Makeup Haul from TJMaxx!

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been into my local TJ Maxx. I was always jealous of other bloggers awesome makeup finds at the store. For years, my TJ Maxx only carried a few no-name skincare products and some bath and body items.

So, last week my work schedule was a little messed up and I did the unthinkable–I went to work on a day I had off! Grrr. I even got there early and did all the AM chores only to have my boss walk in and ask “What are you doing here?” Ugg. So since I was already out and dressed I stopped by TJ Maxx “just to look.” My breath quickened and my eyes popped out when the first thing I saw was Anastasia Beverly Hills! A few more steps and I spied Kat Von D, turned the corner and there was BECCA! It’s to enough to make a makeup junkie verklempt!

I skipped the masses of Anastasia Subculture palettes and picked up two blush compacts: Peachy Love and Pool Party. Each has a trio of blushes with three shades that can be worn separately or mixed together. They are finely milled for an incredibly silky feel and nicely pigmented. It should be no shock that I went for the peachy and coral tones of Peachy Love first, but then after swatching (shh, don’t tell on me) I fell for Pool Party’s warm pinks too. Both of these trios are ideal for fair skin, unfortunately, I fear they would be too light for darker skin tones.

Peachy Love consists of Nectarine, a matte dusty peach, Ginger, a matte toasted coral and Miami, a matte bright peach/orange with gold sparkle.

Pool Party’s warm pinks start with Blank, a matte dusty oak pink, Pageant, matte pink with gold sparkle and Kash, matte peachy pink. Upon first look, I thought Blank was a bronzer, but when I swatched it saw it’s a beautiful muted, dusky browned pink.

Anastasia has 5 varieties of these blush trios available and I found 4 at TJ Maxx. They have a retail value of $30 each and I paid $10.99–score! They also had several Aurora Glow Kits and liquid lipsticks on display.

I skipped the Anastasia lipsticks and went straight for the Lipstick Queen in Pinky Nude Sinner. Although Ulta carries Lipstick Queen lipsticks at some stores, mine doesn’t and I adore them so this was a great find for me! These sell for $24 each and I paid $5.99. Pinky Nude Sinner is my perfect opaque warm pink for all day, every day.

Next, I spotted the BECCA Jet-Set and Glow Prep & Prime Kit, regular price $25 and I paid $12.99. It includes both Backlight and First Light Primers and an Under Eye Brightening Corrector. This was a limited edition set I wanted but didn’t around to purchasing so I’m happy I found it. The Backlight Filter Primer is a radiance primer made with crushed pearls for glowy skin. I like to use it under my foundation for a lit-from-within look. The First Light Priming Filter is a brightening primer for dull lackluster skin. I like to use this one when I’m tired or stressed and it shows up on my face. They are both hydrating for my dry skin. The Under Eye Brightening Corrector is like 8 hours of sleep in a jar! It lightens dark circles with ultra-fine light reflecting illuminators to give you an instant well-rested look. It’s full coverage but still feels creamy.

I saw a lot of makeup from Nicole Miller; I recognize the name as a fashion designer but I had no idea she had a beauty line so I had to try something. I chose this cute Makeup Your Mind Eyeshadow Palette for $4.99! I’m going to show you the inside of the palette but I am SO disappointed in it I won’t even bother you with swatches. I had a terrible time getting any pigment out of these shadows and the texture is hard. I won’t even put this in a giveaway, it’s THAT bad! It’s too bad because the color selection is quite nice. Lesson learned, stay away from Nicole Miller eyeshadow no matter how cheap it is!

Another dud was Nose Pore Strips by SKINLab. I never use this type of product so I have no idea what possessed me to buy them, probably the $2.99 price. Anywho, these stuck TOO well and my skin came off with the strip! I had to saturate them with water to get them off which defeated the whole purpose! Maybe my skin is just too old and thin for this type of product.

Along those same lines, I picked up Retinol Under Eye Pads by Precision Beauty Skin Care Solutions. These made in Korea eye pads firm, hydrate and soothe the delicate eye area. The box comes with 5 pairs of under eye pads for $3.99. I like using these to help de-puff my under eye area before a special occasion or just when I want to look my best.

Makeup Related

I love this cute ombre container. I’m going to use it for makeup brushes but it can see it having a lot of uses.

Finally, here is another example of “what possessed me?” I thought this unicorn spoon rest was so cute in the store, but now that I’ve got it home, I have no idea what to do with it. It looks childish (duh) in my kitchen. Any ideas?

I got all this for about $80 with some great brand names and products and very few duds which I really should have known better than to purchase in the first place!

Have you ever bought makeup from TJ Maxx? Have you checked them out lately?

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  1. Roger Willis says

    Looks like a hefty haul of great makeup! I’m not sure if we have a TJ Maxx around here, but I will definitely let members of my family know! Just an idea: how about putting the unicorn spoon holder in the bathroom for your toothbrush?

  2. Amazing selection! Warm pink tones are my absolute favorite. Nedd to check that gold sparkle out!

  3. Nice haul! I would use the unicorn as a trinket tray, cute and functional! Enjoy your treasures.

  4. I really love the blushes and the lipstick that you got. I’m going to go to my store and see what they have!

  5. Lola Seicento says

    That’s a great haul! What a great value for $80.00! The pink blush trio is amazing! I can’t even remember the last time I went to a TJMaxx! I need to see if there is one near me!

  6. Paula (lilpeej) says

    Great deals! We don’t even have TjMaxx here, sadly. The unicorn is really cute — do you have a little friend you might gift it to?

  7. You killed it! Funny that you should post this today. I was at TJs yesterday, and I was blown away by the makeup and skincare that they had in stock. I didn’t buy anything coz I bought 2 pairs of pants, but I was impressed. I would especially love that Lipstick Queen lippie – gorgeous color!

  8. The prices you paid are amazing. You could use the unicorn as a jewelry tray. I’m impressed with your finds.

  9. A purely natural, delicate and romantic box. Starting from the unicorn that I love to everything else. Very soft colors.

  10. Rachel Stone says

    Oh wow you got an amazing haul here! And all from tk maxx!

  11. Natalia Gerlich says

    These look like some really great cosmetics. I’d need some under eyes pads right now. The unicorn is also really sweet! 🙂

  12. I miss TJ Maxx because you could get good products, like the ones above, and great fashion for cheap. I wish we had it here in Japan.

  13. Pubali Babi Chatterjee says

    Both blush palettes are gorgeous! Great choices! I also like that palette!

  14. I never tried their products before. It is awesome to see how wide range products they have. That BECCA Jet-Set and Glow Prep & Prime Kit looks good! I think I wanna check that out later.

  15. These are great products! I think I need the Under Eye Pads. Love the lipstick color!

  16. Jamie Sanders says

    TJ Maxx always has the best makeup and skincare!

  17. Jamie Sanders says

    TJ Maxx always has the best makeup and skincare!

  18. Bindu Thomas says

    Looks like great products and I would really love to try these. Thanks for sharing.

  19. TheFrugalSamurai says

    MrsFrugalSamurai said she LOVED this post.. will be trying it for sure (so thanks for that!)