Monday Mascara Madness: Benefit they’re Real! Mascara

This  July, Benefit debuted their newest mascara–they’re Real!  They offered a one-day flash sale in June at selected locations just ahead of the launch but none were near me so I didn’t around to trying it until now. What was I waiting for? I love this mascara! In typical Benefit style, the flash sale featured a very well endowed actress (?) with two melons on her chest claiming they’re Real!

Benefit says: A mascara that’s “beyond belief” and mimics the look of false lashes. The glossy, jet-black mascara is formulated to lengthen, volumize, curl and be long-wearing without smudging, budging or drying out.

They also claim the following results from a consumer panel survey: 

  • 94% saw dramatic length and volume
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl
  • 94% saw visible lift 100% saw long-wearing results

I say:

  • I love the brush. I’m fond of rubber brushes anyway because they do such a good job of lengthening and separating. This one has the added ‘Benefit’  (haha) of the bristles on the end. Not quite a ball like Telescopic Explosion, but along the lines of a medieval torture device all the same. The brush is meant to be used 2 ways: the regular horizontal way and then the tip is designed to be used vertically to capture every tiny lash. The other thing I like about the brush is that you don’t get a big gloppy mess that needs to be tissued off–the neck of the tube does a great job of getting the glops out before you touch the brush to your lash. Using the brush vertically is pretty effective–it does get those tiny lashes but even better it separates really well. I may even be able to retire my safety pin. And yes, I know it could put my eye out but in close to *cough* 40 years it hasn’t.

  • The formula is very soft, this will NOT make your lashes crunchy or brittle and the consistency is good–not too thick. It keeps your lashes soft and moisturized (I know that sounds weird but that;s what it feel like) throughout the day. I get absolutely no flaking or clumping.
  • They’re Real! really holds a curl. My lashes have some natural curl, but I do use an eyelash curler everyday and this is one of the few mascaras I’ve found that keep the curl all day.
  • It gives me great length and curl–I could use some additional volume but truthfully I always say that with every mascara–I can’t ever get enough!

Benefit they're Real Mascara

From the first time I tried they’re Real! I thought it was very similar to Dior Iconic so I pulled out my Iconic mascara to compare.

Benefit they're Real vs. Dior Iconic

You can see how Benefit’s They’re Real has longer bristles allowing more root to tip coverage and it has the added tips at the end of the wand. It also has less product on the wand. The formulas are similiar as well, however Dior Iconic is ‘wetter’ sometimes almost too wet leaving my lashes too clumped together. I also think Benefit they’re Real conditions my lashes more–they feel softer than with Iconic–almost silky! Dior Iconic retails for $28, Benefit they’re Real retails for $22. My choice is Benefit they’re Real!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

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  1. You make this sound pretty darn good! I’m not in the market for a mascara at the moment but it will go on my list.

  2. I agree, you do make this sound pretty dang good! It does look similar to the Dior Iconic as well…but better. This will go on the list too….