Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice Palette V2

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Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice V2 Palette

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 I have a confession to make. I’ve never purchased anything from Makeup Geek, until now. Although I’ve followed Marlena and Makeup Geek for a long time, I was unsure about buying products I couldn’t swatch or see in person. Silly, I know. I finally felt compelled after the latest round of YouTube Beauty Community drama. Feeling the need to support Marlena, I ordered the Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice Palette V2, $35.

Buying my first Makeup Geek palette

On September 7th, I placed my order for the Pumpkin Spice palette. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Almost a week later, I received an email apologizing for the delay in shipping, which was due to V1 being sold out. I was offered version 2 as an alternative.

The second, and now only version, would include all the same colors, except for Roulette, Cherry Cola, and Cocoa Bear. The replacement shadows would include Cosmopolitan, Bitten, and Sidekick. I opted to try the new palette and waited for my shipping notification, which took almost another week.

Although my first Makeup Geek experience didn’t go as planned, I was still excited about the palette.

Pumpkin Spice Palette V2

Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice Roulette

When my palette finally arrived, I was greeted by nine shadows + a bonus single shadow. Upon first impressions, I will say the palette is very well made. The packaging is a heavy-duty cardboard, which features a nice sized mirror and magnetic closure. My only complaint with the packaging is I wish the shadow names were inside the palette, instead of on the back. Granted, this is a personal preference.

Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice V2 Swatches

Each palette features nine shadows, with two new exclusives and seven existing. I also received Roulette, as a bonus.

  • Buffed – Peachy matte tan
  • Early Bird – Pumpkin matte orange
  • Cosmopolitan – Shimmery rose gold with gold flecks
  • Dreamsicle – Soft matte peach (Exclusive)
  • Untamed – Warm, bright coppery orange in a foiled finish
  • Curtain Call – Cranberry red with a foiled finish
  • Jack-O-Lantern – Shimmery, bright coral orange with pink undertones (Exclusive)
  • Sidekick – Cinnamon matte brown
  • Bitten – Deep, maroon matte red
  • Roulette – Shimmery, rosy burnt sienna (Single shadow bonus)

Looks & Performance

The Makeup Geek shadows definitely live up to their reputation. They are very pigmented, buttery, and very blendable. For the most part, the shadows in the Pumpkin Spice V2 are long-lasting. I did have some issues with creasing and movement into the fine lines around my eyes.

Since I have slightly hooded eyes, creasing is a possibility.  For this reason, I decided to test the shadows out with different concealers and primers. I found using the NYX glitter glue helped the most with the shimmer or foiled shadows. For reference: my Au Naturale and Too Faced concealers performed the best, as did my Urban Decay and The Balm primers.

Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice V2 Eye Looks

Bottom picture shows creasing and wear.

Although I really like the Makeup Geek shadow formulation, I don’t necessarily love all the colors in this palette. Perhaps it’s my skin tone, or maybe the shadows, but some of the colors seemed to blend into each other. I struggled a bit with creating diverse looks. This could be user error, however.

Regardless, I do like the different looks I was able to create. They scream fall and all things pumpkin. I especially love that anytime I wear the Pumpkin Spice V2 palette, I get compliments on my makeup. For me, this is a huge win.

Bottom line: While the palette wasn’t a huge success for me, I am happy to have it in my collection. I do enjoy the rosy and orangey shades. I can see myself de-panning my favorite colors and adding them to my magnetic palette.  Makeup Geek has some new launches and a re-brand scheduled for next year. I can’t wait to see what Marlena will come up with next. 

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  1. This palette looks like it has some amazing colors! I’ll have to look into it more! I’m really into the pink and orange shades right now!

  2. Wow I was expecting more with this palette! I like a couple of the shades, but I am pretty sure I have most of the colors already in other palettes. It looks gorgeous on you, though! It really compliments your skin tone


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