six ‘personality palettes’ that feature eye shadows and highlighters in new formulas curated to express the power and presence of your personality. The six palettes are: Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess and Power Hungry ($39.50).

“Whether you’re a Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess or simply, unapologetically Power Hungry, shout it out!” 

I chose Prissy Princess not because I’m prissy (though some may disagree). Okay, I admit I’ve never mowed a lawn, changed a tire or actually fixed anything but does that make me prissy? I’ve caught a fish, I can kill a spider and I take out the garbage doesn’t that count? Whatever, I chose this palette because most of my eyeshadow palettes are warm and I wanted a change so I opted for one with cool tones.

Prissy Princess features neutral and pink cool tones with 8 eyeshadows and one opalescent highlighter. There 3 mattes (all nice and creamy), 3 satin shines (lovely, pearly finish), one foil (too much fallout for me), one smooth pearl (very nice finish) and the opalescent highlighter–too sparkly for me.

  • Colour Me Spoiled: Very light pink (Creamy Matte)
  • Sweet Tart: Shimmery pale pink (Satin Shine)
  • Prissy Princess: Shell grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Spoil Yourself: Dark brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Eternal Optimist: Shimmery cool brown (Satin Shine)
  • Too Good To Be True: Cool midtone brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fabness: Taupe grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Good Girl & U Know It: Greyed neutral brown (Satin Shine)
  • She’s A Rainbow: Rose pink with silver highlighter (Opalescent)

The matte shade Colour Me Spoiled has a wonderful consistency but it’s very, very pale. Sweet Tart is nice but nothing unique in term of the shade, Eternal Optimist is a very pretty cool fawn brown and the very sparkly Too Good To Be True, a brown taupe with silver foil and lots of fallout. Boo.

Prissy Princess is a matte brown/grey, Fabness is a pretty taupe grey satin, Spoil Yourself is a matte deep brown and Good Girl & U Know It is gorgeous satin brown with a grey undertone.

My favorites are Eternal Optimist, Fabness and Good Girl & U Know It though I can’t say any of them are unique shades, I LOVE the new satin shine formula and finish. That said, I was disappointed in the pigmentation of this palette. The lighter shades tend to sheer out and Too Good To Be True produced fallout. In addition, there are too many shades that are similar in the palette, I would have liked to see more diversity, like a rose gold shade or MAC Pink Venus. I realize it is a neutral palette but it’s bordering on boring.

She’s A Rainbow is supposed to be a rose shade but for me, it more peach and too frosty for these old cheeks.

Here is have Color Me Spoiled all over the brow bone, Sweet Tart on the lid and Eternal Optimist in the crease. I did use an eyeshadow primer, but you can see how pale the shades translate to the eyes.

Here again, I have Color Me Spoiled on the brow bone, To Good To Be True on the lid (can you see the fallout under my eye?), Good Girl & U Know It in the crease.

Bottom Line: I may be a Prissy Princess, but this palette is not the one for me. I rarely buy MAC products because of their stupid limited edition collections and constant re-promotes. I’m really disappointed in this palette: the lack of pigmentation and the fact that there are no unique shades has me doing a prissy hissy fit.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    What a cute palette! I love the neutrals and shimmers here!

  2. cybelesays says

    I love when a palette offers both mattes with the shimmers in one place!

  3. For me, this looks like mostly shades close to what i already have in the Urban Decay Naked 3 and various other neutral palettes. I’ll take a pass. Thanks for swatching!

  4. This palette looks so pretty and all the shades are so me. It is one of those palettes that I would probably use daily.

  5. I love these colors, I will have to take a look at their new stuff in person!

  6. They release so many makeups that I get lost and confused already. Hence the need not to buy

  7. Very pretty colors! Perfect to start wearing now end of summer and definitely for fall. I love the soft, subtle look of the colors.

  8. Cassie Liz says

    MAC always has such lovely products. Love the names of the eye shadows LOL! These colours are gorgeous and they look wonderful on you

  9. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I love MAC products! This palette would be great for my daughter. These are her colors!

  10. I used to buy every MAC product available. It was my brand and I loved it. Now it’s rare that I buy anything from them which is a shame. Maybe I’ve just outgrown MAC. While this palette has some pretty shades there aren’t enough to make me go check it out.

  11. These are so pigmented, I love it! My favorite shade is “Too Good to be True”

  12. There just aren’t enough mattes in this for me!

  13. It’s not a good value for our money if you ask me, the colors are limited and I’ve seen them before as well. I’d take any of the Naked palettes over this any day.

  14. I usually like their lipsticks but not their palettes. It just goes to show that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  15. Christina Bruner Polovich says

    A lot of my friends use MAC cosmetics and absolutely love them. I have only tried a few products but looking at your photos I think I may try a couple more.

  16. These are so pretty and I love that they will go with so many things. I want my make up neutral but making an impact, too!

  17. I don’t own much makeup because I don’t wear much but the few items from MAC that I have had over the years have been great. I love neutrals the most!

  18. holy crap!!! the colors in the palette are AMAZING. I love how they would truly go with anything and can be dressed up or dressed down. I NEED to get my hands on this!

  19. These are really pretty colors, and I love MAC but I do feel like I have a lot of these colors already in other pallets.

  20. Jean Standley says

    I’m sorry you weren’t the biggest fan of this palette. I thought that the shades looked pretty, but it’s no good if they can’t be seen very well. I’m yet to invest in any MAC products.

  21. OurMiniFamily says

    Love how sparkly they are! They did not look very pigmented upon first glance, but you can tell they blend well and pack in the crease after seeing your application pics!

  22. These are very nice colors in the palette! I love the mix of mattes and shimmers.

  23. I haven’t really liked MAC eye colors since I discovered urban decay. The color payout is just so much better.

  24. I used MAC a lot in college but haven’t purchased anything new from there recently. This looks awesome!

  25. TheMummyToolbox says

    I love these colours I am in the need for new makeup so will have to check these out

  26. I love all the different colors in this palette. The shimmer is really what caught my eye at first!

  27. This palette is very pretty, the shades are perfect for everyday wear. I kind of like the packaging too its super cute 🙂