Makeup Wars Holiday Eye Look

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This week our Makeup Wars bloggers are showing off their holiday makeup eye looks. I will warn you ahead of time, my pictures are not great. It’s been snowy which means it’s overcast but the light reflects off the snow which makes everything look washed out. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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For my holiday eye look I used:

2013-11-16 23.39.56 (480x360)

2013-12-08 02.07.14 (480x381)

  • Lancôme Color Design Sensational Eye Effects Eye Shadow in All That Shimmers

2013-12-22 01.19.22 (480x370)


2013-12-22 01.20.51 (480x360)

2013-11-16 23.42.03 (464x480)

  • Ardell False Eyelashes

2013-12-16 06.43.47 (480x360)

First I applied Too Faced shadow insurance all over the lid. Then I used the frosty white from the Marc Jacobs Star trio on the brow bone. Next I applied SENNA’s Silver Lining to the lid and slightly up into the crease. Then I used the dark charcoal shade from the Marc Jacobs Start trio into the crease.  I patted Lancôme All That Shimmers over the lid and crease.  It is a metallic silver that feels super creamy and looks like molten metal with lots of glitter. All That Shimmers is very glittery and something I wouldn’t use on a regular basis but for special occasions, it’s perfect.

Next I made an attempt at putting on the Ardell false lashes. I said “attempt” because I failed miserably. I got too much glue on the lash strip, didn’t get it close enough to my lash line AND didn’t trim it before I put it on. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a complete fail. The lashes were on my eyeLID, there were too long and I looked like a drunken Minnie Mouse. Luckily my daughter is home for the holidays so she did the next eye for me with much more success. I went over the lash line with Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen and added a bit of mascara.

The result:

Holiday Eye look


2013-12-22 00.35.08 (480x359)


2013-12-22 00.36.02 (480x372)

I’m so sorry my limited camera skills cannot capture the liquid metal look of Lancôme’s All That Shimmers. It is part of the holiday collection along with All That Brightens (shimmering golden taupe), All That Glistens (shimmering purple taupe), and All That Sparkles (shimmering gunmetal). True these are all über sparkly but they are ideal for a holiday party and special occasions when you want to shine!

2013-12-22 00.35.48 (480x360)


Let’s see what out other bloggers chose for their holiday eye looks!

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  1. Smoky! Love it!

  2. Love that trio from MJ! This is a beautiful look!

  3. That Lancome shadow is beautiful!

  4. Those lashes!

  5. Love how you added lashes.

  6. I like your good eye a lot. I came close to using the MJ set but I don’t know if I’d have thought to use Silver Linings with it, now I will.

  7. Such a pretty look! Silver is always in for the holidays!

  8. I love the highlight shade from the Marc Jacobs trio!

  9. Love this look on you Cindy! <3

  10. Very nice! I like that your look with silver!


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