Mirabella Masquerade Collection: Review, Pics, Swatches!

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The Mirabella Masquerade Collection combines rich, shimmery jewel tones with a sophisticated allure that is irresistible. It’s a small but glamourous collection that will be perfect for holiday looks and parties.

The collection includes Eye Lights ($27), a luxury Prismatech performance shadow that provides bold color payoff in three brand new pearlized shades. When I laid eyes on these, a wealth of jewels immediately came to mind, much like years ago when I saw the crown jewels in London: amethyst, emerald, gold and rubies.

Eye Lights are highly pigmented so there is no need for primer or layering to bring out the color. The long lasting mineral formula glides on eyes and blends beautifully. The quilted pattern adds to the luxurious feel of the collection and it’s not only a topcoat!

Gilt is a beautiful yellow gold that makes eyes gleam!



Charade is a stunning emerald green with a lovely sheen


Mystery is a purple/burgundy with pink undertones




When I was testing out the eyeshadows I combined Gilt (gold) with Mystery (purple) and it made me think of Mardi Gras, which made me think of celebrations and parties and….now I get the Masquerade theme!

I created this look using Gilt on the lid and the inner corner, Charade in the crease and under lower lash line, Champagne Pop Slimlights is on the brow bone, Stila Sketch Marker in black to line. Mirabella Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara finishes off the look. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.


This time I switched out Mystery for Charade–the rest is the same.


I think I prefer the green look on me. What do you think? Here is a side-by-side pic and a little blogger trick we use-one look on one eye, the other on the other eye. And yes, the UPS man DOES look at me like I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs!


Complete the Masquerade look with the Modern Matte Lipstick in Crimson ($26) . Truthfully, I’m not crazy about matte lipsticks–not because I don’t like the look, but because I usually don’t it on me. Combine that with my fear of red lipstick and I was intimidated by Crimson. Being the brave girl I am (haha),  I faced my fear and slicked that baby on my trembling lips. I was delightfully surprised at how this lipstick does NOT feel dry on my lips and doesn’t highlight my lip lines like most matte lipsticks do. Crimson is actually comfortable to wear and the red shade is flattering for all skin tones–not too blue, not too orange.



Bottom Line: the Mirabella Masquerade Collection is striking! It’s rich, bold and elegant shades are ultra sophisticated and perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Does this look like a collection you’d like to try? 

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  1. Those eyeshadows are fabulous. I need Gilt – really need it. Both looks are great on you.

  2. I like the burgundy shade

  3. Amanda Goodenough says

    That makeup is gorgeous! I cant wait to try it out!

  4. Chei Pangan says

    They look so fabulous! I wanna try it!

  5. The Eye Lights have some really nice shimmer to them. This sounds like a really good collection!

  6. The colors are perfect for the holidays! Especially Christmas! I like how it looks when applied, and it’s perfect for that shade of smokey eye. The matte lippie is really nice as well.

  7. This makeup looks gorgeous!! It sounds like it’s a good quality product and the shadows look really creamy!! Great post!!

  8. Those eyeshadows are beautiful! I prefer the green on you as well.

  9. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    I love those swatches they’re so gorgeous. These eye shadow and lipstick perfect for every occasions.

  10. Kelly Reci says

    Yes! I would love to try it and I’m sure my daughter would also love it.

  11. I love those eye shadows color. I would love to try them.

  12. Your eyes look gorgeous in these shades!

  13. Love this collection, these shades are so gorgeous!

  14. I love the quilted look of the shadow. I like that shimmer too!

  15. Norah Salazar says

    Those shadows look fabulous on you, they bring out your eyes! Wow. Lovely.

  16. I love shimmer, I dont always look great with mascara though so I use it very sparingly. You look great!

  17. TheNewClassy says

    Those are some great colors. I am sure that my daughter would love to try some of these on herself.

  18. The Mirabella Masquerade Collection looks amazing with some great products. I am in love with those Eye Lights in different shades where Mystery is my favorite among all these. The Modern Matte Lipstick looks gorgeous as well!

  19. Karla Ramos says

    I would always go for the pink/purple one but that emerald tone is just tinty fabulous. And I’m quite a sucker when it comes to those matte sticks, I want that particular one!


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