Makeup Wars Battle of the Purple Polish!


This week our Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing their favorite purple nail polishes. When looking through my stash of polishes, I realized I have very few purples. The majority of the time, I am drawn to pink, reds and corals. Since I have so few purples, choosing a favorite was easy for me. Click on the logos at the end of this post to see what the rest of our bloggers chose!


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2013-07-21 02.07.00 (480x480)

My favorite purple polish for summer is from Le Metier de Beauté. Plum Puddin’ is from the Merry Metallics StocKen Stuffers Collection that debuted in 2012. It was meant for the Christmas season but I think this gorgeous metallic lavender with spun silver and multi-colored sparkles is perfect for spring and summer as well. Plum Puddin’ is on the sheer side, this is only 2 coats. Sorry, this was a limited edition collection and is no longer available.

2013-07-21 02.07.59 (480x359)

Last fall I discovered Pixi Classy Cocoa. Pixi Classy Cocoa is a chameleon. In the store it looked like a purple with a fine gold shimmer, once I got it in my nails it resembled more of its namesake–a cocoa color. In certain light it can flash from a purpled taupe to dark chocolate. No matter what the color it changes to, they are all beautiful and classy like the name implies. Most brown polished and I don’t get along, but the plum undertone in this polish adds a nice dimension and complexity that also makes it easier to wear for all skin tones. Classy Cocoa is part of the fall 2012 Nail Color Collection.


In winter I like to rock dark, vampy colors and OPI Just A Little Dangerous fits the bill nicely.

2013-07-21 02.09.12

I adore this rich, royal, jewel-toned purple with pink shimmer. The pink sparkle is very subtle and not really visible unless in bright sunlight but it is still a welcome addition to the deep purple. Two coats gives you opaque color and shine. This is an oldie from the fall of 2010 and now (please correct me if I’m wrong) part of the permanent collection.


What are your favorite purples? Click on the logos below to check out what the rest of our bloggers chose!



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  1. All 3 colors you chose are stunning! I too love the Le Metier de Beaute Plum Puddin’. I love the little rainbow holo sprinkles. I think I need to put that on again. You have inspired me!

  2. I need Le Metier de Beauté. Plum Puddin’!! It is soo prettttyy and I need it now!

  3. Purple is not my color, but if I have to choose I will go with the burgundy purple eyeshadow from my Sigma Flare palette.

  4. omgomgomg I want that LMdB so muchhhhhhh

  5. That 3rd one is stunning!

  6. Beautiful choices! 🙂

  7. That little bottle is so cute! I think I like the Sephora by OPI the best!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. I love that LMdB collection so much. The purple is really beautiful. I love the shimmer in that OPI one – that’s what attracts me to colors. Great choices.

  10. Ohmigoodness…Plum Puddin’ is gorgeous. It’s always shades this stunning that are limited edition. Boooo.

  11. That Pixi shade is one of my favs. I didn’t know LMdB did polish!

  12. That SOPI is amazing!

  13. That LMdB shade is gorgeous–and their formula is so great! Good choices!