Makeup Revolution Precision Brush Kits!

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I’m sure you’ve seen the newest innovation in makeup brushes. They are oval-shaped, packed with super soft bristles, ergonomic handles and just one will set you back at least 50 dead Presidents and up to 100. Makeup Revolution has launched their version which are easy to use, perform well and are a fraction of the cost!

Makeup Revolution USA is proud to launch its new line of Precision Brush Sets designed to master the art of makeup. Perfect for creating an airbrushed look, these beautifully crafted trios are ergonomically designed with flexible wands that help glide foundations, powders and shadows across your face, cheeks, nose and eyes. The soft bristles provide quick, blendable and even coverage for a flawless finish each and every time. They are sold exclusively through the Makeup Revolution USA website


The Precision Eye Brush Set ($22) contains uniquely rounded brushes that are ideal for creating the perfect eye, day or night. The smooth, curved design and firm grip aids in the precision and ease of use for a flawless application. The set includes:

  1. Pro Precision Round Blending Eye Brush – Ideal for smoothing or blending powder or cream eye shadows for a perfect finish. Also ideal for the corners of the eye and crease in the lid.
  2. Pro Precision Eyeliner Brush – It’s narrow brush shape provides a firm yet precise application of eye liner.
  3. Pro Precision Oval Eye Brush– Perfectly blends powder and cream shadows for a quick, smooth and perfect application each time.

The brushes are made of super soft densely packed bristles with curved rose gold handles taht allow for more control. Some may not like the plastic handles but I like the ultra lightweight feel of them. The round eye brush makes  applying in the crease and outer V of the eye a breeze. The oval eye brush is great for using on the lid and for all over washes. For me the eyeliner brush is too thick–I like my eyeliner to be very thin and I mostly use eye pencils anyway. Though I haven’t tried it with gel liner I can only see using this brush for smudging liner.


The Makeup Revolution USA Precision Contour Set ($30) contains 3 rounded brushes that are sheer perfection for contouring and blending for the face, cheeks & nose. The oval design paired with their flexible, firm grip creates an easy to use tool, offering precise strokes and a flawless application that adapts to the shape of the face. The set contains:

  1. Pro Precision Brush Oval Face – Perfect for use with foundation, bronzer or finishing powder.
  2. Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek – Ideal for sculpting out the perfect cheekbone.
  3. The Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape – Creates the perfect shading and highlighting for the smaller areas of your face plus it can be used with concealer.


Made with extremely fine synthetic hair, these brushes are so soft to the touch, I can’t stop running them over my face! Seriously, they feel SO smooth and soft you want to cuddle with them. The large oval makes blending out liquid foundation and cream products easy-peasy. The medium oval is great for applying cream or powder blush, bronzer or contour. Both of these brushes are also really, really nice for buffing out product for a flawless look. The smallest brush gets into the corners of the eye, around the nose, all those smaller hard to reach places. It can also be used to highlight. The flexibility of the handles is very helpful for application.

Bottom Line: I’m loving these brushes, especially the Contour Set for Face. They make a nice, reasonably priced addition to your other brushes or great gifts and stocking stuffers!!

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  1. What interesting brushes! It’s almost time for me to get new ones. I recently got new shadow brushes but the handle on my blush brush broke so I need to get something new.

  2. I love this brand, so I assume these brushes will not disappoint me. I have the Artis brushes and a few knock offs so I am a fan of this style of brush!

  3. Akhil Sharma says

    Nice brushes!! Sharing this post with my friends 🙂

  4. What beautiful brushes, You do know Your make up kit. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. These paddle brushes are really gorgeous! Makeup Revolution is a great brand.

  6. I missed out on these but I’m going to buy the Contour Set. I have an Artis and it’s heavenly to apply foundation and I’m sure these are too.

  7. Kelly Reci says

    I’ve heard that paddle brushes are more great than ordinary brushes.

  8. I have to try this kind of brush

  9. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Yay! Now I found a perfect gift for my niece. She uses make up when she goes out with friends, and this would make it easier for her to apply eye shadow. Love the large grip handles!

  10. what a nice kit! I’ve never tried these before.

  11. I’ve been seeing these types of brushes all over. I like how effective they are when applying make-up.

  12. polarbelle says

    ohhhh really? Last year for Christmas, the fam got me a couple of this type from Mac. I’m thinking these will go on my Christmas list this year.

  13. Haven’t tried paddle brushes, but I’m definitely intrigued by them.

  14. Heather Gallagher says

    I’ve never tried contouring – it scares me a bit (that I’ll mess up)! I admit at some point I’m going to have to get on board! I love these brushes!!!

  15. The brushes looks great. For sure ladies will love them. Amazing!

  16. I have similar brushes from Saks and they’re so great! I love the oval brush idea. Great review!

  17. I could really use some good makeup brushes. I’ll have to check these out to see what I need.

  18. Wow! Must try make up brushes for me. They look promising. How I wish I can get a set of them here at my place/country.

  19. this is also a great gift idea for the holidays. many women will surely love to receive these brushes 🙂

  20. I am kind of obsessed with how these work. They are easy to hold and the brushes are top notch.


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