Mother’s Day Beauty and a Book Giveaway: Win a $50 Ulta Gift Card!

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I’m pleased to share this fabulous Mother’s Day #beautyandabook Giveaway courtesy of the Fashion Flash Group! I’m giving away the novel A Mother’s Gift by Charlotte Hubbard AND a beautiful necklace from our favorite jewelry designer, Nancy Davis (a $75 value) PLUS a $50 Gift Card to Ulta Beauty! A total value of $135! 

Charlotte Hubbard celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood in this uplifting story, set amid the warmth and tradition of an Amish Missouri farm community.

A little about the book:

For Leah Otto, marrying Jude Shetler is a long-held dream come true. As a young girl, she was captivated by his good looks and talent as an auctioneer. When Jude, now a widower with three children, begins to court her, Leah doesn’t hesitate. Other men may not appreciate her tomboy ways, but Jude values Leah’s practical nature and her skill with the animals she tends, and both enter the marriage with joy and optimism.

Three months later, Leah feels as if her world is coming down around her. Her twin teenage step-daughters, Alice and Adeline, are pushing boundaries and taking far too many risks, while five-year-old Stevie deeply misses his mother. Leah, more at ease in a barn tending her goats and chickens than in a kitchen, struggles with her housekeeping duties.

Then a baby is abandoned on their doorstep, and Leah must search her soul. Caring for little Betsy fills her with renewed purpose and the strength to begin pulling her family together. With Jude’s steadfast support, Leah finds that what she once thought of as a happy ending may be something even better – the beginning of a life rich in love, faith, and unexpected blessings.

Any Mother or any woman for that matter will adore this pretty charm necklace from Nancy Davis. This lovely charm holder necklace comes with 3 charms: evil eye, circle and Nancy’s signature heart/peace sign. All the charms are done with pave crystals that catch the light and shimmer. Nancy pays such attention to detail, even the charm holder has a cute mini heart AND all the charms are removable if you want to add them to a bracelet or earrings! The oval link chain is a generous 30″. I like to wear the necklace with jeans and a simple white or black tee for a casual but elegant look, throw on a blazer to dress it up. $75 value. To learn more about Nancy Davis click here.

And lastly, who doesn’t need a $50 Ulta gift card?? I ALWAYS find something I love at Ulta Beauty. From fragrance to skincare, to makeup to hair care and beauty devices Ulta has everything you need to look and feel your best!

Here are a few suggestions:

Lancome La vie est belle Eau de Parfum. I always get compliments when I wear this beautiful fragrance. Here at Prime Beauty we are HUGE fans of IT Cosmetics and this Confidence On The Go Kit features three of clinically tested essentials for healthy, hydrated skin. If you’re looking for an all-round perfect eyeshadow palette with every color under the sun for mom, the Mophe Jacklyn Hill Palette is perfect. Every mom needs a good set of brushes and BH Cosmetics has lots of them. My favorite is this 10-pc. Marble Luxe Set.

Hope that gives you a start and good luck!

How to Enter and Rules:

This giveaway is open to the USA OVER 18 and closes Monday, May 20, 2019 at 12 am EST. To enter please follow the MANDATORY tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below. Additional entries can be gained by completing additional tasks. By entering in this giveaway, entrant acknowledges that entrant’s email address might be shared with at least one third-party. Not responsible for loss or damage in the mail.

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  1. Bryan Vice says

    I would love to give to my wife and let her splurge on her self

  2. I would give my mom the gift card. She just started a new job, and she deserves to buy some new makeup.

  3. Lola Seicento says

    What wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas, and such a generous giveaway!

  4. I would buy a new foundation. The one I’ve used for years has been discontinued.

  5. latanya t says

    Some new lip glosses

  6. sandy weinstein says

    so many things, some dry shampoo, Nioxin shampoo, conditioner.

  7. I would buy a hairdryer.

  8. jerseygirl137 says

    If I won I would stock up on shampoo and conditioner, or maybe buy the new perfume that I have been eyeing.

  9. Andrea Darst says

    I’m in desperate need of new skin care!

  10. Annamarie Voss says

    I love shopping at Ulta, I would love to try some of the Dry Bar products so that is what I would shop for.

  11. Laura Sorvillo says

    Wow what a great giveaway package. I read every day and love discovering new authors,the necklace is just gorgeous and who can’t use a $50 g.c. to ULTA?!!! I am currently searching for a signature fragrance and effective eye treatment so I would definitely apply the gift card to one of those(depending on sales,specials and pricing). Thanks so much for the chance and good luck to all!!!!

  12. inkchick says

    I would get myself some Lime Crime goodies!

  13. I would buy nail polish. I need some new summer colors.

  14. Sounds like a good read! And your giveaway is fantastic! The necklace is adorable and an ULTA gift card fits all sizes!!

  15. Lorena Keech says

    I’d buy tinted moisturizer,

  16. Dana Rodriguez says

    I need new makeup brushes!

  17. Lori Thomas says

    Some new make up

  18. shannon fowler says

    I would get some new mascara and primer.

  19. mascara

  20. Melanie Phelps says

    i would love to get some sponges/blenders

  21. I would buy eyeshadow.

  22. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Great prize pack. I love my Nancy Davis necklace, the book sounds perfect for lazy day outside reading and oh the damage I can do at Ulta with $50!!

  24. I would get some new skincare products.

  25. SO many nice goodies! If I were to win, I would definitely gift this to my sweet Mama. I would love to be able to give her something she can shop completely for herself with. She deserves it so much!

  26. Marilyn Nawara says

    I would buy shampoo the next time they have the large bottles on sale.

  27. shellypeterson says

    I would buy some perfume.

  28. Not sure, probably some face wash as I’m almost out. Maybe some perfume or sprays.

  29. anitaduvall says

    I am out of foundation and would buy Mac Foundation.

  30. Sandy Bonesteel says

    I would buy Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation.

  31. Carol Norton says

    I would buy lipstick.

  32. Melanie Corning says

    I would buy mascara and eye shadow

  33. Athena Graeme says

    Lip gloss. I can never get enough lip gloss, mostly because my daughter steals it!

  34. Courtney Bella says

    i would buy some new mascara!

  35. Cheryl Everitt says

    If I won I would buy make up for aging skin.

  36. I’d buy some new lipstick.

  37. Julie Wood says

    I would buy all new blush, foundation and mascara for the Summer months!

  38. I would buy foundation. My foundation is almost gone.

  39. Colleen Boudreau says

    I would probably buy a new foundation.

  40. Kim Henrichs says

    I would stock up on hair products

  41. 1alwaysnyc1 says

    I would take my daughter and share the wealth.

  42. Dawn Snow says

    I really need a new foundation.

  43. If I won I would buy some sparkly cream eye shadow and a new set of lipsticks!

  44. Brenna Mack says

    I would love to try the ‘it’ products!

  45. Paula Riccobono says

    I’d buy facial cleansers

  46. gmoney222 says

    Depends what is on sale………. love a good bargain

  47. I’d probably get some hair products to try because I haven’t yet found the ones that work best for my hair.

  48. jalapenomama says

    I would get OPI nail polish in some new shades.

  49. Thomas Gibson says

    I would just give the gift card to my sister. I stopped wearing makeup years ago.

  50. Angelica Cassandra Dimeo says

    I would buy some perfume

  51. susan1215 says

    I would buy some mascara.

  52. Jessica S says

    I would buy eyeliner and perfume

  53. Katie Amanda says

    I would buy my favorite shampoo. Thanks!

  54. I would purchase Flower Beauty Foundation. It’s clean makeup and that’s what I need!

  55. Ulta I would purchase a new brush and some make up that I liked or matte lipstick and maybe something for my mom that she wanted.

  56. lissa crane says

    I would love to buy an It brush and foundation! I have always wanted to try this brand!

  57. LindaKish says

    I would give it to my DIL so she could use it.

  58. debbie wilson says

    Dry Shampoo Lipstick Eye shadows

  59. I would buy some eye shadow!

  60. E Camille says

    The ABH Riviera palette

  61. Janice Cooper says

    I would buy some Bare Minerals powder

  62. Lori Testy says

    Something in the eye shadow area. I LOVE eye shadows!

  63. cynthiac says

    I would like to get some Garnier BB Cream.

  64. Melissa Vo says

    i would love to get some eyeliner!

  65. What a beautiful necklace! And an Ulta gift card is always appreciated! This year my girls gave me jewelry and a purse.

  66. dglitter says

    I need a good face mask.

  67. I would purchase the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  68. I have a few friends who would love this kind of a gift card. Ulta does so many great things there for women’s beauty products. I am sure even my daughter would love it.

  69. I would love to buy some self tanner.

  70. Leah Stauffer says

    aww I love these ideas. for me I love handmade gifts from my tow littles!

  71. Bunny Butt says

    I would buy some mascara for my mom as they have her favorite, and some new eye shadows, as they have some fun ones

  72. I love that Ulta carries affordable lines as well as high end brands! I would buy some foundation

  73. nickie burke says

    I would buy some eye shadow!

  74. tiffany dayton says

    Some perfume and eyeshadow.

  75. Teresa M says

    I buy some mascara and lipstick.

  76. I would buy an eye shadow palette and facial moisturizer.

  77. Rhea Chladek says

    If I won, I would like to get a nice eye shadow, and some moisturizer/eye serum.

  78. I would treat myself to new makeup.

  79. Antoinette M says

    I would purchase a Philosophy fragrance.

  80. Leland Lee says

    Makeup for my wife

  81. Makeup

  82. I would buy something from my wish list, the never ending wish list!

  83. Good luck to those who entered! The prizes look awesome.

  84. HollyStormBurge says

    They have the KKW Peach fragrance and I love anything peach scented!

  85. Eg Kaufman says

    I would buy eye shadow.

  86. Lisa Pecora says

    I need more foundation.

  87. Melissa S says

    I need a new, good quality foundation brush. I would buy one if I won.

  88. diane sabatini says

    I’d buy a new hairbrush and some summer must haves with high SPF.

  89. Tracy Shafer says

    I would buy hair products

  90. Michelle Igou Klingen says

    I would buy nail polish and shampoo

  91. Cynthia Gaarder says

    face line 🙂

  92. I’ve been wanting some new makeup brushes, and looking at the It brushes at Ulta.

  93. marcicornelius says

    I would buy shampoo and conditioner

  94. AngelaLilly says

    If I won, I would give the gift card to my mom to use for her birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Debbie Ritenour says

    If I won I would buy some new make up brushes!

  96. Debbie Ritenour says

    If I won I would buy some new make up brushes!

  97. Iwould buy

  98. I would get some undereye concealer!

  99. I would buy skincare products.

  100. JessSayin says

    I would buy moisturizer

  101. Meredith Brooks says

    If I won the Ulta giftcard i would purchase a microfiber hair towel and a wet brush! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I’d get the new Urban Decay eye palette

  103. Beth Hern says

    I would buy a good concealer and moisturizer.

  104. If I won, I would purchase the new CoverGirl collection and body lotion.

  105. Tiffanynichole89 says

    I would buy some new foundation and mascara.

  106. Courtney Hodacs says


  107. elizabeth m says

    I would give it to my daughter for her 8th grade graduation and let her get some stuff. She is so excited to be done with Catholic School after this year so she can wear a little make up to school next year.

  108. Nicole Martin says

    I would buy some good mascara!

  109. i’d get some haircare products

  110. Marissa Cooper says

    If I won I’d buy more urban decay foundation! I’m running low!

  111. *Crystal* says

    I’d by some Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner and browse some new eyeshadow.

  112. DeAnna Keller says

    I would finally buy a Urban Decay eyeshadow palette I’ve been wanting forever!

  113. I might buy some new lipstick.

  114. Holly Thomas says

    I would buy a new fragrance.

  115. Debra Branigan says

    I would love to purchase a new fragrance, but I likely would end up with a skincare product.

  116. Claudia C. Davis says

    I would buy some new moisturizers, probably Clinque, for the summer.

  117. I would buy some new hair products or nail polish!

  118. Kirsten Kimball says

    I would buy a Urban Decay palette!

  119. starzine says

    I wold buy 2 palettes.

  120. I’d get some face masks

  121. I need some moisturizer

  122. Sandra Preti says

    I would buy skincare items or perfume.

  123. Linda Kohlenberg says

    I would buy foundation and nail polish.

  124. Barb Beechy says

    If I won I would get foundation.. trying to find some that wont break me out.

  125. Sonnetta Jones says

    I would buy a summer perfume.

  126. mizztara71 says

    I would get an eyeshadow palette and a lip gloss.

  127. arkieclowns says

    If I were fortunate enough to be selected, I would do a little pampering in the bath and I love to do my nails.

    Thank you for for the opportunity to win a totally awesome giveaway!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  128. Jen Rodrigues says

    I would get some perfum, eye shadows, eye liner.

  129. DOROTHY PORTER says

    I have to say I don’t know because it would be my first from buying. I have really dry skin and hair, so I guess it would be lotion or shampoo to help the dryness. But I love the necklace, it is gorgeous. And I love all of Charlotte Hubbard’s books!

  130. morphe palettes 🙂

  131. Cristina irimie says

    So much to get… hard to decide. Hair products for sure.


    I would buy a good anti-aging face moisturizer 🙂

  133. Anne Rightler says

    Not sure what I’d buy. I’ve never shopped Ulta before.

  134. Linda Davidson says

    I would buy some moisturizer

  135. I would buy something for my best friend’s birthday!

  136. Amy Deeter says

    i would buy some perfume and lotion at Ulta Beauty

  137. rtrexel64 says

    I would probably get some nail polish.

  138. Laurie Emerson says

    If I won, I would buy some new eyeshadow.

  139. jaye smith says

    mascara! is what I would buy.

  140. Denise Jaresh Higgins says

    Cologne for my hubbie

  141. Heather Dawn says

    I would buy new foundation and blush.

  142. EdyeNicolesMakeup says

    a new lipstick!


  143. Lisa Walker says

    I would buy eyelash serum!

  144. Debra Guillen says

    I would give the giftcard to my daughter who loves to shop Ulta

  145. Diane Leavey Wolf says

    I don’t know, i’ve never been in there!!

  146. yellowlabs says

    If I won, I would buy Urban Decay eye liner and Shea Butter all natural soaps.


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