My First Little Black Bag!

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Beauties, you know I haven’t had good luck with beauty sample sales aside from Ipsy. So what made me want to try Little Black Bag?  Blushing Noir introduced me to to it, and I was able to refrain for quite some time, but now, like her, I’m addicted–damn her! Make sure to take a look at her latest video of her June bag. Little Black Bag is an online purchasing and trading site loosely based on a Japanese tradition known as the “Lucky Bag Sale.” During the event, retailers sell mystery bags of products and customers buy these bags and trade the items inside with their friends. Trading is so fun–that’s the addictive part; that and seeing what new items have arrived every few days! I’m only on my second bag but already have a few things picked out for next time. One thing I have learned already is to not wait–things go quickly. I had my eye on a pair of sandals and was going to wait to see if I liked anything better and within days they were sold out!

How it works: Go to the website and browse through fabulous products from designer brands.  Trust me, these are NOT crappy off brands and new ones are being added all of the time. The categories are: accessories, handbags, jewelry, beauty, shoes, home and apparel. You choose the first item to put in your bag and the LBB stylists chose a few more for you based on your style profile. You will receive at least two, sometimes  as many as four additional products!  Once you enter in your payment info, the trading process starts. You have 7 days to keep the items in your bag, or trade with other members.  The trading is a whole lotta of awesome fun!  The first time I tried  Little Black Bag, I was checking my computer every few minutes to see what new trade offers I was getting or to see who (and what) I could offer items to. This is no time to unplug!


I had my bag shipped when I had only made 1 trade because I was happy with the contents.  You can choose to ship your bag at any time, but it will automatically ship after 7 days. There is even a countdown clock at the top of your trading page! You are only charged $10 each month and that can be applied to your order.

Here is what was in my my latest bag:

Pink and Pepper Memory Sandal in Coral reg. price $49 – these are so cute and comfortable! They have a very slight wedge and a leather foot bed. The sides are actually elastic so they are very comfortable and there are no buckles or snaps so you can just slip them on. Of course I like the added bling courtesy of the iridescent studs. I have a lot of coral and teal in my summer wardrobe so these sandals will get a lot of use.

2013-06-11 05.55.13 (360x480)


2013-06-11 05.54.51 (360x480)

1928 Flower Drop Earrings – 1928 has been a favorite brand of  jewelry of mine since I was about 16 (yes, they’ve been around since the stone age). These dainty earrings are gold filigree with a tiny turquoise stone in the center. I really like the size, they aren’t so big that they weight my ears down but they aren’t tiny studs either–they are the perfect size. They will equally as beautiful with a work outfit suitable or with my boho peasant blouse.

2013-06-11 05.55.56 (480x360)

Robert Rose Stone Burst Earrings – I really, really wanted these earrings! They are…wait for it….CORAL! Varying shades of CORAL! Again, these are just the right size and very attractive in my opinion. I had to trade another pair of earrings and a bonus item to get them but I think they’re worth it.

2013-06-11 05.58.03 (480x360)

Bonus: First Aid Beauty Dual Eye Cream–this is a sample size that was a bonus for VIP’s in June. I also got a sample size of the First Aid Beauty Rescue Cream but I traded for the R earrings. I have used the Rescue Cream before so I wasn’t missing out on anything. Review coming soon.

f2873be7-23d2-429d-a3fb-6944432bdf1ewallpaper (480x360)

My entire bag was $30.90 + the $10 monthly charge for a total of $40.90 which is awesome because the regular price of the sandals was more than that!  I finally cancelled my JewelMint subscription because the quality of the products had deteriorated so much from when I signed up two years ago. Little Black Bag is a wonderful alternative and has a much larger variety of goods to choose from too.

The “Happiness Guarantee” lets customers cancel at any time.  As a first time customer, I found the site to be very user friendly and I was able to purchase and trade without any assistance because the navigation is so easy and everything is spelled out for you. The only teeny tiny complaint I have is that there are currently not many beauty products to choose from. I do think that will be changing very soon as more brands are added.

Bottom Line: I’m thrilled with my Little Black Bag and can’t wait for the next one–in fact I may not wait, there are a few items I need now! What I like about Little Black Bag is that YOU get to choose what you want and can spend as much or as little as you want. If you want to only purchase one item, you can but for only a few dollars more you will get 2 more items. I like being able to choose what I get in my bag. Yeah, thanks a lot Blushing Noir for my newest addiction–like I needed another one!

They do have a referral program so if you decide to try it, please use my code here.

What do you think of Little Black Bag? Have you tried it?


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  1. Welcome to the world of LBB!! Great stuff!!

  2. hahaha #TeamEnable strikes again!!! I loveeeeeee those shoes! I am trying to only open one bag a month but it’ I will seriously trade all day and get nothing done LMAO

  3. Oh wow, I bet you are thrilled 😀 Never heard of this.

  4. Those shoes are fabulous!! I like the earrings but I love the shoes.

  5. love the shoes and the jewelry


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