The UK’s Models Own – Available Exclusively at Ulta

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The UK's Models Own

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The British are coming. The British are coming. This time, it’s in the form of a new makeup line – The UK’s Models Own. Available exclusively at Ulta, this affordable brand has everything you need to create a full, colorful face of beauty. I got a chance to create some of my own looks with their, Barely There Eyeshadow Palette, $17.99, I-Definer Kohl Pencil, $7.99, Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Stick, $11.99, and Luxestick Velvet Lipstick, $8.99.

Models Own was launched in 2008 in the UK. They are known, globally as a bold and fun makeup and accessories brand. Their collection of over 650 products features a wide range of eye, face and lip products that allow consumers to experiment with color and different looks.

The UK’s Models Own – Barely There Palette

UK's Models Own Barely There Eyeshadow Palette

I love color and was excited to try out a palette from a brand who is all about color. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the Barely There Eyeshadow Palette to find your standard neutral palette. Not that there’s anything wrong with neutral shadows. They are a staple of any makeup collection, but I was hoping for something bolder.

Regardless, I am extremely impressed with all eight shadows in the Models Own Barely There palette. They all pair very well together, and there’s not a single weird, random color thrown in. I also like the versatility of the palette, as well as the mirror and the included brush. I can create a wide range of looks for both day and night, which makes it perfect for travel.

UK's Models Own Barely There Look

The shadows are a bit powdery, especially the lighter shades in the palette. Since I always do my eye makeup before applying the rest of my face, this isn’t too much of a problem for me. A few taps on the brush helps to eliminate any chance of fallout. Regardless, every single shadow in the palette applies beautifully. They are easy to blend and build, don’t crease, and have decent staying power, especially the darker shadows.

I-Definer Kohl Pencil – Black Onyx

UK's Models Own I-Definer Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Black Onyx

Next up I tried the Models Own I-Definer Kohl Eyeliner pencil in Black Onyx. This is a very intense black eyeliner. It more than lives up to its name of creating eye-defining looks. However, I find this eyeliner almost impossible to work with.

Although it’s extremely soft and creamy, it applies very patchy and messy. The only way I can achieve a smooth line is to go back with a pencil brush. Even then, I don’t like the look of the line. Nor do I enjoy wearing a liner that smudges and transfers both under my eyes and on my lids.

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Stick – Moonlight

UK's Models Own Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Stick in Moonlight

I love a good highlighter, be it cream or powder. If it doesn’t sink into my pores or have too much glitter, I’m sold. One of my favorite aspects of the Moonlight Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Stick is its versatility. The stick form allows me to use it on my face or body. It gives a nice subtle glow, while also being buildable for those places where I want a more intense highlight.

While it does have some glitter in the formula, I find this Models Own highlighter stick doesn’t make my pores stand out. Instead, the glitter helps to reflect the light perfectly for just the right amount of illumination. My only complaint with this product is it doesn’t have the best staying power.

Luxestick Velvet Lipstick – Deep Berry

UK's Models Own Luxestick in Velvet Deep Berry

Last but certainly not least, is the Luxestick in Deep Berry. First off, can we admire the packaging of this lipstick? I really love the metal, almost mirrored design and magnetic closure. It feels very modern, yet somehow retro at the same time.

Now let’s dive into this deep berry color, which I can’t get enough of. No matter what time of year it is, I never get tired of wearing a bold lip. Models Own recommends applying their Luxesticks with a lip brush to “truly seal the deal.” I found this makes application of the color very precise, and also allows me to sheer it out or build it up. The formulation feels comfortable on my lips and I don’t have any issue with feathering. The lipstick has a decent wear time and leaves a nice stain once it wears off.

UK's Models Own Barely There Look


Overall: The UK’s Models Own is definitely a line to look out for the next time you’re at Ulta. While I had some hits and some misses with this line, I am curious to try out even more products. If you’re looking for a good, affordable new makeup line to try, I would recommend starting with their Luxesticks and Barely There Eyeshadow Palette.

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  1. Robin Rue says

    It sounds like a really awesome line of makeup. I would be interested in trying that eyeshadow!

  2. Melissa Chapman says

    I love your honest opinions on makeup so refreshing. I would try this line if I can get it in stores near me.

  3. Janel Berchielli says

    This looks like a very nice neutral palette. I love that lipstick color, I just bought one in a similar shade but glittery.

  4. Great palette! I love every color, it is something I could use daily, thanks for sharing!

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I would be happy with those neutrals myself. I want to see what shades they have in their cream shadow palettes.

    • I think Marcia reviewed the cream eyeshadow palette!

      • Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

        Yes, I remembered that you reviewed them, I think, last week, Marcia! You brought them to my attention. I’m going to grab an Ulta coupon and head to Ulta soon and check out the shades in the cream palette. I’m hoping they’ll be pigmented enough to wear on their own.

    • I reviewed the cream palette on Beauty Info Zone. I’m using it a lot combined with powder shadows.

  6. Would love to try that eyeshadow! It looks so cute. Can you believe it’s yet another brand I’ve never heard of!

  7. I have the iDefiner eye duo with the pencil on one end and a liquid on the other. I love it. I think it applies so nicely. Because it’s a wind up pencil it’s probably not the same as yours. I’m impressed with the items I have and have already ordered more.

  8. Super excited to see this brand at Ulta! They were available in stores when I lived in Europe and I always liked the products.

  9. I love the barely there make-up look with a bold lip color! It’s really lovely on you! I would totally get that shade, I am a sucker for dark reds. I think it’s a nice set!

  10. Going to look for this brand at ulta! I cannot wait! I love the colors.

  11. Sona Sethi says

    The lipstick looks so rich and perfect for cocktail parties. I like the shade very much.

  12. So glad that you guys have models own now. I always know how excited I am when we get new US exclusive brands x

  13. Betzy Carmona says

    I have tried some of their products and I enjoy their highlights.

  14. Amber Pilcher says

    I’d love to try out the Barely There eyeshadow palette. It features quite a few colors that are definitely my style!

  15. Karen Yannacio Morse says

    What a great line – love the simplicity of the shades. I really love that darker lip color and those brown/bronze eye shadows. I also do my eye makeup first (so you can clean up the powdery mess) so that wouldnt bother me as well. Lovely shades!

  16. That lipstick color is gorgeous! I have a hard time with eyeliner, I can’t do the ultra black, so I tend to get like a brown/black color which works a little better for me. If it smudges though…that is just a no 🙂

  17. I love the Barely There palette. I really don’t wear much on my eyes for everyday activities so this is perfect for my busy summer with my daughters!

  18. You look fabulous! I’ve noticed the deep berry lipstick shade trend is back. I go to ULTA all the time, I need to check out this brand.

  19. These shades are perfect for the spring and summer. I would love to be able to sample these shades for myself.

  20. Rachel Catherine says

    I love that palette! It’s so pretty. I love how natural it looks on you and I feel like it’s a great kit for summer.

  21. Chelsea Damon says

    I love that raspberry lip color! It’s really great for any time of year!