Makeup Wars: Battle of the Best Face Mask

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This weeks battle is over the best skincare mask. I have two I’d like to enter into this skirmish–one expensive luxury mask and one inexpensive exfoliating mask. To see what the rest of our bloggers chose, click on the “last” and “next” mask icons above.

If your winter skin is crying for a little moisture after a rough winter, you’ll want to try Patyka Biokaliftin Intensive Moisturizing Mask ($95). I don’t treat my poor skin to moisture treatments as often as I should. I’m usually all about the skincare peels so it was really a treat to try this thirst quenching mask.  Patyka is a French luxury beauty brand that is well known in Europe, but was only recently introduced here in the US. They already have a cult of devoted fans. What makes them special is their meticulously researched delicate blend of plant based natural and organic formulas. Only the finest available ingredients make it into their products. This mask was made for over 40 women!

Key ingredients include:

  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Rose hip oil
  • Marine algae extract
  • Vitamin E Extract
  • Hexapeptide 11

After cleansing in the evening, apply a generous layer of this intensive moisturizing mask and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Use a cotton pad to tissue off then use a hydrating toner. If your skin is very dry, you may want to skip the toner. After my last mini-peel I used this mask to deep hydrate my skin and lessen the peeling. I used it at bedtime without toning for about three or four days and my skin was healed and moisturized! Patyka‘s Intensive Moisturizing Mask absorbs fairly quickly and has a light floral scent.

This is a highly effective mask for imparting much needed hydration to dry skin. Most hydrating masks feel good for a few minutes but this one seems to have lasting results.


The container features an award-winning dispenser system that’s truly revolutionary. At first glance it appears to be a standard tub, but on the inside you will find a button in the center, and a small slit. You push the button and it dispenses just the right amount of product, taking the guess work out of how much to use and eliminating any mess! The innovative packaging also protects the product from light, air and contamination. Genius!

Patyka does not test on animals and is certified cruelty free.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin and all women over 40. It’s not cheap, but you will see results and not have to wait for months to see the effect.

The Patyka Biokaliftin Intensive Moisture Mask is available at Neiman Marcus or

Take note beauties, you do NOT need to spend a fortune on a great facial mask. Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel is highly affordable at $20 and works on all skin types. This is a non-chemical, natural, gentle exfoliating peel. It lifts off dried skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher skin. The consistency of this is strange; it reminds me of gloppy oatmeal or that really old fashioned wallpaper paste (showing my age again). It is very thick and has a strong smell of thyme but the odor dissipates fairly quickly.

2013-04-28 01.28.40 (480x360)

You smooth it onto you face, leave on for 3-5 until it’s completely dry and then rub off with your fingers or a dry wash cloth. Weird huh? Make sure to peel it off over the sink, it can get messy. Rinse off a any small bits with warm water and pat dry. The best thing about this peel is that it makes my skin feel soft and supple and does not leave it red or irritated. You WILL see immediate results and it’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.

2013-04-27 08.26.35 (360x480)

The first time I used it, when I washed my face in the shower the next morning, I was amazed at how velvety my skin felt even the next day.  I use this once or twice a week to keep my skin glowing. This 1.5 oz. jar will last as long time and is only $20 at Reviva Labs. You NEED to try this! 

Reviva Labs is cruelty free and does not test on animals.

 Prime Beauty Grade: A+

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  1. WOW! Both of those masks sound awesome. While I certainly don’t need to spend $95 on a moisture mask (Since I have oily skin) It is nice to know about a new CF brand. I’m going to have to check them out! The Reviva Labs mask looks like fun! I’m adding this to my ever growing list!

    • Pink, I think you’d really like the Light Skin Peel from Reviva Labs–it’s gentle for sensitive skin but get the job done.

  2. The Reviva is my fave in the affordable category too. The stuff WORKS <3

  3. Love, love, Patyka. Such an amazing brand, but unfortunately too moisture-heavy for my oily skin. Their products are top-notch, though.

  4. I love that this was moisturizing, but not irritating. I’ve found peels to make my skin red and irritated.

    Also, how does one join the Makeup Wars, or is it invite only? Thanks in advance <3

    • It’s by invite only, we vote on new members and then will invite 1 or 2 new members to join. We’re currently full, our goal is to have enough members that 15-17 participate in each challenge posting.

  5. I was waiting to see which Reviva Labs you picked since I’ll be a copycat and now use mine again this week. I hadn’t heard of the Patyka but it sounds amazing.

  6. Looks like an amazing mask!

  7. Okay, you’re the 2nd gal to recommend Reviva’s mask. Must be a sign! And that Patyka mask has some super awesome packaging. It may very well be worth the price.

  8. This mask sounds amazing! I have never heard of this brand. I must try! 🙂

  9. I love how gentle this mask is on my sensitive skin!!!

  10. OK I have to try that Reviva one!!!

  11. I want to try this! I love Reviva proucts!

  12. Ooh la la, sounds really good! 🙂 I am currently using Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior mask and a purifying clay mask from Heaven. I like them both a lot.

  13. I love hydrating masks! I feel so glowy afterwards!

  14. Intensive moisturizing is just what I need!

  15. Ohhh these sound great!


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