Makeup Wars Beauty Tools!

Makeup Wars Beauty Tools Today our Makeup Wars bloggers are discussing their favorite beauty tools. These are my tried and true picks!   Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Hairdryer – the 3 Q’s stand for Quick, Quality and Quiet. It delivers on all counts! I’ve been using the hairdryer for a year now and still love it. […]

10 Easy Steps to Beautiful Brows!

“Brows are the most important and changeable feature on your face. In over 30 years of brow artistry in my Senna studios, I’ve seen how a great brow shape can make you look younger, enhance your eyes, and boost your confidence.” ~ Eugenia Weston, founder of Senna Cosmetics 1. Prepare – before tweezing, cleanse the […]

6 Smart Beauty Problem Solvers!

Makeup and beauty products are supposed to enhance and generally make life easier and more pleasant. That’s my opinion anyway. Here are six of of my beauty problem solvers that will make you look fresh and awake, give your hair some oomph, smooth skin, keep your lipstick in place and dry your nails in a […]

The 12 Best Beauty Tips For Over 40 Women!!!

When trying to come up with some original beauty tips for this post, I fell short of inspiration so I enlisted the help of my awesome beauty blogger friends.  I asked them for their best secrets for the over 40 crowd and here they are! As we age, our eyelashes don’t grow as quickly so […]

How to Get Long, Thick, Flirty Lashes in 4 Easy Steps!

  Many many of you have commented  about  how long and lush my eyelashes are looking lately,  so I wanted to share my secret. First, here are a few pictures that have  garnered the most attention.      #1: Get RevitaLash stat!  RevitaLash Advanced is a remarkable product!!  RevitaLash Advanced is ophthalmologist-developed and was deemed “as safe […]

Review, Pictures and Swatches: Sue Devitt Lip Intensifer Pencil

You may be familiar with Sue Devitt’s cult favorite Eye Intensifer Pencils, but did you know she has a Lip Intensifer Pencil that was inspired by the eye pencils? She does, and it’s just as awesome as the eye pencils. What makes this lip pencil so different? I thought you’d never ask! Most lip liners […]

Hop On The Beauty Bus!

Those of you lucky enough to live in New York City where all the good stuff happens, have an opportunity for a mini makeover on the Beauty Bus! Hair Room Service, celebrity stylist mobile salon, and DailyCandy, the insider’s guide to the sweet life locally and online, today announced they are bringing back the free […]

12 Common Makeup Mistakes by Susmta Patel

In an ideal world, you would have all the various makeup products you want, have the time and money to update them each season and have the skilled hand necessary to apply them flawlessly. But even if that’s not the case, there are simple fixes you can try to help correct the most common beauty […]