My Favorite Things Party!

Last weekend I attended a ‘My Favorite Things’ party hosted by one of the girls at the salon. This was my first time attending but apparently, this is a yearly tradition that has been going on for at least 5 years. There were about 15 of us there. We each brought an appetizer and wow, was there a lot of food! Shrimp, fruit and cheese plates, taquitos, mini tacos, chicken satay, meatballs, maple and bourbon bacon (YUM). A LOT of food. After some chit-chat and a few glasses of wine, we got to the heart of the matter.

Here’s how it works: each person brings 3 wrapped gifts under $10 each to the party. When it’s gift exchange time, each person draws 3 names from a hat, these will be the people you exchange with. We went around in a circle, I was first. I picked one of the names I had drawn and chose a gift from that person. My gift was two boxes of tea: peppermint and licorice. The person giving the gift then has to explain why it is their favorite. My gifter said drinking herbal teas has helped her eliminate caffeine. She drinks peppermint tea when she isn’t feeling and licorice tea every morning. We go around like this 3 times until all the gifts are gone. If you want to at the end you can trade or not.

I went away with the tea, a darling mini caboodle and two Eco Tools makeup brushes (how appro was it that I got this gift) and a bottle of wine. I gave: a martini shaker with Luxe by Mr. Bubble bath bombs reviewed here because I love the packaging and the scent, a cute lip liner set from Ulta (reviewed here) that have gotten so much use from and a cozy poncho. My sister gave a poncho like this last year for my birthday and I love it! It’s made of polar fleece so it warm, but unlike a blanket, you have your hands free. It has pockets for your phone or glasses and a hood for running to the mailbox when it’s raining. I can’t wait to jump into it on cold winter days.  The bath bomb set was $10, the lip liner set $8 (got it on a buy one get one 50% off) but the poncho ($20) was over the price limit, so sue me. All my gifts were well received and several of the girls came to me afterward and asked where they could get both the bath bombs and the poncho. Ulta Beauty and HSN y’all.

Some of the gifts given were warm socks, cozy blankets, a Scrub Daddy (love this thing), wine, succulents in pretty pots, an inspirational book, mascara, gift cards, cute measuring cups, candles. You can do this party any time of year but I think the holidays are a perfect time!

I highly recommned hosting or attendng a My Favorite Things party and if you’re looking for suggestions on what to give, read above!

P.S.- I took more pictures but realized I didn’t ask everyone for permission to post them so I’m sorry about that.


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