Makeup Wars – Battle for the Best Fall Nail Polish

We makeup warriors chose nail color to start off of first battle of the fall season. I chose Shag by butterLONDON. Seattle based nail care company, butterLONDON  has a wonderful reputation and deservedly so. High fashion colors, excellent wear time, formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and paraben free.  I especially love the British influence and the names of the polishes.  I was married to a Brit  for 10 years so I understand most of the slang that makes butter LONDON so fun and trendy.  If you’ve ever seen a Austin Powers movie, you know what “Shag” means.  My ex was 12 years older than me and he told me when he in high school (or the equivalent in England), his first car was a Van or as he affectionately named it a “Shaggin’ Wagon.” Shag is a high shine metallic warm orange-burgundy and the quintessential autumn color–it’s the color of  the final stage of the  changing  leaves but with a metallic finish. This shade doesn’t look like much in the bottle but is striking on. I was surprised it looked so nice with my pale skin. I think this is a universally flattering rich shade that will look great with darker skin tones as well.  I know it will be my go-to color for fall. What do you think of Shag? Click on the images below to check out what the other “warriors” chose as their favorite fall nail color! This Laura Mercier polish, Cocoa Suede was a close second!

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  1. These are both gorgeous! I’ve never tried Laura Mercier polishes, I’ll check em out 😉

  2. Very pretty. I love the Butter London shade.

  3. Love it! I am going crazy waiting for mine to arrive in the mail!

  4. I love Shag too and agree it’s a terrific fall color. I wore it last week but I’m waiting for the cooler weather to shag it again.

  5. Shag is gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment! Shag is beautiful and perfect for Fall!

  7. Love it I am waiting for mine to arrive in the mail

  8. Well, you already know I love Cocoa Suede!

  9. love this! Shag is my pick, too. been drooling over this and thinking I will have to pick up when Ulta does the BOGO sale on Monday. I compared it to Lippmann Brick House but i think I like this better for fall. Brick house is pinker and less in your face metallic, with a finer glitter. good choice

  10. All these Butter nail polishes are so pretty! This one looks lovely on you!