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We beauty bloggers get really excited about new products and launches. Not only do we post about our finds, but we “tawlk amongest ourselves” too. This week Makeup Wars is all about how we enable each other–not that we need that much help!

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone has turned me on to so many brands I can’t even remember most of them. Recently she introduced me to Painted Earth, I love the gel pencils and the Vitamin C Moisturizer!

Blushing Noir is always tempting me with her reviews of Dior, especially the eye shadow quints.

Phyrra and I both suffer from baby fine hair. She recommended the Rock Your Hair Bombshell Line and I have used Get The Lift Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair everyday since I received it!

The Beauty Professor has me longing for the Amour glosses!

 Pink Sith and I are scent twins so I look to her to try out new fragrances and if she likes it, I know I will too!

Nouveau Cheap  has me running all over town grabbing deals with her weekly post! 

Vampy Varnish has me lusting over every new polish that comes out as well as the bareMinerals True Romance collection

Daydreaming Beauty does the best mani’s, she has me totally gaga over the new OPI Brazil Collection! 

I always find something I need when Cute and Mundane does her monthly favorite things post!

Perilously Pale has a considerable Rouge Bunny Rouge collection and is our resident expert on all things RBR. She sure has made me buy a lot of lippies. It’s her fault!

I rely on Christine from 15 Minute Beauty to give me the bird’s eye low down on ingredients and what I should and shouldn’t be using on my skin!

Check out who enables who and with what from the rest of our blogger!

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  1. I’m so excited to be on your list! Esp for the Dior! I wholeheartedly agree on all of these, especially Beauty Professor! I forgot to add her in mine but she totally enables me on LMdB and YOU enable me on Laura Mercier!

  2. Brooke gets me with the Dior too!

  3. Haha, Brooke is DEF known for her Dior!!

  4. Great list of bloggers! They are all amazing and I definitely trust their recommendations.

  5. Yay so happy Rock Your Hair works for you 🙂

    • Better than anything ever has! I should have put that you make me buy Urban Decay too, I remember now that you recommended the Shattered that I love!

  6. Christine’s thorough skin care reviews are something I really rely on before trying a new product.

  7. Cindy, thanks so much for mentioning me!! You are too sweet! This is a great round up of posts today. Some of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

  8. I don’t mind being blamed for that at all! 😛 Thanks for the mention!

  9. I loved that Brooke’s on everyone’s list! I definitely should have included Gianna in mine.

  10. I was so close to writing about Gianna too. I’ve bought a lot because of her. And you my dear cause me to want so much from Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier.
    It’s nice to know that I’m an influence on you. You need to try Boo Boo Gel from Painted Earth. I’m addicted to it.

  11. This was a fun Makeup Wars! I think Christa is one of my bigger enablers! RBR is a real weakness of mine too!

  12. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! I’m thrilled to be featured on your Blogger Recommendation list 🙂