Elemis x Lily and Lionel Luxury Traveller!

The ELEMIS x Lily and Lionel Luxury Traveller is perfect for all your summer adventures.  This adorable limited edition bag is packed with all the skincare essentials you need to achieve beautiful skin on-the-go. I love these type of kits, it’s a great way to try several items from a brand without the cost of full size. […]

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

By now you’ve probably heard about micellar water and how it’s supposed to be a miracle cosmetic product. But do you know how it works? Micellar Cleansing Water features micelle cleansing molecules that pull oil and dirt away from the face like a magnet making it a wonder at taking off makeup– even stubborn waterproof makeup. […]

Dreams by Pacifica Beauty!

  Pacifica has become known as the most innovative, creative natural beauty brand on the market with a full range of cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. Every time I pass the Pacifica display (which is woefully small) at my local Ulta, I want something. Fragrance, skincare, body care, makeup–something from the line! With my love obsession with […]

Win It! Walmart & Neutrogena Giveaway!

Stress from the holidays can totally wipe you out! From shopping, to cooking to holiday parties, at the end of a long day of preparation and celebration, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is removing makeup. Sometimes I’m just too tired to go through my entire skincare routine. However, I NEVER go to […]

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes Faceoff Challenge!

  When you get to my age, makeup isn’t optional. Neither is sunscreen, moisturizer and most days primer so, let’s just say that’s a lot of layers to put on your face.  Makeup can clog pores causing breakouts and the ingredients in some cosmetics can be responsible for inflammatory responses in our skin so it’s […]

5 Best Makeup Wipes

Okay, I admit it, I’ve become kinda a makeup wipe junkie.  I use them waaay more than I should. With a busy work schedule, a few side jobs and keeping up with this blog, I sometimes don’t have the energy to go through my entire skin care routine so I grab a makeup wipe instead. […]

Frugal Friday – Aveeno Calming Makeup Wipes

I have a confession to make–I use makeup wipes more often than I should. There I said it. I get lazy and don’t want to spend the time I should on my entire skincare routine. I know, I know –bad, bad beauty blogger! The problem with most makeup wipes is that most of them are […]

Splurge v.s. Steal – Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes & Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes

If you’ve been reading for more than a few weeks, you know of my new fascination with makeup wipes. I love them for late or lazy nights when I can’t be bothered to go through my entire skincare routine. While I don’t advocate using makeup wipes in place of a good skincare regimen, they are […]