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Mally Beauty Best Sellers Eyeline Mascara Shadowsticks

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Mally Beauty is no stranger to Prime Beauty. We’ve featured the brand on the blog for several years, sharing our love for many of their products. It seems we’re not the only beauty lovers who can’t get enough of Mally Beauty best sellers like the Volumizing Mascara, $20, Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras, $25, Evercolor Gel and Starlight Waterproof Liners, $18-$19.

Mally Beauty Best Seller – Volumizing Mascara

Mally Beauty Best Sellers Volumizing Mascara in Black

This is the second time I’ve tried a mascara from Mally Beauty. And just like the last time, I’m a big fan. The Volumizing Mascara is exactly what my lashes need. They might be long, but they lack volume.

The unique formula of the Volumizing Mascara uses natural waxes and powders to create full, luscious lashes. The plush, tapered brush also helps to give the formula a nice boost. It thickens my lashes without causing clumping. I only need two coats of mascara to achieve volumized lashes. After trying this mascara out for a few weeks, it has quickly become one of my top five favs of all time.

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras

Mally Beauty Best Sellers Shadow Stick Extras

Like the mascara, I’ve also tried the Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras before. This time I received, Pink Champagne, a light shimmery pink, Bliss, a shimmery copper, Autumn Shimmer, a shimmery, peachy gold, and Mahogany, a deep, shimmery brown.

I can absolutely see why these are considered Mally Beauty best sellers. Their formulation is creamy and applies smoothly. You can use the shadow sticks to give your eyes a light wash of color or build up the color for a more intense look, which makes them perfect for day or night.

What I love most about these shadow sticks is the fact that they are crease-proof, transfer-proof, and smudge-proof. I love to use the lighter shades to highlight my inner corner or when I just want to brighten my eyes on a no makeup or light makeup day. The darker colors are perfect for creating a smoky eye or adding definition to my outer crease.

Evercolor Gel & Starlight Waterproof Liners

Mally Beauty Best Sellers- Evercolor Waterproof Liners

The last goodies in my Mally Beauty best seller collection include the Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Milk Chocolate and the Evercolor Gel Waterproof Eyeliners in Graphite and Gold Glimmer.

I already own a Starlight liner in Cooper Penny, so it’s nice to have this darker, richer brown to add to my eyeliner stash. What I enjoy most about the Starlight liners is their creamy formulation. I tend to have issues with eyeliners thanks to my small eyes, long lashes, and crepey lids. With the Starlight liners, I don’t have any issues with application or wear time, especially since they are transfer-proof, crease-proof and waterproof. Once they are one, they stay one.

Unlike the Starlight liners, the Evercolor Gel Waterproof liners are new to me. I was happy to have two options to try, Graphite, a dark grayish black, and Gold Glimmer, a rich, dark gold. These are probably my favorite eyeliners of the two.

I really love how small the liner is, it works perfectly for on my tiny eyes. The formulation is also super creamy and does tug along my lash lines. Plus, I don’t have ever worry about sharpening these liners because they twist up. The color payoff of Graphite and Gold Glimmer is also impressive. Each time I wear them, I feel like they add a little something, something to my eye look. I will say the wear time, at least for me, was better with Graphite. Gold Glimmer didn’t seem to have the best staying power, especially when I used it closer to my inner corner.

Mally Beauty Top Sellers Look


Overall: If you haven’t tried any Mally Beauty best sellers, you are missing out. Their Volumizing Mascara, $20, Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras, $25, Evercolor Gel and Starlight Waterproof Liners, $18-$19 are worth adding to your beauty routine. They have great color payoff, wear time, and feature crease-proof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof formulas. Look for Mally Beauty at Ulta Beauty or

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I like the gold glimmer and milk chocolate ones! This sounds like a really great brand!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Very pretty! I have one of the Mally Shadow Sticks in a silver tube in a taupe shade, and it’s one of the sticks I reach for most often. Autumn Shimmer, Bliss & Mahogany look like they should be next on my list

  3. Missy Burson says

    I love Mally as much as I love her product line. I’ve been a customer of hers since her early home shopping channel days:) It’s good quality and never fails me.

  4. I have never heard of Mally make-up. I am not sure if this is over in the UK. I wear mascara everyday!!

  5. says

    I am totally on the look out for some new mascara – everything I use presently is driving me bonkers. Itchy itchy eyes! I think I need something all natural – I’m going to check this out.

  6. I am not a big makeup person. I do the bare minimum when I leave the house. I’ve heard of Mally beauty before. (maybe QVC??) Anyway. Those eye shadow stick colors are perfect!

  7. I love the shadow sticks. Always think those would be so much easier to use sometime. Less fall out.

  8. Amber Nelson says

    Wow, so cool! I would love to try those shadow sticks. I can see where those would be so much easier to manage!

  9. I LOVE Mally products and you look great!

  10. I love the eyeshadow sticks. I was sent a few and then bought some.

  11. Sona Sethi says

    I have been using powdered eye shadow for a wile and have started using eyeshadow sticks only recently and it does magic. I am loving it. Will try this one too!

  12. You look beautiful! I love the colors and how it looks when it all comes together. They have great products and that’s really good to know.

  13. polarbelle says

    I have one Mally eye stick. They’re so nice! I’d love to try more.

  14. I love Mally eyeliners, they are some of the best on the market. So buttery, pigmented, and don’t budge at all on my oily lids!

  15. I am so in love with the Mally pink champagne liner/eyeshadow. How fun it would be to wear that!

  16. Amy Desrosiers says

    We have very similar eye color so I know these colors woudl be amazing on me too. I have not tried this brand but I need too!

  17. I love the eyeshadow sticks, I think that’s a much easier way to put it on than dealing with wands and brushes. I really adore the sparkle, too! It makes your eyes stand out!

  18. I’ve only tried a couple of Mally eyeliner pencils and a mascara.

  19. I love sampling new beauty products. These look perfect for achieving the best summer glamorous look.

  20. I love those shimmer shadow sticks, gorgeous! They would be so perfect for a wedding or night out!

  21. I need new mascara and this one looks great! I’ve really been considering lash extensions so maybe I’ll try this instead.

  22. TheNewClassy says

    These are all great. I am starting to get back to wearing makeup again. These would be a great place to start.

  23. The shadow sticks look like such pretty shades! I really want to give them a try because I love playing around with makeup.