Make Up For Ever Creates a Look For Prime Beauty!

Hey beauties, I’m SO excited to bring you the Prime Beauty Halloween look designed by the makeup artists at Make Up For Ever! I know Halloween is when the ghouls and zombies come out to play, but truth be told I’m just not the ghoulish type. Gore scares me, I can’t even watch CSI (any of them) without covering my eyes.

Enough of the Naughty Nurse, Sexy Secretary and She Devil, when I was asked what my ideal Halloween look would be, I explained what the Prime Beauty woman is to me; a woman over 40 who is sexy, sultry, confident, elegant and classy. Head makeup artist Lijha Stewart at Make Up For Ever nailed it with…. drum roll please……..The Sophia Loren Look which epitomizes the Prime Beauty woman!!!!

Lijha suggested these products for the look:

  • For the perfect cat eye, use both MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner #13 and Aqua Black
  •  To create smooth flawless skin try MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation
  • For a bold lip, use MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist #43

MUFE Rouge Artist lipsticks are the most pigmented with the widest color selection on the planet! The MUFE Aqua Liners last forevah and the colors are bah-na-nas!

Okay, okay if you insist on going traditional, the Make Up For Ever Glam-pire is an awesome choice! Hmmm, kinda resembles me every morning–just replace the blood with drool.


  1.  Start by mixing HD Microperfecting Primer #5 with a pale shade of HD Invisible Cover Foundation and apply to the entire face.
  2. Using the white shade from the Flash Color Palette, highlight the center of the forehead, cheekbones and brow bone.
  3. Sculpt the face using Eye Shadows #127 and #82 on the cheeks and temples.
  4.  Dust Star Powder #942 over the entire face.


  1. Rim the lash line using Aqua Eyes #0L in black, and then smudge the liner on the lids.
  2. Apply Diamond Shadow #307 to the lids.
  3. Sculpt the crease using Eye Shadows #76 and #139
  4. Apply Faux Lash #209 and Smoky Lash Mascara in Black.
  5. Finish by rimming the inner eye with Aqua Lip #8C to create a bloodshot effect.


  1. Line the lips using Aqua Eyes #0L, and then add Rouge Artist Intense #42 on top.
  2. Finish by highlighting the lips with Star Powder #902.


  1. To create blood effects on the face, mix red lipstick and clear lip gloss together apply to the mouth using a thin eyeliner brush.  Apply as desired to other areas.
  2.  For veins, lightly draw tree branch looking lines using Aqua Eyes #11L, then add accents and discoloration using Aqua Eyes #12L and smudge to blue the lines.  You can use the veins on the inside of your arms as a reference. 


Make Up For Ever’s newest product is perfect for Halloween or clubbing. My clubbing days are over–you know it’s time to turn in your dancin’ shoes when your idea of a mixed drink is Metamucil. For those of you still on the scene, light up the night with MUFE Fluo Night!

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Fluo Night:  For the ultimate nighttime “glow,” MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces new Fluo Night, a translucent powder that enhances any make up to light up the face and body so it glows in the dark. This universal loose powder can be combined with any cream, powder or gel based product to create a glow in the dark effect, without altering the original product’s hue. The ultimate day to night make up, Fluo Night will transform your favorite products so they become visible under Ultraviolet light, while remaining completely natural looking in everyday lighting.

Happy Halloween Beauties!!

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  1. AH that’s so cool!!! MUFE + Prime Beauty rules! The face chart they did for you is SO gorgeous, btw. I love your goal Halloween look, too 😀 Congrats!!

  2. That Cat Eyes face chart is gorgeous! Love it.

  3. They designed a terrific look for you – congratulations! That glampire IS scary! I’m going to have the DH paint half my face with a spooky look, I’ll do the other half glam. Add witch hat and black clothing. Hope I don’t scare the kids TOO much!