Mally Beauty Muted Muse Velvet Eyeshadow Palette!

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Wow, Fall really is here! We went from the high 80s to 60s just this week. That’s not unusual where I live, the seasons change quickly! To usher fall in, I headed to my favorite drive-thru coffee hut for a hot vanilla chai and played with the Mally Beauty Muted Muse Velvet Eyeshadow Palette ($33). Do these colors scream Fall or what? They replicate the changing colors of the leaves so well!

The Muted Muse palette has eight eyeshadow shades with a mix of warm and cool shades with seven being matte and two with a satin finish for highlighting. These are Mally’s personal favorite shades and the new velvet eyeshadow formula is fabulous! These shadows are velvety smooth. perform beautifully and are long-lasting. The velvet formula is perfect for us over 40 gals because it skims over crinkly lids. The colors are soft and subdued, hence the name Muted Muse. If you are looking for bold, saturated color, keep on walkin’. I happen to love a soft, romantic look so I’m totally on board with the quiet shades in this palette. I also love having a Fall themed palette, with both warm and cool shades as they can be hard to find.

The colors are soft and muted, hence the name Muted Muse. If you are looking for bold, saturated color, keep on walkin’. I happen to love a soft, romantic look so I’m totally on board with the subdued shades in this palette. I also love having a Fall themed palette, with both warm and cool shades as they can be hard to find. All the colors in the palette coordinate so well and I appreciate the two highlighter shades included in the palette.

The shades are:

  • Serene – pink nude
  • Mellow – beige nude
  • Delicate – satin ivory
  • Calm – sage green
  • Hopeful – ginger orange
  • Tranquil – bark brown
  • Quiet – olive green
  • Innocent – satin icy peach

The Mally Beauty Muted Muse Velvet Eyeshadow Palette comes with a fantastic double-ended brush worth $25 itself! The synthetic bristles pick up a good amount of product and allow you to layer with ease. One end is wide for application to the lid and the other end is small and rounded for crease work. The bristles are super soft and dense. I really love this brush, it makes eyeshadow application easy-peasy!

For this look I used Innocent on the brow bone, Mellow on the lid, Calm in the crease and Quiet in the outer corner. There are so many combinations to be had!

The Mally Beauty Muted Muse Velvet Eyeshadow Palette is regularly priced at $33 on but it is currently on sale (including the $25 brush) for only $29.96!

What do you think of the Mally Muted Muse Eyeshadow Palette?

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  1. That looks like a really nice palette. I love all of the colors included in this set.

  2. I like how these are muted, they do scream fall! Really perfect eye look, too!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Excellent everyday fall palette. Those are definitely my shades too!

  4. Fall is pretty great, isn’t it?! This really pretty palette. The colors look natural, which I love.

  5. The palette is very nice! Love the fall colors! Will match every fall outfit perfectly.

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    My favorite kind of colors. These look so nice on you!

  7. I love those colors. So pretty and perfect for fall. I really like the look of that brush as well.

  8. The colors are so pretty for Fall! I’m loving the combo you have on your eyes!

  9. Mally has always had great products! This pallet looks beautiful too. It would be a perfect Christmas gift

  10. The palette has the kinds of colors that my older eyes wear best. Of course knowing me I’d add a pop of metallic too. The highlighters look very pretty.

  11. Beth Davidson says

    My favorite is serene. These do look like really great fall colors, it’s the perfect palette.

  12. The colors aren’t that heavy, which I like because as a teacher, I want to look polished but not too overdone. I like the colors for sure and that brush is brilliant.

  13. I love serene and hopeful the best! This is a really cute palette! I haven’t heard of mally before!

    • Mally Roncal of Mally Beauty is a former makeup artist for Beyonce among other celebrity clients and she makes excellent products. Her brand is on QVC often for great prices!

  14. I like this color pallette. The colors are subtle and neutral, just like I like to wear them.

  15. This color pallette is so neutral. I have never worn a green but I think this is a shade I could pull off.

  16. Shelley Polarbelle says

    I love Mally Beauty. People need to know how good her products are.

  17. I just got this palette and haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I was kinda underwhelmed when I first saw it but when I see it on you I like it a lot! I think I was just put off by the orange-ginger shade as I don’t suit that shade but that still leaves lots to work with. I agree with you on the brush it is fabulous! Take care, thanks for your post.

  18. shoshana sue says

    As one who loves muted colours, the Mally pallette is music to my ears. I love the tranquil shade mostly.

  19. Everyone knows I’m not big on make-up but I do use the products that I enjoy regularly! This palette is something that I would use often. I really like the colors!

  20. That’s a very unusual color combo. It looks nice on you.

  21. It seems like this palette is worth it just for the brush that comes with it! I like all the neutral colors, very pretty.

  22. Frosted Events says

    I really want to try those magnetic lashes, they look so awesome. I love all the fun colors in this palette, I’m such a sucker for makeup kits

  23. I like that the shades are matte but not chalky matte, they look super smooth!

  24. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I love the colors in this Mally Beauty Muted Muse Velvet Eyeshadow Palette! Perfect for fall!

  25. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Ohh I’m liking the muted colors! Softer but not boring

  26. I’ve always had great experiences with Mally products– thanks for the sale info!

  27. redheadmomblog says

    I’ve never heard of this beauty brand before. I love makeup though and those look like some pretty shades.

  28. This eyeshadow is gorgeous!! I am always looking for new mattes and this one definitely matches with what I normally wear!

  29. I’m in love with that olive green eye shadow. I bet it is pretty with a soft pink.

  30. I love the sage green shade calm as its not a colour I usually go for and the innocent shade would be perfect as a highlight. A beautiful and varied palette of colour x

  31. Jean Standley says

    These are such gorgeous shades for this time of year, and are totally my thing. You’ve created a gorgeous look!

  32. Patrice Walker says

    this is a very pretty pallet. I had never heard of this brand and it looks great on you.

  33. These are so pretty and perfect for everyday wear! I’d love to have the lighter muted colors for my normal mom duties.

  34. Kaity Johnson says

    What beautiful shades for the fall! I love any excuse to celebrate this magical season—love that make up can be included in that. 🙂