MAKEUP WARS: Battle of the Makeup Brush



by:  Staff Writer Patty

For this Makeup War, we are pitting our favorite makeup brush against each other. My little soldier is  Make Up For Ever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush. To see the other competitors, click on the next tab or click on the thumbnail pics at the end of this post! 


At IMATS this year, I went brush crazy.  I found several amazing brushes that quickly became favorites of mine, but this one is really special so I wanted to tell you all about it.

The Sephora site has this to say about this brush:  Make Up For Ever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush and Case is specifically designed to be used for face contouring. The double-ended brush is able to perfectly adapt to correct and contour the face structure. One end is a slanted shaping brush to sculpt and the other end is a rounded uplight brush to illuminate. The bristles are ultra soft yet firm enough to enable the user to easily blend powder over the face. The Sculpting Brush is presented in a black pouch that has enough room to carry the Sculpting Kit as well.

 The bristles on this brush are the softest, feather-light bristles you could imagine.  I have recently become enamored with Nars Exhibit A blush, a very bright, screaming red-orange.  With the wrong brush, this blush can go very, very wrong, but with the right brush and blending technique, this is my blush of choice this summer for my medium-tone, tan skin.

One side of the brush is slightly angled and perfect for blush.  Wayne Goss has a YouTube video where he uses Exhibit A under foundation to create a healthy, sunkissed look by applying the blush on the cheeks, forehead, down the center of the face – basically everywhere you would apply bronzer.  The angled end is perfect for this technique, as it picks up and deposits a very safe amount of product.  It is also perfectly shaped for applying blush in the traditional manner.  I have used this with softer-toned blushes, more pigmented blushes and with cream blushes – a winner every time!

The other side is a traditional but fairly compact “powder brush” sort of head.  I love it for finishing powders such as Youngblood’s Hi-Definition powder in Warmth.  It has the same ultra-light, silky texture as the other side.

I typically don’t care for double-ended brushes because of my storage system.  I use large, round glass vases that I purchased at Michaels that are filled with flower crystals.  I organize my brushes by type (eye vs. face) and stand them up in these receptacles.  I only have a couple of other double-ended brushes, and this type of storage system messes with whatever unlucky side of the brush is pointing down.  However, THIS brush comes with its own awesome carrying case!  The carrying case has a built-in magnet so it snaps close with ease.  It stores easily and travels perfectly.

This brush retails for $41 USD, which is $20.50 USD per brush.  That is a STEAL in my book for any brush!

Make Up Forever has quickly become one of my FAVORITE lines.  It’s readily available at Sephora stores and if you live in the SoCal area, we have a couple of Make Up Forever boutiques which carry the ENTIRE line (the Sephora store at South Coast Plaza has a MUFE boutique inside – this is my MUFE counter of choice).

Get this brush – you won’t be sorry!

Click on each pic to see the other competitors!

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  1. Why have I never seen this brush before?! I’m headed to purchase this week FOR SURE

  2. I have such a weakness for brushes!!!!!!!! Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. I tend to avoid double sided brushes become of the storage issue as well, its awesome that it comes with its own case!!

  4. This is the first time I see a double face brush. I got a lipstick brush with 2 heads and an eye shadow brush but not a face brush. Awesome discovery!

  5. At last years IMATS I wanted MUFE brushes so much but they didn’t have them. You know if I can get there next year I’ll be all over their brushes. I have the mini Kabuki and it has those same soft hairs and a case. It’s wonderful. Now I really want this one too.

  6. That looks like a gorgeous brush! It’s a double-duty beauty for sure.

  7. MUFE is a brand that I really need to explore more! I have not seen this brush…but for sure will check it out! I must admit, I have always passed over dual ended brushes because I, too, store my brushes on their ends. Sounds like it’s storage case solved that dilemma for you!

  8. I love the look of this brush!

  9. I love how it is dual sided!!!!

  10. I love double sided brushes, they are a space saver too!!