Milk Makeup Eye Pigment Cream Eyeshadow!

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Hello beauties, I am giddy with excitement to share my newest beauty find with you–Milk Makeup Eye Pigment! I opened the box and literally gasped–for realz! These vibrant cream eye shadows made me so dizzy with joy I was afraid I was having a heart attack. In a sense, I was: a total eclipse of the heart. And I need you now tonight, And I need you more than ever (thank you, Bonnie Tyler)! But first….here’s a little background on Milk Makeup.

Milk Makeup is a paraben-free, eco-conscious, innovative product line made of the best possible ingredients. They see beauty in originality, authenticity, and design multi-use products for self-expression. I was first introduced to the brand with their Blur Stick reviewed here. The line is co-founded by Zanna Roberts Rassi. You may have seen her on Project Runway or E! News as a beauty and fashion guru.

Milk’s philosophy:

Our unique multi-use products are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle, with high-tech ingredients — without all the bad stuff. All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free and made with the best possible ingredients, with hydrating jojoba, coconut, orange peel, and grape seed oils; fruit and vegetable butters like mango and shea; packaging that allows for minimal to no preservatives; and quick, easy application that lets you apply, or change, your look in minutes in the back of a cab.

Milk Makeup Eye Pigments are long-wearing cream eyeshadows that deliver vivid, luminous color in one swipe. Work quickly because these babies are totally bullet-proof and crease proof. When I was swatching, by the time I swatched 6 colors –again in one swipe and took the picture, (maybe 2 minutes) I had to rub hard with a makeup wipe to get them off! The good news is all your need for an applicator is your fingers! Just dab onto lids and go! If you have long fingernails, a good flat synthetic brush works too.

There are 10 shades:

  • After Party is a gorgeous rose gold
  • Hotel Lobby is a pretty champagne
  • Gig is a beautiful bronze
  • Rager is a cool icy blue silver
  • Jam Room is an iridescent lavender

  • Sesh is a vibrant cobalt blue
  • Peep Show is a glittery taupe
  • Rave is a stunning purple
  • Silent Disco is a deep brown with purple undertones
  • Mermaid Paradise is a bright jade green
  • All Nighter is gleaming gunmetal

Über pigmented, the pearlescent micas create dimensional looks that can be more “ladies who lunch” or “rocker chick”–you decide and then layer to intensify. Between the names of the eyeshadows and a few of the more sparkly shades, Milk’s Eye Pigments remind me of my disco days, but in a good way! When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I took disco dancing lessons soon after the movie Saturday Night Fever came out. Yes, really Judy McJudgster! Back in the day, I had a beautiful sparkly spaghetti strap leotard with a matching skirt that was just a shade darker than Jam Room. I could also be seen sporting a silvery shimmery eye a lá Rager at the time. Peep Show is definitely in disco ball territory with lots of glitter. The glitter isn’t super apparent when it’s on the eyes but you see it when you remove it. I recommend a good micellar water for removal. Hotel Lobby and Rager make eyes glow, and All Nighter is sex-ay. After Party is simply stunning and one of the highlights of the collection, Gig is the perfect bronze, and the bright Sesh, Rave and Mermaid Paradise are dazzling! I can see my friend Phyrra loving these! Though I probably won’t use Sesh, Rave and Mermaid Paradise as lid colors, I do plan on using them as eye liners.

I have to apoligize beauties, my allergies have been acting up and my eyes were itching and weeping like crazy so I couldn’t swatch the rest of the colors but I wanted you to get a feel for them.

Looking for ways to wear Milk Makeup Eye Pigments? Take a look at this video!

All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free and are sold at Sephora and

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    The colors are stunning!

  2. Melissa Chee says

    Such pretty colors!!! I have silent disco.

  3. Sandy N Vyjay says

    The range of colors is lovely! I specially loved the after party shade! Thanks for the video, I am weak with eye makeups.

  4. I’ve never heard of this make up before but boy does it have some beautiful colors! I will need to check this out. Kind of exciting to see these kind of colors.

  5. LaToyia Dennis says

    WOW! I have to share this. I am fascinated with makeup but don’t know how to properly apply it. This eyeshadow is awesome.

  6. I have such bad luck with cream shadows but I love the look of After Party!

  7. Jhentea Guzman says

    i love the peep show shade!! that looks so nice! i love all the shade, ttey are all beautiful!

  8. This is so timely! Perfect for music festivals this coming Spring and Summer! I love the pigmentation of each one. I’ve never come across eyeshadow like this before!!! So cool!

  9. Phyrra Nyx says

    I love that purple.

  10. Travel Blogger says

    Wow, I really love those vibrant colors! I also like that it is crease proof. My eye makeup is always smearing. It would be nice to use something that stayed in plaee.

  11. Those are some pretty metallics!

  12. polarbelle says

    These look really really pretty!

  13. I have never really tried out cream eye shadows. These colors are gorgeous though!


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