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Most days I don’t mind middle age. I’m smarter, more confident and don’t sweat the small things like I did in my 20s and 30s. I do have to admit, though, there are times I look in the mirror and wish I could take an eraser to a few choice spots on my face.

Milk Makeup‘s newest launch, Blur Stick ($36) is supposed to work like a magic eraser. This oil-free, silicone-free, colorless stick blurs lines, minimizes pores and imperfections all while controlling shine.

Housed in a push-up tube, this stick looks like it has a tint, but it applies as a colorless veil on the skin. It glides on and makes skin feel velvety smooth yet it has NO silicone! Honestly, I’m amazed my skin can feel SO silky without silicone.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick is a snap to use: after cleansing and toning, rub the stick all over your face. I concentrate on the larger pores on my nose and cheeks and my crow’s feet. It feels featherweight on the skin and also works as a primer making my foundation last longer. While the Milk Makeup Blur Stick does minimize my pores a bit, it did nothing for my lines and wrinkles and with my dry skin, I don’t need to mattify. I think the stick will work really well on oily skin to reduce shine. Milk says it can be worn alone but unless you have near perfect skin I wouldn’t suggest it for us over 40 gals.

When I tested Blur Stick with my Holy Grail foundation, Osmosis Colour Long Wear Liquid, I was thrilled with the results–my skin looked like it had a soft focus filter on it. However, when I tested it with a new drugstore foundation I wasn’t happy at all. I do think it was the fault of the foundation as it seemed to fill my pores rather than glide over them. My point is, if you have dry skin, make sure to wear a moisturizing foundation when you use the Blur Stick. I feel it highlighted my dry skin under my nose.

Bottom Line: though the Milk Makeup Blur Stick isn’t a magic eraser for my dry skin, I can see how it would be fabulous for oily skin or combination skin.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Hmmm, interesting concept. It sounded very promising. I haven’t had good luck with any of the blurs that you apply over makeup – they end up moving my foundation around IMO. I was intrigued that you apply this before foundation, but disappointed that it didn’t really help wrinkles coz pores aren’t my issue.

  2. I’ve been curious about Milk, but unsure what to try as my intro to the brand. My skin is similar to yours in the morning when I apply Foundation – I need lots of moisture. So I’m not sure this is the right product but look at that packaging! I definitely need to try something from Milk.

  3. I haven’t seen that this actually makes a difference at all 🙁

  4. I think I’m too dry for this one- but it is an interesting idea!

  5. This is something I have been so curious about. I would love a magic elixir and this sounds close.

  6. I will have to try this for my combination skin. Anything that can blur the appearance of my enlarged pores is a winner.

  7. Travel Blogger says

    I would really like to try this. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles…yet, but I do have big pores that I am always trying to hide.

  8. FabZilla_Kath says

    I have combination skin, I am intrigued how it will perform on me

  9. I’ve never tried anything like this before! I like that it can cover up spots easily. It’s definitely reliable.

  10. I’m definitely intrigued. I wasn’t expecting a miracle anyway 🙂 Been disappointed too many times for that.

  11. Jamie Yonash says

    Looks like an interested product. I like the package design and it looks like it is easy to apply. Will have to check it out!

  12. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Thank you for your honest review. I don’t wear make up that often and these new products confuse me, especially on the areas of how to use, where to use and why I should use it!

  13. I have seen this all over YT lately as most of them were sent three sticks for review and some have had Giveaways for the other two. But I haven’t found any to convince me that it would be good to fill in Pores. I have large pores all over my face. I’m late 40s as late as u can get as of end of Jan. And I’m on the hunt for a really Good porefiller. I have heard the Nyx pore filler is a good one? I have the original Smashbox Primer. I haven’t used it in awhile so going to be pulling it back out. But any recommendations for a Great Porefiller would be so Appreciated. Thanks for review. Interesting how it worked different with Drugstore foundation which is all own so that scares me. I just haven’t invested in a higher end one. I don’t know what would be good for aging, some what oily skin never dry really never any dry patches. There r just so many out there. I want good coverage that doesn’t look mask like??????

  14. Never seen this before but it makes me very interested to try!