Mally Beauty Mallywood Smoky Mama! Mascara

Mally Beauty Mallywood Smoky Mama! Mascara is part of the 4-pc. Limited Edition Mallywood Collection which includes an Eyeshadow Palette, Ombre Highlighting Trio, Highlighting Blush (reviewed here) and this mascara. The packaging for this collection is pure Hollywood…er, I mean Mallywood. Hot Pink and gold glitter give us those star vibes.

Mascara is my thang and I feel naked without it. Therefore, I have strict criteria for the perfect mascara: easy to apply, doesn’t dry out my lashes, lengthens AND volumizes, can hold a curl and does NOT flake, smudge or clump. Fulfilling this list is not for the faint of heart. Mally Beauty Mallywood Smoky Mama! mascara $20 lives up to the challenge!

Mally says: “As a celebrity makeup artist, I have always been known to create my own products on set to create the look that I want. It was always so hard to replicate that smoky look and make it look believable. I created a way with something you would never expect: mascara! My secret would be to take a regular mascara wand and trim the bristles down so far that you could barely see them.” “Apply on the top lashline as usual (you can define every lash with this wand!). Then it gets fun! As you apply to your bottom lashes, gently press the wand softly from side to side and barely touch the skin beneath them! Voila! No walk of shame necessary!”
The secret lies in the brush; Mally deliberately cut the bristles down so you can barely see them. This allows you to define every single lash. I’m super impressed with the formula: not too wet, not too dry and it coats each individual lash giving BOTH volume and length. It’s a deep glossy black and builds up without clumping as long as you stop at 2 coats. At the end of the day, there is absolutely no smudging or flaking!
Bottom Line: Like me, Mally loves BIG, bold over-the-top lashes and that’s exactly what I get with Mallywood Smoky Mama! Mascara.
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