Makeup Wars – The Best Illuminizers!

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This week our Makeup War bloggers are highlighting (hee hee get it?) our favorite illuminizers. Highlighters and luminizers are especially helpful for us over 40 girls to get our youthful glow back, but we need to stop short of too much frost or glitter. I have tested everything on this list and deemed them appropriate for the big 4-0.


Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finishing Powder has an almost cult following, and rightfully so! They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they certainly are mine, especially in the form of Diamond Finishing Powder. It’s made with real diamonds and a patented diamond complex to give radiance and luster to the skin. This translucent powder refracks light and blurs imperfections to give an airbrushed look. Beauties, this does not contain glitter or shimmer of any kind, but a luminosity that adds warmth and brightness to the skin resulting in a flawless complexion—promise! Brush on with a big fluffy brush or stipple brush and see pores disappear. Diamond Finishing Powder can also be used underneath foundation although I’ve never tried it that way.

Owner Robyn is an over 40 woman like you and me so you know she understands what we need in makeup choices and she has done us all a favor by formulating a fantastic foundation and finishing powder! Click here to read a review of Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation.



BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors ($41) deliver the soft pearlized glow we all crave. Moonstone (reviewed here) is the newest in BECCA’s line up. Moonstone is a stunning golden pearl that imparts a candlelit glow to the complexion.  BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector is a sheer, lightweight water-based highlighter AND moisturizer that illuminates skin and diffuses imperfections. It contains ultra fine mica particles that reflect light as well as soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It doesn’t stop there–antioxidants A, B, C, and E guard against daily damage from free radicals and broad-spectrum SPF 20 + protects against 96% of UVA/UVB rays. We all know I have a weakness for multi-tasking products!  Becca Skin Perfectors are so natural looking; no one can tell you weren’t born with radiant beaming skin!  See my full review here.

My favorite way to use it is mixed with my foundation–just a dab mixed in and your skin looks radiant and softer–like looking through a soft focus lens. Most of us over 40 could use that! I’ve also used it instead of a moisturizer; in other words, layered all over my face underneath my foundation which works too.



Smashbox The Halo Highlighting Wand ($32)  creates a radiant glow and allows light to play off the face. What makes this highlighter different is the delivery system–a click pen! I’m usually not a big fan, but this click pen actually works, the picture below is two clicks. The wide brush makes application easy. Comes in pearl and gold. Pearl is pictured below. This is not a new product, but one I keep coming back to.



SENNA Glisten Powder in Nude – This sheer and softly sparkling face powder adds a seamless, flawless finish with radiant glow. Wear alone or over foundation. I like to sweep this all over my face after foundation to set and give me a subtle glow. The bad news? I think SENNA is discontinuing this, the good news? You can get it now for $5! I recommend you don’t wait!


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal – the pressed version of the liquid shimmering skin perfectpr discussed above. With a light hand and some buffing, Opal is very beautiful on warm complexions. For cooler skin tones, I suggest Moonstone. Although I do really like the pressed skin perfectors, I still prefer the liquid versions so I can mix them with my foundation, but if prefer powder, this is fab!


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