Top 10 Best Cream Products

This week our top bloggers are going to pick their Top 10 Cream Products. Cream products range from foundation to blush to eye shadow, and are ideal for over 40 ladies. Unlike powder cosmetics, cream does not settle into lines or emphasize crepiness on the eye lids. Cream blushes sink into the skin rather than sitting on top like powder blushes do and give us that youthful dewy glow we thought we lost!

For this challenge I’ve chosen my Top 10 (yes I have more than 10) cream blushes. In no particular order:

2013-07-14 01.08.38 (480x360)

BECCA –  The texture of BECCA cream blushes is divine and they are exceptionally easy to blend.  I’ve used my fingers and a skunk brush–the skunk brush works best to get a very, very natural finish. They are not the least bit sticky like gel blushes or thicker cream versions and they last 6-8 hours!

Turkish Rose is a permanent color in the line and is absolutely lovely. Although it looks rather brown and muddy in the pan, it imparts a soft and neutral pink on the cheeks. There is no shimmer or glitter–just a beautiful dusty rose glow. This shade is used quite often on brides so that should give some idea of how natural it looks. Read my full review here.

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Byzantine, a bronzed peach is perfect for summer. It adds a subtle golden peachy gleem and appears as though the sun kissed your cheeks.

Tarte  – you already know how much I love this brand!

Achiote Natural Cheek Tint – this blush comes in both a cream and powder version. I’m going to talk about the cream version here. Achiote is a gorgeous coral pink that can be applied for a sheer wash of color or built up. I use my duo fiber brush to blend for a completely natural “I’ve been playing outside” look. It blends beautifully with a dewy finish. It feels a bit sticky in the pan, but luckily that stickiness does not translate to the cheeks.

2013-07-14 01.11.55 (480x360)

Airbrush Maracuja Bouncy Blush in Shimmering Poppy- infused with tate’s maracuja oil, this blush is very lightweight and hydrating. Shimmering Poppy is an orange-based red with pink. It is very sheer; you may need to layer to build it up if you want the shade in the pan.

Three Custom Color Specialists-  How many times have you found the perfect red lipstick or the ideal pink blush for your skin tone only to have it be discontinued? I know I have and then wondered what the heck I did to piss off the makeup Gods. No worries beauties, Three Custom Color Specialists has your back!  They can produce discontinued shades for the Lips, Cheeks, Eyes & Face and all formulas remain in their personal files for easy re-ordering. Or how about creating your own custom shade? Your own personal shade can be created  from a chip of nail color in a baggie, a piece of fabric, a paint chip, a photo from a magazine, two lips colors blended together to create the ideal shade… anything! It’s genius I tell you!! I can picture myself with a custom pinky coral lip shade called..can you guess?….3 chances…yes! Prime Beauty!!

Caramel Rose Lip and Cheek Stain – is more of what I think as a fall color, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. An earthy rose shade, it adds a dewy, rich sienna flush that lasts all day. Read my full review here.

2013-07-14 01.10.18 (480x360)

Morning After Blush – this soft, cheery shade brightens up your face without screaming. The pink shade mimics the lovely azalea flower. The texture of this cream to powder blush is remarkable! When I dip my fingers into the pot, it feels creamy & moist, but when I touch it to my face, it instantly turns to into a very fine, delicate powder that blends like a cream. See my full review here. 

Le Metier de Beauté Fresh Creme Tint Coral Nymph – this is softer, creamier and “wetter” than what I’m used to for a cream blush, thereby melting into your skin and making blending a breeze. Although you can’t really call a cream blush “matte’ this is without shimmer or glitter and looks like satin on the skin. The pigmentation is great and the color rich–a warm orange/coral that appears as a soft coral on the face. It blends like a dream is not sticky. See my full review here. 




Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush Taffeta – my friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone sings the praises of the brand Youngblood, but I don’t have access to it so she was gracious enough to send me this creme blush in Taffeta. A bubblegum pink shade, it is one of the most luminous of all the cream blushes in this group; not shimmery not flat but radiant.

2013-07-14 01.12.33 (480x360)

2013-07-14 01.14.17 (480x360)

Edward Bess All Over Seduction Sunlight – okay I’m cheating, but in my defense, it looks awesome over blush. The shimmer in this is so subtle that it’s really not noticeable, but the radiance you get is a nice glow.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush Natural – I got this in my June Ipsy box and I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying NYX’s budget friendly cream blushes yet. The best thing about this blush is the very natural shade; a muted sweet pink that leaves a dewy finish. The lasting time on this blush is definitely not as long as the others (around 3-4 hrs), but that’s a trade-off you expect for only $6.99.

2013-06-21 03.01.30 (427x480)



I’m really curious to see what all the other bloggers choose!


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  1. You have the Youngblood on your list!! You know I love this to pieces. I even bought a backup at IMATS.
    I love the Le Metier too though I only wear it in cooler weather. It’s a little too wet for me in the heat.
    I almost put Becca Frangipani cream blush on the list but it’s not available so I left it off.

  2. Love the Tarte, LMdB and NYX!! I’ll need to check out the Becca asap!

  3. I really need to try some BECCA products! I have been seeing it everywhere lately!

    • Sephora carries BECCA now. Their Beach Tints are fab too, I almost included them but they are gel not cream.

  4. I forgot BECCA Cream Blushes on my list! You’re right, they are awesome! Love the list!

  5. Yay! I love Youngblood too!

  6. Love, love, love Three Custom Color Specialists!

  7. Yay for you loving Nyx!

  8. wow.. this cream blushes are making me go crazy 🙂 you gotta nice collection


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