Makeup Wars – Battle of the Best BB Cream


Once again your favorite beauty bloggers are battling it out. This time  to find the best BB (beauty or blemish balm) cream. My soldier in this battle is 3LAB’s Perfect BB Cream SPF 40/PA+++. For more BB Cream blogger reviews, either click the previous and next buttons above or see the thumbnails at the end of this post.

Being on a budget when I get the opportunity to try a luxury product, I’m all over it!  I love the concept of BB creams, they are like a tinted moisturizer on steroids; a foundation, moisturizer, primer, sunscreen and serious skin care all in one. Rather than going into a long explanation of what a BB cream (Blemish or Beauty Balm) is, and where they came from, you can read my post on BB creams here.  I also review a few other BB creams in that post.

The saying “it’s all in the name” is very apropos here, 3LAB’s Perfect BB Cream SPF 40/PA+++ is “perfect” for women over 40–hydrating, pore minimizing and anti-aging! I can’t find much wrong with this product other than they need more shades. There are three shades available which is more than most BB creams.


What I Love About 3LAB Perfect BB SPF40/PA+++

Texture: lighter than a foundation (“perfect” for summer), better coverage than a tinted moisturizer

Sunscreen:  Titanium Dioxide (a whopping 12.16%) based and does not contain chemical sunscreens. Also 3+’s is the highest protection available

Finish: semi-matte, gives a flawless, poreless appearance to the skin!

Skin Care benefits: infused with 3LAB’s signature bio-engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology

Lasts for 12 hours or more

Packaging: Sanitary pump tube


Limited shade availability. I don’t even feel good about calling that a con because so many BB creams only come in one shade!

In my humble opinion, 3Lab Perfect BB is the absolute BEST out there! Most have more moisturizer in them than skin care and make my combination skin look oily and greasy by mid-day. Some of the sunscreens leave a whitish cast on my skin and give the BB cream a thick gloppy texture. This one is similar to a light foundation and gives a smooth, flawless, radiant look to the skin. It does not wear off, oxidize or fade–it lasts for a good 12 hours or more without looking cakey.

There are three shades available; Light, Medium and Dark. Don’t be scared, each shade works for a variety of skin tones. I apply with my fingers or my beauty blender sponge but it does come with a “roller” applicator. I have no idea where my roller is, (probably with the yellow sweater I lost last summer and the book I’m currently looking high and low for) but many of my blogger friends love it! One applies the 3Lab BB cream with her fingers and then blends with the roller.

3LAB BB Cream–Soft and dewy, not greasy

Overall: This BB cream cannot be beat! I wish I could say that for the price. At $95 this is a splurge, but in my opinion one worth it.  When I find a foundation I love that makes my skin look flawless, I don’t look elsewhere. Considering this is the ONLY product I use–no separate primer, moisturizer or sunscreen, this price seems more in line. I will definitely repurchase when I run out. What I want in a BB cream is EXACTLY what 3LAB provides–foundation, sunscreen and skin care all in one product.

Prime Beauty Grade: A 

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  1. Lots of love for 3lab in this! I too like them quite a bit.

  2. 3LAB is my fave as well. Totally worth the splurge and it lasts forever. 3LAB FTW!

  3. Seems a few of you really like this one from 3Lab. I tried it and really liked it at first, but it is really too light for me.

  4. If I had received the 3LAB in light instead of medium, I think it would be a favorite for me too! And you really should look for that roller ball, I love it!

  5. I think a lot of us love the 3Lab. I picked two because of the price but it really is a fabulous product. You know the quality of the skincare in this.

  6. Wow, you really do look fabulous! What shade do you wear?

  7. This is definitely a great BB Cream and a splurge! Hard for me to justify, since I don’t wear BB’s on a regular basis.

  8. 3Lab is definitely a great BB cream. It’s at the top of my list, too.

  9. Wow! Another vote for 3Lab? Sigh, I wish that the light shade was light enough for me. Oh well! It looks amazing on you!

  10. I love that it can help make skin appear poreless, I Need that!

    Could you set it with powder to make it 100% matte?

  11. I might have to splurge and try this one…. I’ve been using the Stila stay all day 10 – in – 1 HD beauty balm (that’s a mouthful!) and I really like it, but there’s always room for one more!


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