Make Up For Ever and The Hunger Games

It’s coming March 23rd!! I’ve already bought my tickets for The Hunger Games. It was one of the best books/series I’ve ever read and I can’t wait to see the images in my mind come to life on the big screen. The pictures I’ve seen have not disappointed so far–now let’s see how close the story sticks to the book. The people from “The Capitol” were outrageous in their looks and dress so I hope they show that in the movie. I remember Katniss saw a woman who had been surgically altered to look like a lion or a panther (can’t remember which) and it was common for women to dye their skin bright colors and sport elaborate tatoos and off-the-chart makeup. That should be fun to see!

I have a few inside deets on the makeup used for the movie.  The makeup department head for the film (Ve Neill) actually used a lot of MAKE UP FOR EVER on set.

 Jennifer Lawrance as   Katniss – HD Foundation (Ve mixed different shades from light to dark to give her skin different color effects throughout the film), HD Blush #9 (used to highlight her cheeks)

Lennie Kravtz as  Cinna – Metal Powder #1 (it was used as the gold eyeliner)

Elizabeth Banks as Effie– Eye Seal (Ve mixed this with colored pigments to waterproof them while they were shooting)

Don’t know what specifically was used on Effie here but it sure looks great for her character!  Did you read the Hunger Games? Are you excited for the movie?  Go Team Peeta!!!!

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