Make Up For Ever La Boheme Collection: Spring 2012

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Soft pastel hues, boho prints, and flowing fabrics are right on trend this spring and Make Up For Ever is celebrating the season with La Bohème, a new collection inspired by the romantic, carefree spirit of the 1970’s. Creator and Artistic Director Dany Sanz (read my interview with her), created La Bohème’s the iconic patchwork pattern on the eye shadow palette from some of her vintage fabrics. I had a vest just like this packaging–pinky swear!  The collection includes Make Up For Ever’s first ever baked eye shadow palette, two limited edition shades of Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks and one new shade of Aqua Eyes pencil liner.

 The seventies was an especially wonderful time in my life–I was in high school in the mid-seventies and a young adult in the late seventies. What we call Boho now was the norm in the seventies. I loved the peasant blouses, leather hats and vests, flowing skirts, recycled denim and patchwork everything! For a short time my father had a few retail spaces he owned–he used one as storage for his equipment for his business and the other he rented to a lady who opened a women’s clothing store. She had a lot of cute things, but my sister and I adored the brand Gunne Sax, they mostly made dresses but they did have some feminine and flowy blouses too with that Gypsy/Boho vibe. Does anyone remember Gunne Sax? I went to my senior prom in a Gunne Sax dress complete with a wide-brimmed picture hat.  Ah yes, good times…good times. Ooops, lost in thought..back to the review!

La Bohème Eye Shadow Palette ($39) – This limited edition palette features six soft floral eye shadows in a brand new baked formula. The mineral formula has a high concentration of pearl, making these shades sheerer than what you might be accustomed to from MUFE. I love the soft texture, the luminosity and the super silky feel of these shadows. I don’t mind the sparkle either since there is no fallout whatsoever. The shadows can be applied wet for more intense color but I prefer them soft and dry for a more ethereal feel. The shades are:

  • Lagoon green-a pale aqua
  • Vegetal green-a pale spring green
  • Beige-um, beige
  • Parma Purple- a mid-lavender with a silver sheen
  • Brown-a mid-toned brown with a bit of bronze
  • Coral- a peachy/pink

These shadows blend superbly and don’t crease or fade. Those of you who prefer bolder shades might want to skip this palette or will probably want to apply wet. If you aren’t aware of the sheerness of these shadows ahead of time, you could mistakenly think they are not very pigmented but my dears, it’s all in the technique. 🙂 That being said, know that the shades are much brighter in the palette than on the eyes. Another option is use the MUFE  Aqua Cream eye shadows as a base and then pop one of the shades from La Bohème on top for a bit of sparkle.


La Bohème Aqua Eyes in Gypsy ($18) – Available for a limited time, this dark brown coffee bean shade had me at “matte.” One swipe across my upper eyelid and I realized what I’d been missing–a rich, dark cup of expresso and I don’t even drink coffee! As is typical with all the MUFE Aqua Eyes liners, this is soft, smooth and doesn’t skip or smudge. It’s super long wearing and has already earned the rank of Prime Beauty All-Star. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that every woman of every skin tone–warm or cool needs this in her repertoire. There I said it–but hurry, it’s only going to be around for a limited time!

La Bohème Rouge Artist Natural ($19) – These ultra creamy lipsticks are again, more sheer than we are normally accustomed to from MUFE. This seems to be a definite trend in lipstick formulas: Chanel Coco Shine, the new Dior Adict,  NARS Velvet Gloss Pencils, and even the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. I’m diggin’ it. I find a sheer glossy finish to be more forgiving on my old lips than a thicker more opaque finish.

There are two limited edition shades:

  • Folk– an iridescent peach beige
  • Bohème– an iridescent red coral with peach highlights–mmmm, sounds fab!

Overall: I think Make Up For Ever’s La Bohème colletion is outta site and it’s not because I can re-live my seventies memories (well, maybe a tinch). The eye shadows do have sparkle but it’s soft–it doesn’t feel like heavy glitter. Personally I like the sheerness of the shadows, but if you want more pigment, use them wet. Aqua Eyes liner is Gypsy is a must-have for everyday, the lipsticks are beautiful colors with a lovely texture.

Quality:  the eye shadows are soft, pigmented, easily blended and easy to work with. For more intense color, apply wet is fabulous, the new Gypsy Aqua Eyes liner is a must-have and I Folk Rouge Atrist Natural will be mine! I adore the model’s look–soft and pretty with a tiny edge.

Packaging: I love the vintage patchwork and the filigree on the lipstick cases and eyeliner is darling.

Value: compared to other brands, $19 for a lipstick ain’t bad. La Bohème eye shadow palette is $39 for six shadows–not cheap but not bad. $18 for Aqua Eyes is worth every penny for a waterproof, long lasting creamy eyeliner you’ll use often.

Prime Beauty Grade: B+

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  1. Very pretty packaging on this. Since it’s MUFE, it’s great quality.

  2. Love the colors in the eyeshadow palette! They look good on you, too.

  3. Cindy, your eyes look amazing! The liner is right up my alley (I need more shadow like I need a hole in the head right now, but there’s always room in my life for more liner). Matte brown…what a concept, right? And of course it’s LE, so I’ll have to trot out to Sephora to get it ASAP. Why, oh why, do they introduce such perfect colors for only a limited time? Shouldn’t LE releases be limited to the turquoises and purples that only appeal to a limited number of people? Sheesh.

    Thanks for the great review. I plan to try the liner and possibly a lipstick. I now have plans for my Sunday! 🙂

  4. Looks beautiful!! Love the palette.

  5. Wow, never have seen this type of carefree & colorful packaging on any Make Up Forever products. Really liking it!

  6. never have seen this in my life!Loving it


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