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Puckerd Lippies - Liquid Mattes and Hydragloss

by Blythe

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As your resident Prime Beauty Blog lippie junkie, I feel it’s my duty to introduce you to exciting new glosses, lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks. I’m more than excited to share my latest find, PUCKERD. This new indie brand carries over 20 different PUCKERD lippies, ranging from mattetastic metals to line and define lip liners. They were kind enough to send me one of their Liquid to Matte Lipsticks, $9.50 (currently) and Hydra-Gloss, $7.50 (currently) to try out.

Puckerd Lippies Sylvia Russel

Although PUCKERD is new to the beauty scene, launching in summer of 2017, founder Sylvia Russell is not. If you live in the Tampa, Florida area, you might recognize her as Channel 8 and 10s beauty expert. She’s also worked as a makeup artist for the Tampa Bay Cheerleaders, Hulk Hogan, and foodie Adam Richman, just to name a few.

PUCKERD Lippies – Matte & Gloss

Not only do I love discovering great new lip products, I also love supporting woman-owned brands. It’s so hard not to be impressed by a brand developed to empower women of all ethnicities.

“PUCKERD is a line of cosmetics that celebrates the beauty in every woman and empowers women of color, and of different ethnicities, to create the life they want. PUCKERD is a lifestyle exuding strength, and the imagination to create things that transform dreams into reality.”

Before I even tried my PUCKERD lippies, I was excited to learn the products are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • Vegan and gluten-free

Puckerd Lippies_Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Naked

If you’ve read any of my previous lippie reviews, you know I’m not the biggest liquid lip fan. I just can’t handle that uncomfortable, dehydrating feeling most liquid lipsticks leave on my already dry lips. But I’m here to tell you, I’m now a convert thanks to the amazing PUCKERD Liquid Matte Lipstick in Naked.

Each Liquid Matte Lipstick is infused with Kaolin Clay, which naturally absorbs moisture without drying out your lips. It also gives the creamy formula a lightweight feel that is so luxurious on the lips. I actually forgot I was wearing Naked, which is a beautiful brownish nude. My lips felt that comfortable.

I also love the simple, elegant packaging, featuring a clear tube and doe foot wand. Both made application of this orange creamsicle and sugar cookie scented liquid lipstick super easy. I definitely want to try more of these PUCKERD lippies.

Puckerd Lippies_Hydra Gloss in Crimson Pearl

Next up we have my favorite lippie formula, gloss. I’m a sucker for a shiny lip, and the Hydra-Gloss in Crimson Pearl delivers. This beautiful, shimmery berry shade contains good for your lips ingredients like Brown Algae and Golden Seaweed. The Brown Algae helps to stimulate collagen, while Golden Seaweed protects your lips from damaged caused by UV lights. The formula is very hydrating, yet not overly sticky. It also features the same elegant packaging and yummy creamsicle/sugar scent as the liquid lipstick

Puckerd Lippies - Crimson Pearl Swatches

Both PUCKERD lippies have great staying power. The Liquid to Matte formula lasted through talking and drinking. It did come off after eating dinner and wiping my mouth with a napkin. This doesn’t bother me, especially since the formula doesn’t flake or wear off weirdly during normal wear. The gloss also performed well during talking and drinking. It wore evenly throughout the day, until, again, I wiped it off with a napkin during eating. This well-mannered girl doesn’t do the dab, she does the full-on napkin wipe.

Overall: If you’re looking to try a new brand of lipsticks, glosses, and more, I highly recommend PUCKERD lippies. This woman-owned, USA-based brand features a range of cruelty-free and vegan products your lips will love. I can’t wait to visit their website to find even more lippies to try. (Their Mattetastic Metals are calling my name.)

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  1. I really like the shimmery pink one!

  2. I really like the shimmery pink one!